That should be the motto of the Democrats running for office in 2020 because it is their mantra and what they are proposing.  I am stunned that millions of Americans, many whom I think are reasonably intelligent but terribly misguided are buying into their proposals.  I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night, and I am convinced that my 2nd Grade Grandchildren would know their policies are not good business.  If not them, then my 6th Grader would assuredly know the difference between progression and regression.  Yet, millions of those following the toxicity of liberalism seem to be devoid of the cognitive acuity to deduce that reality.

Among the proposals of the Democratic hopefuls is the brazen plan of Joe Biden who has pledged and voted to eliminate all of President Trump’s tax cuts.  Wow!  How many people applaud that?  Only those not paying any taxes now and living on the government dole, I suspect.  Joe did not take the position of his fellow Democrats who promise to eliminate some of the cuts he said, ALL OF THEM!  He then said, “…you think I’m joking, but I’m not.  If you know anything about me and taxes.” 

Hey, Joe, yes, I know about you and the Democrats regarding taxes.  You never met a tax increase you didn’t like.  You promise to use the taxes to pay for entitlements and scream about the cost of the cuts.  The truth of the matter is, tax cuts add more revenue rather than reducing it.  You know it, economist know it, and hopefully, the American people will come to realize it.

You did promise to take us back to the Obama policies and economic conditions.  I would hope no rational American would support that proposal.  You want to take us back to a condition of stagnation and want us to believe what your former boss claimed that the new normal was low growth.  You want us to believe that jobs that left under Obama would never return.  Those same jobs that have come back in manufacturing and other areas under Trump.  Thanks, but no thanks!  I like where we are and where we are heading and do not want to go back into financial darkness.

When you examine the facts and even consider the fact that liberal outlets such as the Washington Post have debunked Biden’s claims of how the taxes affected people, you must wonder what he is smoking.  The Conservative-leaning Americans for Tax reform has reported that a single parent taking care of one child with an annual income of $41,000 received a tax cut of more than $1,300.  Households in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan received tax cuts of about $1,400 on average. 

Biden suggested that there were loopholes in the tax code amounting to approximately $1.6 trillion.  He could not specify where they were and exactly who receives them but his magic math and tax, tax, tax, will allow him to spend, spend, spend, and it will all be easily done and free for everyone!  Yeah, and I have some pristine oceanfront property in the middle of the Arizona desert I’d love to sell cheaply too. 

The Washington Post reported that the average American family earning between $50,000 and $75,000 annually received a tax cut of about $1,000.  How can anyone with half a brain not see the fallacy and failure of the Democrat Economic Plans? 

When you add to the mix the Democrat’s proposals regarding Open Borders, Gun Control, Medicare For All, Free This and Free That, you see the dilemma the non-thinking voting public is in.  Open Borders is dangerous for Americans and damages the job market for many people.  It increases the fiscal burden and thereby overloads our healthcare system, educational system, and law enforcement.  It is a non-American idea that the Left insists is humanitarian and compassionate. 

Elizabeth Warren has gone further into the looney bin with her ‘Gun Control’ proposals.  She wants a new ‘federal assault weapons ban’ that people willing to break the law will ignore.  She proposed increasing the tax on firearms (30%) and on ammunition (50%) that won’t deter any crime of violence but will make us law-abiding Americans give the government more money to defend ourselves.  A ban on ‘high capacity ammunition magazines’ that won’t do one thing to deter criminals from killing people and prevent the law-abiding from defending themselves against those criminals with high capacity magazines.  She wants to extend the waiting periods for obtaining a firearm.  That will have zero effect on criminals. 

Her plan extends the right and purview to Congress to determine and stipulate what “high capacity” is.  Congress, she said, “Would decide what the reasonable limits are on the lethality of weapons.”  What?  Any weapon is lethal if it hits someone in the right or wrong place.  She also wants to target Gun Manufacturers, which is nothing short of a push for Gun Confiscation and the Total Elimination of Firearms.  They also want a “federal licensing system” but oppose voter identification.  Amazing isn’t it? 

The Democrats appear willing to violate the Constitution, strip us of our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights but not protect us against Leftists Voter Fraud.  In any of the mass shootings, someone explain how any of her proposals or the proposals by the Democrats have prevented any of them?  In my mind, they are pushing and searching for ways to impede our liberties recognized by the Constitution.  I have to ask, “How many innocent people will be victimized by adherence to the law when criminals ignore it?”  Hey, Democrats, no Hey, Americans, when will we wake up and say, NO MORE!  No more to the Leftists attempt to violate our Constitutional Rights and strip us of our Liberties!  NO MORE!  That’s why I’m voting No on the Democrats in 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!

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