How did we reach the place in our beloved America where partisan politics, ideological differences, and personality clashes divided have us irrevocably? How did it happen?  Why did it happen?  Is there anything that can be done to rectify the situation?  Questions that need answers.

I’m not sure I can answer the first question of how, but I do believe I know much of the why.  As to the third question, I’m not sure that anything short of a divine intervention can cure what ails America and Americans today.  That may sound as if I am throwing in the towel and giving up, be assured I am not!  I cannot and will not give up for multiple reasons. 

I am committed to fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom and America as long as I draw breath.  I am committed to fighting for my Faith in God.  I am committed to fighting for Freedom because of my love for America.  I am committed to fighting for Freedom in the interest of my children, grandchildren, and all of humanity.  If we quit all is lost but if we continue even against all odds, there remains hope and I will remain hopeful.

I am disturbed by those who call themselves conservatives, Constitutionalist and Patriots who are so adamantly filled with hate for the current president they are willing to facilitate a Democrat victory.  It is one thing to be unwilling to vote for a candidate but to vote for the other side is unconscionable to me. One can argue that are standing on principle to oppose a candidate and that is fine. However, that argument and assertion falls by the wayside if they then vote for a candidate on the other side that embraces everything their principles oppose.

The position and condition of those mentioned disturb me as much, if not more than the devoted leftists who follow the marching orders of liberalism and the blindness embodied in that ideological position.  What caused this mindset?  What prompted their full-blown hate? 

I know that I will be called names by some who are convinced that Trump is Lucifer incarnate and the epitome of ultimate evil.  I will be called a Trump Cultists, a minion, a Trump-bot, or some other name because I question their hate, but I do.  I am not a worshipper of any man, including President Donald J. Trump.  I worship God alone and not man, money, or power.

I do question the president when I believe he is wrong and taking a direction that is bad or unwise for America.  There are times when I cringe, at his verbiage and way of handling certain situations.  However, when I look at the big picture, which is vital, I ask myself a number of questions. The answers to those questions solidify my willingness to vote against the Leftist.

We need to ask ourselves are we better off now than we were under Barack H. Obama?  Would we be better off if Hillary Clinton was in the White House?  Is the direction of the economy, border security, national security, and the defense of our freedoms and liberties more protected or less protected than under Obama or would be if we allowed the implementation of the the agenda of the Democrats?  Are the courts becoming more constitutional or less?  Is the Constitution being defended and protected better than it was under Obama or in the agenda of the Democrats?  I think you know my answer and hopefully, you came to the same conclusions.

I refuse to allow personality to be the deciding factor in who I vote for to be the President of this Republic.  If I did, I would have refused to vote in many of the previous elections, not liking either side’s candidate.  However, I always endeavor to carefully consider how can we best survive and even hope to thrive?  Which candidate will better facilitate the advancement and progress toward the betterment of the Republic and best position her to remain strong and free?  I have yet to find a Democrat that I could give that recognition to, therefore, I vote against them as much as voting for the other candidate in many elections.

The blinders of those following the toxicity of liberalism, the media, Hollywood, virtually all the national Democrats in Washington, many of Academia, and other groups is alarming.  The media’s hypocrisy in the Ukraine imbroglio is beyond belief.  They ignore Biden, Clinton, and Democrats and seek to destroy Trump with fallacious charges emboldened by emotion. 

The media and all those aforementioned groups ignored Obama’s pledge to Putin that he would be more ‘flexible’ after his second election and try to destroy Trump with a falsified dossier and Russian collusion charges.  Obama obstructed justice on numerous occasions and Hillary violated the law repeatedly as Secretary of State but when Trump does his job, he is an evil villain. 

Obama gave kickbacks to unions, used taxpayer funds to reward political contributors such as Solyndra, and the Clinton’s amassed huge piles of cash from foreign governments through the family foundation.  Russia received Uranium for their generosity.  Obama funneled over $1 Billion of our tax dollars to Iran which helped them continue their terrorism and drug smuggling operations worldwide. 

Those are only the tip of the iceberg of political scandals by the Democrats and how anyone with a hint of love for America and belief in moral sanity could be willing to allow them back in power is beyond me. 

Call me whatever makes you feel good about yourself because of my opposition to the Left and my support for the President.  Accuse me of abandoning my convictions, my principles, my faith if that makes you feel more pious.  Accuse me of being a mindless puppet of Trump, a cultist, a bot with no mind, a minion if it makes you feel more knowledgeable and patriotic.  I am fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in the best way I know how and through what I believe in my heart. 

I believe that America’s survival depends on defeating the toxicity of liberalism being advanced by the Left.  I believe that America’s future will be defined and determined by whether we defeat the Socialist or not.  I see no way of defeating them if we do not unite and stand behind the President in 2020.  Yes, he is a flawed candidate with ‘kinks in his armor’ but which of us are not flawed and don’t have a few ‘kinks in our armor?’  He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. 

We are fighting for America and this is not a personality contest it is a fight for survival.  So, I ask you to lay aside your personality preferences and consider what is at stake.  Vote No on the Liberal Leftists in 2020, Please!

God bless you and God bless America!

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