Can anyone in politics today be called a Uniter?  Is everyone in politics today a Divider?  I am painfully serious and that is deeply troubling to me.  I love America!  I love people and desperately want America to excel, be restored to a Limited Government where We the People are truly governed by consent, not coercion.  Can we attain that lofty perch?  In this, I refuse to be less than optimistic even in the face of the incredible division and seeming impasse ideologically in today’s modern political world.  Am I dreaming and clinging to a ‘pie in the sky’ wish?  Possibly but if I don’t shoot for the moon will never hit higher than the street light. 

I talk to Democrats frequently and after they give me their standard rhetoric, diatribe, and rants about the evil orange man, Donald J. Trump I get to ask questions.  Sometimes, my questions send them into a rage and the tirade that ensues makes discussion impossible.  But there are times when they actually hear my question, give it some thought, and respond.  It is those times that give me hope.

I am 100% convinced that unless and until we actually listen to each other and discuss matters with some semblance of rationality and honesty we will never achieve my desired objective for America.  I am equally convinced that if we do, we can achieve far more than any of us might think possible.  Both sides, view the other side as irreconcilably deluded and frequently ‘the enemy.’  If that is our position and attitude, then resolution and restoration is an Impossible Dream and a Utopian Fantasy. 

We have endured over three years of a 24/7 barrage of attacks, attempts to overturn the 2016 election and the intentional dividing of the nation.  Those of us who did not support Hillary Clinton and voted for Donald J. Trump have been branded ‘deplorable’.  We have been called every name under the sun, mostly unfairly.  We have a nation of approximately 330 million people.  This nation is the size of the continent of Europe.  Can anyone unite this nation?

If the Democrats and those following their current brand of liberalism regain power can they govern?  The same cabal that has maligned, marginalized, and physically assaulted 63 million people calling us racist, bigots, idiots, homophobes, white supremacist, fascist, and other names would be tasked with that responsibility. 

How would they treat those of us who opposed and oppose their brand and style of governance?  Would they attempt to ignore us and hope we fade into the shadows and disappear?  That won’t happen, we will not!  Would those in power succumb to their rabid base and demand that everyone is forced into compliance with their toxic agenda?  Would that not foment serious confrontations and have the incredible potential for violence? 

Over the past decade or so, about 154 million fundamentalists, evangelical, or Catholic Christians have been maligned, mocked, pilloried and vilified for our beliefs.  Our religious liberties have been under assault and in danger of governmental usurpation and regulation.  What can that segment of society expect when the Left pressed to force acceptance of unconditional abortion, infanticide, and seek to suspend our Christian liberties and force us to comply with their positions and conditions?

I have zero doubt that if the Left regains control of the Government that includes the White House, the House, the Senate, and the Courts the litigation, administrative edicts, and intimidation will escalate.  Their base demands it and the political prostitutes always gravitate to abuse of power attempting to maintain control and dominance. 

Have you taken the time to truly reflect on the reality that in a nation of 330 million there will always be evil?  There will always be the demonic, the deranged, the devious, and evil people who will commit mass murders and other atrocities.  That is not going away with legislation. 

The passage of ‘open-ended’ red flag laws is a move in the wrong direction.  I know it sounds like a sensible and compassionate thing to do.  I know it is politically expedient and will gain votes in certain sectors, but it is the wrong move.  Why?  Because the same people who abuse social media will abuse the reporting of potential dangers and violations.  Those in law enforcement and politics who have a larger end-game will abuse the new laws and we will be no safer but will lose more of our individual liberties and rights. 

The move is on today to strip citizens of their constitutional and inalienable right of ‘self-defense’ embodied in the 2nd Amendment and in the 1st Amendment.  The 2nd Amendment was not about guns but about people and our right of defense.  That must be guarded and protected against the nefarious power-crazed political prostitutes of today. 

Can the Democrats following the toxicity of liberal thought and globalism expect to govern and deal with upwards of 70% of Americans who own and want to keep their firearms?  The Leftists are proposing an increase in entitlement programs that would increase the need for revenue from tax-payers by over 200%.  Is that a good plan?  They insist they will not touch Social Security or Medicare so the only other pathway for them is tax, tax, tax, tax, and tax some more! 

The IRS has issued an analysis displaying the reality that the average income tax would have to increase by at least 80% on the top 10% to cover their proposals.  Some would say, “Fantastic, the rich will pay their fair share!”  But it doesn’t stop there.  The next 40% of taxpayers would see an increased rate of 65% and the bottom 50% would incur a 40% tax rate.  Is that still fantastic in your mind? 

That would cause a revolution of non-filers and make multiplied thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens criminals because they’d hide their money trying to survive.  Add to that equation the 11-30 million illegals now, here and the additional ones that would come with open borders and you have an open invitation to anarchy and the total destruction of our Republic. 

The Left is good at sowing confusion, misinformation and as Uncle Joe Biden said, “We choose our Truth over Facts.”  I think he said, “truth over facts” but facts support truth rather than being something other than the truth.  If we allow those following the toxicity of liberalism as embodied in today’s Democratic Party to reclaim the controls of government, we will have effectively destroyed the Republic.  It is your choice.  I’ve made mine, and I choose Liberty and the Republic, Faith, Family, and Freedom not the chains being proposed by the Left and the Democrats. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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