Based on what I hear in today’s rhetoric, especially by those following the toxicity of the liberal manifesto of today’s Democratic Party, Yes!  Yes, if you are white.  Yes, if you are a conservative.  Yes, if you are a Trump supporter.  Yes, if you are a Republican.  Yes, if you are a Constitutionalist.  Yes, if you support traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  Yes, if you are Pro-Life.  Yes, if you want to keep America the Constitutional Republic and not allow her to morph into a Socialist nation. 

The charge of Racist and Racism today, has little to do with ideological views regarding races but has more to do with political disagreement and violating the PC Police edicts, it would seem.  That is a dramatic change since I was a teenager in the ’60s.  Is there racism in America?  Do wild bears live in the woods?  Of course, there is, but it is not one-sided and lodged in one ethnicity, skin color, race, or nationality.  Racism knows no bounds and is not limited to a skin-color or ethnicity.  It is found in all races, ethnicities, and nationalities.  Disagree if you please, but I stand by that assertion.

I can say, without fear of being proven wrong, that virtually everyone who isn’t “of color” or isn’t irredeemably brainwashed by our educational system, Hollywood, and political activism is fed up with being called a racist.  I try to treat all people, regardless of ethnicity, with fairness and respect.  Some people force me to disrespect them. That is based on their behavior, agenda, ideological positions and engaging in the diabolical pursuits that are becoming more prevalent in today’s world. Evil is evil regardless of skin-color or ethnicity.  Racism is racism regardless of genealogical heritage or ethnicity. 

I grew up being taught that “Racism” was when one judged another based on their skin color.  My parents taught me to treat people with respect and with no regard for their ethnicity long before, Martin Luther King, Jr. issued his proclamation. King said, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character.”  I was taught that you never “judge a book by its cover but by its content.”  That is a principle I have embraced most of my life and embrace today. 

There has long been the argument of various groups of people that not all people are alike genetically.  That is true, to a degree but not a justification for racism or prejudice.  Some, in the scientific and ideological communities, tell us that not all are the same genetically in intelligence, temperament, physical ability, or virtually any other characteristic.  That view, is not, in and of itself racist or blatantly false but can produce racism and fallacy. 

I believe that it is imperative, in a civil society, that we attempt to always judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin. We should judge them by their merits.  I had a non-white professor tell me, “most Watusis are much taller than most Asians.”  He continued and said, “most Norwegians are more likely to have blue eyes than Venezuelans.”  His meaning was that these are ‘superficial’ characteristics and have nothing to do with character. 

In today’s political climate if you criticize a non-white person you are immediately deemed a racist.  Is that fair?  Hardly, and if we are honest, we would acknowledge that that charge is more racists than the criticism.  If I criticize your politics and policies and you are of a different ethnicity than I, I am not engaging in racism but opinion.  If a black shooter kills multiple policemen, I want him to be regarded with the same disgust as a white shooter killing people.  Murder and evil are murder and evil regardless of the color of the perpetrator’s skin.

If White Supremacy is bad and it is, then non-white supremacy is equally bad.  There are some real racists in our world and in America.  They look no deeper than the color of the skin and would be willing to eradicate that segment of society with no remorse.  I have heard the vitriol from whites, blacks, Hispanics, and others and it makes my skin crawl and my blood boil.  That is not what we need and not what we should be willing to tolerate in a civil society. 

I was told that “only whites can be racist” and I resisted that assertion then and now.  That is an invitation to barbarianism of the worst kind and engenders racism from all sectors.  The lopsided leftists’ formula that a person of color cannot be racist is ludicrous and everyone should know better.  The Left insists that when a non-white commits an act of racism it is not racism but justifiable outrage over their ill-treatment or the ill-treatment of their ethnicity sometime in the past.  That is Ridiculous!  No, I am not saying that some were not ill-treated but to make that a justification is both ridiculous and dangerous.

If we adopt the view of the Leftist that only Caucasians can be racist, then we produce a society devoid of principles and a breeding ground for anarchy and bloodshed.  A society bereft of principles is not a society I want to live in because it is inherently dangerous, and life becomes valueless.  I want to live in a world where people are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  I don’t want to create a barbarian world that is filled with racist of all ethnic origins.

We have lost the word “Racism” and made it virtually meaningless and nothing more than political rhetoric.  Tragically, in that process, we have also lost the word “Character” and made it so obscure and twisted we no longer value it or even know what it is.  I have long believed that to have “Character” means, to be honest, demonstrate self-restraint and not be self-absorbed and developmentally challenged and with an entitlement mentality that makes one a burden to productive people.  Character is not unique to any race or ethnicity but is a biblical and moral value we should all aspire to demonstrate.

People can call me whatever they want but I’m fed up with being called a Racist because I hold a particular political, biblical, moral, and ethical view.  I believe the Bible.  I trust God.  I long for the Republic that our Founders envisioned where we acknowledge that “All are created equal and have the inalienable right to Live their Lives free of undue government regulation and restriction.  To be able to enjoy Liberty and Pursue Happiness.”  These are reasons I reject the Democratic Party’s push to reclaim the White House, the Senate, or expand their control in the House of Representatives.  I hope you will join me as we fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America

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