I remember reading a statement by William Buckley that he would rather be governed by the first 2,000 people in the Boston phone book than the entire Harvard faculty.  After paying attention, listening to as much as I could bear, reading the proposals, and watching the attempted coup by the Democrats I can agree with Mr. Buckley but would expand it to the first 2,000 people in the phone book of any city in the USA.  Wow, the world of politics has gone completely crazy and is growing increasingly weird! 

Is Joe Biden senile, on medication, or simply as dumb as he continues to appear?  I’m sorry if that sounds unkind but it is a legitimate question.  His gaffes are more than gaffes they are so far-fetched assertions and postulations that any potential voter should have strong trepidation about giving him their support. 

Is Elizabeth Warren as out of touch with main-stream America as she appears? She must be to propose her disastrous healthcare and other freebies plan. But then, so does the mad-hatter Bernie Sanders?  Are they suffering from some mental disorder or do they truly believe what they are proposing?  Either way, it is deeply disconcerting.  In a normal time, I would simply laugh at their shenanigans, but these are not normal times and millions are supporting them.  That is frightening!

I read an article recently that said that each of the Democratic hopefuls has offered a plan to ‘fix health care’ but nobody is asking the obvious question, “Why does it need to be fixed?”  Are there problems in the area of prescription drugs?  Are some costs out of line and out of range?  Of course, but why destroy the entire system in a feeble attempt to fix those issues.  Wait, most of the proposals do nothing to fix those issues they only give control of our health care to the bureaucrats and strip the decision-making power from us and our physicians.  How is that a fix?

Each of them insists that Russia has, in their words, ‘invaded our democracy.’  I wonder how many of them realize that we are a Republic, not a Democracy?  But beyond that how many of the liberal voters know the difference?  If Russia is posing such a threat, why didn’t Obama stop them when he was president?  Why did Hillary rake in millions from them and her foundation?  Why allow the thousands of illegals if not millions come into our country and participate in our electoral process fraudulently without the Democrats joining in the fight to stop Voter Fraud?  Why?  Do I really need to answer that?

We have a genuine problem with opioids and their solution is to punish the pharmaceutical companies with lawsuits and fines. They even advance the idea that the executives in those companies be criminalized and sent to prison.  Yet, not one of them is addressing the free-flowing river of illegal drugs flooding our country via our porous southern border.  Why not?  Again, it has more to do with potential votes and makes one wonder how deeply those politicians are in the swamp of illicit drugs financially? 

They want to put our troops on the Syrian-Turkey border but reject the idea of our troops protecting America on our own southern border?  Go figure!  They hated the war in Syria, Afghanistan, and anywhere else until Trump pulled out and now, they want us there.  Do they even know what they want or is this just another of the long list of no matter what Trump does they will oppose it? 

I find it amusing and depressing that CNN would focus on Ellen DeGeneres sitting with George W. Bush at a Dallas Cowboys football game.  How could Ellen commit such an act of treason to their cause and sit with the devil himself or the second-degree devil, since Trump is the number one devil, to them?  How could she commit such an act of treachery?  They rave about that even though Bush is, apparently pals with Barack and Michelle and reportedly did not vote for Trump.  But he is a former Republican President and he is evil, at least in their minds and in the minds of their voters.

I don’t believe there is one among them qualified to be President.  They do not have the mental acuity to handle the job.  Most of them are Socialists on some level and some of them are full-blow Socialists.  Each of them views America as evil and needing to be ‘fundamentally transformed’.  Each of them believes that they can buy enough votes through various government give-away programs to secure the election. 

They are all willing to violate the constitution and strip us of many if not most of our inalienable and constitutional rights.  Freedom of Speech for a conservative is anathema to them and must be suppressed.  The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a threat to their desired tyranny and must be removed.  The Right to Privacy is and Private Property Rights are considered detriments to their cause and all of America, except them, must give up those rights. God forbid that we should have the Right to Life and protect the unborn, to them that is a mortal sin.

We either take back our country at the voting booths or we surrender to the Tyrannical Oligarchy they represent.  Before you say, “It cannot happen in America” examine history.  How many rights and freedoms have we lost in your lifetime?  How many restrictions have been imposed by the federal government in your lifetime?  How massive has political correctness grown in your lifetime? 

We are being manipulated by Social Media, Politicians, the Main Stream Media, education, and the world of entertainment.  Will we realize that we are the frog in the pan of water and the heat is gradually rising?  Will we wake up before it is too late and jump out of the pan and in the Spirit of 1776 demand Freedom?

I am praying for an awakening in America!  I am asking God to pull back the cover or the lid on the corruption in government and expose it in a manner that is undeniable to anyone.  I am asking that America be forgiven for our genocide, infanticide, perversion, and abandonment of our Founding Principles and the Principles and Precepts of the Bible.  I am praying for our President, Congress, our Military, and every State and Local Government.  I am praying for the Pastors to become voices of right and watchmen on the walls warning of destruction and calling the nation to repentance and righteousness.  I am praying for America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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