I have long wondered what the millennials and liberals truly believe and stand for.  I think I have, with the help of others, discovered what makes them tick or what doesn’t tick at all for them.  America was formed as the Free Constitutional Republic and for almost 240 years the prevailing sentiment in America was America.  Rather, it was a sense of patriotism and our core values were rooted in religion or the Bible and a strong sense of family.  That has changed dramatically, at least among certain sectors of our society. 

The generations of my parent and grandparents and mine were largely committed to the American ideal and embraced a deep sense of loyalty and devotion to America and all she stood for.  The millennials of today do not espouse those views and seem to care a lot less about patriotism, religion, or the core family unit.  That is troubling for this American and I see some very dangerous political realities springing forth as a result.

Wall Street/NBC News began a survey about 21 years ago when they began asking Americans which values were the most important to them.  The majority two decades ago responded, “principles of hard work, patriotism, commitment to religion and the goal of having children” were at the top of the list.  Those were considered critical components of our American society and makeup. 

When the same question was asked of today’s millennials the response revealed a shift.  Although somewhat surprising, ‘hard work’ remained at the top of the list, there were some significant shifts in values.  Patriotism, commitment to religion and family and children dropped dramatically.  Patriotism being ‘very important’ dropped 9%.  Religion decreased by a disturbing 12% and children and family fell the most decreasing by 16%.  That is powerfully expressive of where we are as a society.

When people 55 and older are asked that question Patriotism weighs in at 80% compared to 42% of those 18-38.  That embodies both the millennials and the older members of Gen-Z.  Interesting, but to the dismay of the liberal left, most were satisfied with the economy.  I’m sure that will inspire a new push to cripple our economy by the Left to make the pathway to victory more difficult for Trump.  The survey indicated that Democrats have changed their views far more than Republicans and are less patriotic, embracing of religion and family.

I am a Vietnam veteran and served in war and in honor of our country I am troubled when people do not value our heritage.  I am troubled by the incessant push to revise, rewrite, and purge our history of those facts and figures that the liberal left finds objectionable.  History is history and if we sanitize it, we fail to learn from the mistakes or gain the benefit from the successes or the overcoming of those mistakes.  History should be a schoolmaster, not a taskmaster and not fluid.  What happened, happened and nothing we can do will change that.  We learn, move forward, and make any necessary adaptations to become better.

I have worked all my life and paid taxes.  I have never felt that anyone owed me anything that I did not earn and when employed always attempted to give a good day’s work for a day’s pay.  My parents taught me the value of a dollar and the requirement of being personally responsible and accountable in life.  They inspired and instilled in me a sense of pride in accomplishing and providing for my own rather than being dependent on anyone else other than God. 

For some time, I’ve attended gatherings where the national anthem would be played and watched as some, mostly those of the younger generation, showed no respect.  I acknowledge that some my age failed to respond and continued doing whatever they were doing with no recognition of the flag.  My sentiment toward the flag is rooted in my love for this country and my respect for all those who have served and died for her.  That will never change!

I am not surprised at the change in values with two-generations or more of liberal progressive brainwashing that has been transpiring in public education, especially at institutions of higher learning.  The hippies and anti-establishment crowd of the ’60s are now the professors along with their disciples in most of our universities.  We are now paying and will pay a very high price for our actions over the past few decades. 

Let’s fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom and keep America Free and the Representative Government our Founders gave us.  Vote for America in 2020 and vote against the push for progressivism, liberalism, and socialism.  America is too valuable to allow to be destroyed!

God bless you and God bless America!

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