If Ignorance is Bliss the millions of Americans should be in a state of complete euphoria.  On the other hand, millions more should be in a state of deep melancholy.  Why?  Because there are apparently millions who are totally ignorant politically and the other group reasonably astute on what is happening.  That creates a condition that is a recipe for disaster politically and causes incredible trepidation in me.

Modern Progressives determined over 100 years ago that the government was not an entity to be feared but empowered.  They adopted the view that the government through laws, edicts, regulations, taxation, and enforcement could bring about societal utopia.  They tossed the fears of our Founding Fathers onto the trash heap and no longer feared the government but made it their god. 

Our first president referred to the government as a “dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  Thomas Jefferson a key figure in the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the implementation of our system of government argued that “we cannot trust the government but should bind it chains of the Constitution.”  Those concerns and fears the men who instituted our system of government held, have been rejected summarily by the liberal leftist of the Progressive Socialist Globalist Democratic Party.  They have become the chief purveyors of political ignorance, misinformation, and false information for a century. 

I have seen polls, watched interviews, and talked to people about politics and life, and am continually amazed at how many people have no clue who their elected officials are.  I can somewhat excuse that when it comes to some low-level obscure local positions but not State or Federal Government Officials.  That is both a sign of ignorance and lack of interest.  Both have created the condition we find ourselves in today.  We have, far too long, allowed the politicians to handle the politics with no accountability and oversight.  That must end!

If you don’t know who the politicians are, how could you possibly know how they are governing?  How would you make an informed decision about who to vote for or against in any election?  Yet, that is what happens every time there is a national and sometimes in statewide elections. 

A group called “StudyFinds”, (I am not completely sure who they are), conducted a survey and reported that of the 346 adults they interviewed only 42% could identify their Representative in Congress.  An even greater percentage, 71% were able to identify their governor but less than half could recognize him or her if they saw them. 

Not to pick on California or Californians but they found that Californians were more likely to be able to identify a photo of the Seinfeld character Larry David or Kiefer Sutherland (who plays the president on a TV show) than they could, Governor Gavin Newsom.  About a third knew who he was from a photo and 40% knew Sutherland in a photo and 35% correctly identified Larry David.  Amazing but I’m sure it is far-reaching into every state.

The survey indicated that the ages of the poll respondents produced significantly different levels of political knowledge.  I attribute that to interests of the individuals, educational dumbing down politically, the MSM, and Hollywood.  However, those 18-29 were significantly more ignorant than those in older groups.  Only 56% of that group could properly identify their State Governor.  In the 30-45 age group, about 68% could perform that task.  Those older than 45 came in at about 78%.  However, the study broke the survey into men and women and ladies don’t kill the messenger but 76% of the men could identify their governor while only 66% of the women could.  That too is interesting.

This may be deemed sexist by some, but are men more political than women?  There are a significant number of women in Congress and some of them incredibly intelligent.  Of course, we have the most visible, who represents the other end of the spectrum too. 

I personally do not believe that result is one due to intelligence but focus.  I know many women who are incredibly more intelligent than some men.  I had a woman tell me, “Women are more than a pretty face and a good figure.”  I agree!  My wife is very pleasant on the eyes but is extremely intelligent and perceptive.  But it can be problematic if women don’t know who the current officials are because elections need to be the result of vetting, prayerful consideration, and history.

We are seeing more and more proposals to allow 16-year-old children to vote in our elections and some want an even lower age.  That is troubling, especially considering this survey and my own personal research.  We deem those children incapable of managing their own lives yet we think they are mature enough to choose the direction of the nation?  That is beyond ignorant and if “Ignorance is Bliss that must produce a Rocky Mountain High of Euphoria.” 

We cannot allow ‘whims’ to determine who wins elections or what laws are passed and agendas advanced.  Our government must be decided by careful and thoughtful deliberation and consideration.  We must weigh as many factors into the equation as we possibly can.  We must seek to determine the best good for the entire nation, not the whimsical choice and desire of some select group.  We must NEVER allow America to become a Majority Rule Democracy of Grecian Style.  We are a Representative Republic and our Constitution must be followed explicitly. 

We must protect and defend and ensure that our inalienable and constitutional rights remain intact.  We cannot allow our 1st, 2nd, 4th Amendment Rights be stolen from us.  We must protect Private Property and never allow the whims of the many to decide what happens to that which belongs to individuals and that is All Property of Individuals.  We must never allow our wealth, regardless of how large or small that is, to be taken from us for redistribution as the government deems appropriate.  Just because the majority is overcome with greed and envy does not make that action morally right or just. 

It is imperative that we teach the coming generations political truth and give them a clear understanding of how our system operates as well as how it was designed to operate.  We must hold educators accountable who do not teach history but revise it to their ideological liking.  Parents and Grandparents, it is up to us to teach our children and grandchildren, the government will not, education will not, the Media will not, and Hollywood is devoid of the intelligence or moral fiber to do so.  It is our responsibility, so let’s do our jobs and save the Republic for future generations.

This is another of the many reasons that I will vote to reject the Democrats in November 2020.  That is why I will cast my ballot for the Republic in the best way I know and, in a manner, to have the greatest possibility of stopping the Leftists who seek to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.  I want the America we have had and can have again to be restored to her former level of greatness and made even greater. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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