Before you get your underwear tied up in knots find out what I can support them in.  I believe that you just might join the chorus “Just Do It.”  Okay, enough with the tease, what am I talking about and what can I support her and them in?  In Not Reproducing!  No, I do not mean that everyone stop reproducing but those following the extreme lunacy of toxic liberalism and advancing the hysteria of Climate Change and taking their anti-American positions.  Please, stop reproducing!  Just Do It don’t talk about doing it, DO IT!

She made a statement recently that is a slap in the face of all the WWII Generation saying that “bad-ass” Millennials are the true greatest generation.  Seriously?  This 29-Year Old Ex-Bartender is the final authority on what generation is the greatest and why?  I think not, and her continual drivel and diatribe are further reasons that I say, Please Don’t Reproduce!  Ms. Ocasio-Cortez please follow the fear of your heart about having a family and don’t. 

I know that sounds a bit harsh and I may have to repent over it, but if she truly believes the lunacy she keeps advancing, the thought of her raising children is terrifying.  Imagine what they would be like ideologically.  She claims that Climate Change is waking her up in the middle of the night causing terror in her heart and mind.  Hey, I am awakened in the middle of the night frequently, but it is not fear of Climate Change that is causing it.  Most of the time it is the urge to go and empty my full bladder.  I wonder if we took the actions, she suggests would that solve that issue for me? 

She has stated that she fears there are untold numbers of ancient deadly diseases hidden with the glaciers.  She is petrified that if the glaciers melt those diseases will be set free to destroy humanity.  Of course, she uses a hypothetical that some in the scientific community have stated that there might be some dormant diseases locked in the frozen-ice of the glaciers.  I wonder, does she truly live in such paranoia and fear that she wants all of us to be traumatized over what might be if?  The “if” is the problem, the “if” is not based on science, fact, or data.  The “if” is in her head and she wants us to share her paranoia.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I face enough real problems to live in fear of ‘what if’?

She has argued that Climate Change is going to cause the oceans to rise to dangerous levels and swallow up entire cities.  She has contended that the warming of the planet and the melting ice is going to cause a massive increase in the mosquito population which will infect millions with new deadly diseases. 

Those are just some of her tales of terror that the evil lurking danger of Climate Change is going to bring on humanity if we don’t stop it.  After all, we only have about a decade to handle the climate.  As if we could control the climate, but we had better hurry before it is too late.  I wonder if she has been prescribed with powerful anti-depressants?  If not, Ms. AOC I suggest head to the nearest E.R. and get some medication immediately.  I don’t want you to have a nervous breakdown because of your irrational fears.

I agree with others who have said, “If I believed that Climate Change would truly cause a dangerous rise in sea levels to the point that it would flood both coasts and destroy entire cities, I’d be more inclined to join her.  If I believed that entire cities would be underwater, and the result of Climate Change would be the unleashing of new deadly diseases upon the world, I might become paranoid too.”  However, I do not, and I do not for two reasons:  The Bible and Factual Data.

There is scientific data to support the notion that the earth has warmed over the last century, but not as she chants and to the degree she insists.  In fact, the scientific data indicates that the recent warming has made humanity better off not resulted in catastrophic disaster.  There is no evidence that the sea levels are rising enough to produce any genuine concern.  But, AOC, and Al Gore along with scores of others are insisting we are on the brink of destruction and Climate Change is Public Enemy Number One. 

Think about the fact that over the past few millenniums the earth has emerged from the ‘Ice Age’ and the warming has produced immeasurable benefits that continue today.  Agriculture has benefited and thereby humans are better off with higher crop yields to satisfy the needs of an increasing world population.  Global plant life has increased, and the warming has reduced the deadly bitter cold that is estimated to kill 20 times more people than higher temperatures.  Does that sound catastrophic? 

Let me offer this little tidbit from Patrick Michaels, Ph.D., and a former fellow at the Cato Institute.  He said, “we don’t live in the best of all possible climates, so what’s happened as it’s warmed this half a degree in the late 20th Century and the CO2 has gone up, what we have done is created a greener planet and the greening of the planet is profound.”  Does that sound catastrophic?

Joe Bastardi, chief meteorologist at weatherbell.com stated, “in the fossil fuel ear, in spite of a four-fold increase in the population, the number of deaths related to climate has plummeted.”  Wait.  That can’t be, right?  Not with the alarm that is being sounded by the ‘settled science’ crowd of the ‘unsettled science’ world, like AOC, Al Gore, and all the Democrats wanting to be President.  But facts are stubborn things and it is a fact so deal with it AOC and alarmists.

They want to force us to abandon all fossil fuels and nuclear energy in favor of the costly and unreliable Green Energy.  The empirical data is that conventional power plants and nuclear plants last longer than solar and wind facilities.  That means more cost, less availability, and unreliability.  But I would like to ask, “Where does she or the Greenies think that all the rare earth minerals that would be required to build those facilities they propose would come from?” 

Tragically, frequently the only place to get those minerals is from countries with abysmal human rights records, like the Congo.  Millions of animals have been killed and millions of acres of land destroyed with significantly higher costs and the use of child labor are the result of their proposals.  Doesn’t that sound peachy?       

Although Global Warming may cause some problems for humans, it will never cause as many problems as the Leftist Agenda housed in the New Green Deal.  The innovations and benefits derived from any shift in climate will far outweigh the problems cause to humans and we will work our way through it.  I support keep the planet as environmentally clean as possible and being good stewards of our resources. At the end of the day my position is I trust God and therefore I refuse to live in fear.

So, I conclude by saying, “I support AOC and the Liberal Left in their decision to not reproduce.”  I am chanting, “Just Do It!  Just Do It!” I hope you hear the sarcasm in my words and realize that I wish no human ill.  I just weep for my nation and world over the paranoia and acceptance of the diabolical lies being advanced by the Climate Change Alarmist and Activists. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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