Hypocrisy is too kind, but since I refuse to use obscenities it must suffice in my description of what is happening today politically.  Calling the coup against Trump and the attempts to overturn the 2016 election a Witch Hunt is too kind, but it too must suffice.  We have spent millions if not billions of taxpayer funds in pursuit of fallacious intelligence and investigations into the president’s so-called collusion with foreign governments to subvert our electoral process. 

Someone recently argued, “Well we spent millions investigation Benghazi too.”  We did, and tragically nothing was done about it.  Therefore, I don’t care if it is an investigation by the Republicans or Democrats if there is nothing forthcoming to help us drain the swamp, then what’s the benefit to America?  The only perceived benefit is in the minds of the politicians as they hope those expenditures will endear them to the voters and facilitate their ascension to power or allow them to remain in power.  That is tragic for America.

The current phase of the Coup to oust President Trump and overturn the 2016 election or to win the 2020 election should be laughable but it is so dangerous it is diabolical.  The blatant lies of Congressman Adam Schiff of California should result in immediate action by Congress, but it won’t.  I say that because the factual evidence clearly reveals that too many in both parties are swamp denizens and far more interested in CYA than getting to the truth. We are secondary in their concerns and America is only a tool for them to achieve their objectives and agendas.

The pretend conversation between Trump and the Ukraine president as presented by Congressman Schiff was deemed a parody.  However, the Congressman intended it to be a representation of factual evidence and designed to sway voters to their side.  If Trump says anything, to them, he is a liar and the worst human being to have ever lived.  That is beyond tragic and helps to expand the divide in America pushing it nearer and nearer the uncrossable chasm that will destroy us.  I condemn that kind of activity by either side and pray for us to once again learn to listen and pursue peace with principled purpose.

We know that the so-called whistle-blower did not follow proper protocol and report to the Intelligence Committee Inspector General (ICIG) his contact with Congressman Schiff or his staff.  That makes it suspect and smells of collusion and an attempt to hide the truth.  I believe it was more than a nervous oversight as some have argued.  I believe it was intentional.  That is cause for concern or should be. 

The whistle-blower reportedly told the ICIG, Michael Atkinson, that he was a registered Democrat and had a prior working relationship with a prominent Democratic politician. That Democratic candidate has been revealed to be none other than Joe Biden. Imagine that!  That too is cause for me to be suspicious.  I would say the same thing if the whistle-blower were reporting on a Democrat and was a Republican operative.  I would say that, especially if the whistle-blower did not have ‘direct knowledge’ of what he was blowing the whistle on.  That is, at best, hearsay and at worst, a blatant fabrication in the style of the Steele dossier. 

I find it amazing and unbelievable that the ICIG would say that he did not know how the Schiff tweet in August and other statements by the Congressman appear to reflect the content of the whistle-blower complaint.  Well, Mr. ICIG, maybe you should find out.  The tweet and other statements contained classified information, a violation of federal law, but the ICIG seemed to be unconcerned about that deviation from legality.  I wonder why?

Schiff had previously contended, “we have not spoken directly to the whistleblower.”  Was he saying that he personally had not?  We know that his staff had and had conveyed the information to the Congressman.  Therefore, to consider the Congressman forthcoming and honest in this matter would be a stretch.

It is interesting that a ‘fact-checker,’ Glenn Kessler, who has been quite anti-Trump would call the Congressman out for ‘blatant lies’ regarding the whistle-blower complaint.  When Schiff was asked: “Have you heard from the whistle-blower? Do you want to hear from the whistle-blower? What protections could you provide to the whistle-blower?” [Sam] Stein, an MSNBC contributor, asked on “Morning Joe.”

“We have not spoken directly with the whistle-blower. We would like to,”
Schiff responded. “But I am sure the whistle-blower has concerns that he has not been advised, as the law requires, by the inspector general or the director of national Intelligence just how he is supposed to communicate with Congress, and so the risk to the whistle-blower is retaliation.”

Mr. Kessler said that Schiff’s response was ‘flat-out false.’  I do believe that would make it a LIE!  Mr. Kessler noted at least two other instances where Schiff was dishonest.  One of them was during an interview with CNN Reporter Anderson Cooper and the other during a Capitol Hill Press Conference.  He is being dishonest now in the secret hearings trying to pressure witnesses to change their story. Corruption is visible! But, since Mr. Schiff is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, an avid anti-Trump Leftists, he was using Parody not telling Lies, right?  That’s what they want us to believe.  I do not!  A Lie is a Lie no matter where, when it is told or who tells it!

The New York Times, a propaganda arm of the Democrats acknowledged that the whistle-blower gave an early account of allegations against President Trump to a House aide who outlined it to Representative Adam Schiff, who is now leading an impeachment inquiry.  Brit Hume of Fox News responded: “This puts the whole impeachment inquiry in a new light.  There is no getting around the appearance that collusion-truther and Trump antagonist Schiff was a partner in this from the start.”

America, we have a clear choice in November 2020.  It is not simply a vote between Republican and Democrat but we are facing diabolical evil. We either vote for those who support infanticide, eradication of our borders, the dissolution of our Republic, transforming us into a Socialist nation, and taxing us into oblivion or we vote to reject them.  I have made my choice!  I am voting against destruction and voting for America.  I am voting for Faith, Family, and Freedom and will vote NO on the Democrats in November 2020.  Please join me in voting for America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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