BEING EXPOSED HURTS – Providing You Are Even Cognizant You Have Been…

Why do I say it that way?  Because I am 100% convinced that the Activist Socialist, Leftist of the Democrat Party in Washington, the Media, Hollywood, and elsewhere haven’t a clue about what we see.  If they saw what millions of us see, they would be embarrassed by their exposure and feel like a person who suddenly lost their clothes on main street.  They would be, as we say in the South, “Nekkid.”  But, alas, they either think we are too dumb to notice, or they are oblivious to reality or both.

The Citizenship Question controversy has laid the agenda to erase our borders bare for everyone to see.  There are multiple factors in the uproar over the citizenship question’s objection by the Left.  None of those factors bode well for America, our Republic, our Freedom, and the legal American citizens.  The ultimate objective is votes, winning elections, and power.  It is about ‘fundamentally transforming’ America without following the Constitutional process.  It is about shifting the Power of Washington to the Leftist Socialist Liberal Progressive side of the equation.  In a word, it is about Control.  But that does not suffice to fully detail the agenda behind the controversy.

If anyone truly believes that those on the Left give a hoot about the feelings of the illegals or anyone else, I would like to see if you’d be interested in my oceanfront property in West Texas.  I can make you a wonderful deal on the fictional property at an exorbitant price. You will be happy in your Utopia and I will fund my retirement into the foreseeable future.  Yes, I am being sarcastic, but for a reason and with good reason.

If you truly believe that this is a Trump trick to ferret out those in hiding you are clearly not thinking and being intellectually honest.  This is an attempt to restore the intent of the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the American Constitution regarding representation.  That’s right, Congressional Representation!  You may want illegals determining how many Representatives each state is awarded, but those of us who study the Constitution and see the dangers of that do not. 

The president is directed by the Constitution to conduct a census every ten years and that has been done since 1790.  It has only been on rare occasions was the citizenship question not on the census.  Imagine that!  That has never been an issue with the Democrats or the Republicans in Congress until now.  Why?   Because it is their nemesis, Donald J. Trump, adding it back to the census for 2020.  I believe their opposition reveals a sickness in our society, politically, that will prove to be terminal if not addressed. 

If you believe that all human beings are ‘citizens of the world’ and should be afforded the rights and privileges of any nation in which they find themselves, you would be a proponent of those who resist asking the question.  If you believe in the sovereignty of individual nations and want to preserve, protect, and defend that sovereign nation, you would be in favor of asking the question.  If you believe that only citizens should determine representation, then you are in favor of the question’s inclusion and if you are a member of the Liberal Leftists Anti-American Crowd you oppose it. 

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there are 11.3 million illegals residing in the United States.  I believe that number is woefully low, but let’s take their estimate.  Can you not see how that number of people could shift the numbers used to determine representation in Congress?   Our framers and founders never intended for non-citizens to be used to determine representation.  They did not believe that those non-citizens should vote in our elections, hold political office, or determine representation in Congress.  That was reserved for legal American citizens.  I agree!

The reapportionment of Congressional Representation following the 2020 Census will determine how many Representatives each state is awarded.  That will determine the voting balance in the Electoral College.  Shifting the votes in just a few states could shift the entire electoral process dramatically to the Ultra Left. 

The Democrats see these illegals as potential votes and want to protect them at all costs, even to the destruction of our Constitutional form of government.  Power and Control is the name of the game and they believe that if they can gain power and build an iron-clad voting bloc they can do what they please and Rule.  That is not the vision of our Founders or Framers, and it is not my vision. 

I challenge you to talk to recent High School or College graduates and ask them to tell you what it means to be an American.  They have been taught, largely, by liberal leftists’ elitist who wants no borders, no allegiance to a nation, no citizenship classification connected to any single country. 

They believe we are ‘citizens of the world’ and should have free ingress and egress with no regard to borders.  They sing kumbaya and live in their ivory towers of utopian fantasy.  Those students will likely tell you that it means to abide or reside in America.  Many of them have been so indoctrinated with the Cult of Multiculturalism they cannot see the handwriting on the wall.  If you disagree you are a misogynist, racist, bigot, an suffer as a phobic despicable person.

I am far more concerned about jackbooted government agents pulling people out of their homes to relocate them in ‘re-education camps’ than I am about ICE finding and deporting illegals.  Tyranny is rooted in the agenda of the Left and we must fight to preserve our Constitutional form of Government.  We live in perilous times politically as well as spiritually.  I keep praying for America to Wake Up!  The Woke Crowd’s stupor is frightening to this Freedom Loving America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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