I am fully cognizant that individuals interpret the same thing differently.  In life, we do not all agree on everything.  Politically, morally, economically, socially, and spiritually we have different perspectives and beliefs.  The differing opinions could and should be used to facilitate discussion and debate seeking common ground and genuine solutions to real problems. 

Tragically, in today’s world, deliberative reasoning seems to be destined for the trash heap of life.  I fear that our Republic has reached such a partisan and ideological divide that reasoning together has become a Utopian Fantasy. 

I have tried to have a civil discussion on differences with some followers of the Democratic ideology and agenda.  I attempted to hear their arguments but when I presented factual data, that came from various sources, not just conservative think-tanks, they went into the attack mode.  I was called a bigot, racist, misogynist, suffering from some phobia, Xenophon, hater of the poor, and other derogatory labels.  When I tried to brush aside those attacks and ask for the definitive basis of their beliefs and views, the attacks became even more violent and the vitriol more intense.

Our Republic, the United States of America, a representative system of government, requires open discourse and common ground to survive and thrive.  It is the earmark of tyrannies and oligarchies to squelch free speech and suppress any views other than the authorized government view.  We are not a Grecian Style Majority Rule Democracy but a Representative Republic.  This design affords us a buffer to protect us against knee-jerk spur of the moment reactions.  It is vital to the preservation of our Liberties and Freedoms.

When the view that the government can and should provide everything for everyone prevails, Liberty is Lost.  No government will provide without demanding a level of control.  The more the government provides the more it demands control. 

If the government provides free healthcare, it will ultimately become the decision-maker in what, when, how, and how much care is given and to whom that care is given.  That sounds like a Pandora’s box to me and opens a door that is a direct threat to Freedom and Liberty.  What has our government done, in its history that makes us trust them to control healthcare?  Let reason prevail, please.

When the view that the government is obligated to provide housing, food, clothing, transportation, and education prevails, Liberty is Lost.  Where is the money coming from to pay for those ‘freebies’?  The envious idea that ‘taxing the rich’ is the solution to everything fails when reason is applied. 

The obvious result of over-taxation of the rich is that the rich will use their resources to hide their money, cease investing and creating jobs, etc.  The result is that the government gets less revenue and has to expand their taxation to the next level and the next level until they have taxed everyone and everything.  With the history of our government’s ineptitude and waste, who would believe they have the wisdom to successfully manage those programs and the money required to operate them?  Let reason prevail, please.

In history, some not too distant examples are visible of the inherent dangers of allowing our Constitutional Freedoms, Liberties, and Rights to be stripped from us.  When speech is suppressed and opinions that differ from the authorized government dictum are reclassified as ‘hate speech’ not simply ‘opinion,’ Liberty is Lost.  When the inalienable and constitutional right to ‘keep and bear arms’ is rescinded or infringed the incredible danger of tyranny and despotism enjoys an exponential rise.  We only have to refer to the last century and Nazi Germany to see that danger. 

Our founders, almost to a man, feared a hostile and rogue government morphing into tyranny, oligarchy, or dictatorship.  They believed that it was imperative that the people be allowed to have the means to protect themselves from predators of all kinds including their own government.  The 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with guns but with the people’s right of ‘self-defense.’  It does not specify style or type of arms but that it was “the right of the people” to keep and bear them.  When anyone is rendered defenseless, they become open targets and prey for predators and Liberty is Lost. 

When the borders of a nation or erased and there is open ingress and egress to and from that nation into any other region of the world, that nation no longer exists as a sovereign nation.  If we adopt the idea, as is advanced by some on the Left, that we are merely citizens of the world and borders are immoral, Liberty is in grave danger of being lost.  If we have no means of knowing who is a legal citizen and who is not, how will we know who can legitimately decide the political fate of the community, the state or the nation? 

It is my prayer that ‘reason’ will be restored and that all sides of every issue will rediscover the ability and willingness to have an open, rational, and honest discussions.  We will not all agree on everything, our founders did not.  The framers of the American Constitution did not all agree.  The Bill of Rights is an amazing accomplishment of those men with sharp disagreement finding common ground and reaching a viable and workable solution to those disagreements.  Today’s political climate in America is devoid of that quality, and when reason fails, liberty is lost.

God gave us the ability to think, rationalize, and reason, let’s not squander that gift.  God made us different not so that we would war with each other and seek to annihilate any differing opinion but because none of us has the capacity to house all the wisdom needed for a functioning society to successfully survive and thrive. 

He could have made us mere puppets and pulled our strings, but He did not. He created us in His image and likeness but gave us the ability to reason and make choices.  We all have preferences, desires, and are motivated by different stimuli.  We are each unique but as a society, our individual uniqueness must be blended with all other uniquenesses.  Without reason, we will become sectarian, divided, alienated, and adversaries and Liberty will be lost.  Let reason prevail, please.

I realize that this is more a personal rant than a tool of persuasion for many, but I hope it resonates with you and you introspectively examine your willingness to engage in productive reasoning.  Liberty is a prize too valuable to lose and Freedom, to be preserved requires the ability to hear all sides of the matter and find common ground.  God help us to become people who truly recognize and respect that “All men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights.”  May we become a people who desire that everyone is treated fairly and equally under the law and see true liberty and justice for all.

I do not see that in the modern Democrat Party and because I desire Freedom, Liberty, and the preservation of the Republic I reject the candidates ascribing to the Progressive, Socialist, Globalist, Leftist view.  I am voting for and fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in the only way I know.

God bless you and God bless America!

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