I run the risk of Facebook Jail or being banned for life when I post anything that questions the Left, Obama, Hillary, or the followers of Islam and other religions that engage in any acts of terrorism.  I am willing to run that risk because America is supposed to be the land of the Free and affords its citizens the constitutional protection of certain inalienable rights.  Those include Freedom of Speech, Religion, Thought, the Right to Life, and the Freedom to Pursue Happiness.  Admittedly, those are being challenged today with the political correctness of today’s society, but at this juncture, they are still intact, so I persist.

Many things concern me regarding our current state in America and American politics and I often wonder why few are asking the questions that need to be asked.  Have we reached a place of political partisan divide that no one is willing to discuss anything that differs or veers from their ideological positions?  If we have, we are finished as a people and a republic.  The proverbial fat lady may not have sung but the curtain has fallen, and we are just not aware of it yet.

We have engaged in a fierce and serious battle with Islamic terrorist for a long time now and we watched the rise of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).  I questioned the shift among politicians beginning with the former president Barack Hussein Obama from calling that group ISIS to calling the ISIL.  What was the reason?  Mr. Obama refused to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorist” and often became agitated when anyone questioned Islam.  He apparently demanded that everyone in his administration refer to them as ISIL rather than ISIS.  The question in my mind then and now was, why?

ISIS stands for “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” and are, without argument a terrorist organization who controlled a very large swath of ground in their ‘caliphate’ in both Iraq and Syria.  They sought to impose Sharia Law upon everyone under their control and exterminated thousands in the process.  Anyone refusing to abide by the strict Islamic teachings was frequently beheaded. 

Mr. Obama preferred to refer to them as ISIL which stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.”  The Levant’s geographical claims comprised the west part of Syria, Lebanon, the west part of Jordan, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip), Israel and Sinai (Egypt).  They also claim Turkey as their domain.  They do not control all those areas but believe those territories belong to them.  Therein is part of why I believe Mr. Obama calls them ISIL, not ISIS. 

The significant part of their claim is that the land of Israel belongs to them and Mr. Obama’s disrespect and dismissiveness toward Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu are clear indicators of his view of Israel and his support of Islamic nations.  Israel has been one of our only friends in the region since their birth in 1948 and the disdain for them by the Left is disturbing.

I have encountered some who insist that if we ignore Islam they will just fade into the shadows and pose no threat.  That is a dangerous position and we ignore tyrants and terrorists at our own risk and to our own hurt.  That was the approach of some in the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany and that proved to be incredibly misguided. 

Europe has opened its doors to a flood of Islamic Immigrants thinking that if they showed tolerance the followers of that religion and caliphate would tolerate them too.  Many European nations are now discovering the high price of that misguided approach and America must heed the warning signs. 

It is unfortunate that Islam and Western values are irreversibly incompatible, and tolerance will never see the light of day, not by the followers of that religion.  They seek dominance, not cohabitation or coexistence.  The bumper stickers that call for ‘coexistence’ are Utopian hopes of those who are unwilling to see the handwriting on the wall.

Money and power are the driving forces for politicians and when any group offers its vote and money, politicians take on the appearance of brothel inhabitants and throw caution to the wind.  In reality, a politician becomes the employee of the funder(s).  The contract normally favors the employer, not the employee.  The employee (politician) finds him or herself in a trap.  He has been bought and paid for and has no leeway if he hopes to enjoy reelection or, in some situations, stay alive.  If he deviates from the demands of his employer, he will find himself seeking other employment and power hunger politicians fear that more than death itself.

The Globalist pushing the United Nations Agenda 21 and Global Governance as with the followers of world dominance seeking religions tolerate no deviation.  The offer of Socialism is ‘Free Everything’ but the reality is that everyone becomes a slave to the state or the provider. 

I realize that I am somewhat of a Lone Ranger and Lone Rangers only win in the movies, not in life.  We must unite and demand the Constitutional and Inalienable Rights and Freedoms recognized by our Founding Fathers or we will be overrun and overcome.  Before you argue that America will never submit to any religion or entity that seeks to enslave us, consider how many liberties and freedoms we have already lost.  The Media, Hollywood, Politicians, and some Religious voices are selling our national soul to the devil and it is incumbent on ‘we the people’ to unite and reclaim our republic. 

I want Freedom of Religion for everyone.  I want Freedom of Speech for Everyone.  I want Freedom of Thought for everyone.  I want all men to be deemed created equal and deserving of respect and allowed to enjoy Life and pursue Happiness.  However, when your demands infringe on my rights, your demands are illegitimate, and I have the right and even duty to resist.  You do not have the right to force me to accept your views nor do I have the right to demand you accept mine.  There must be a balance of sanity and civility if we are to survive and thrive.

This is another of the many reasons that I vote no on the Leftists in every election.  I pray you consider what is at stake and vote with me for America. 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!

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