For those who believe that anyone who says that the “Left is at war with family values, Christianity, conservatism, the Constitution, Free Market Capitalism, and the Republic as established by our founders” is a Conspiracist, I protest!  I believe that if anyone honestly considers the agenda, the rhetoric, the actions of Obama and going back to LBJ and denies that there is an attempted Purge by the Democrats, you are engaging in willful blindness.  Now, that I have stirred up the hornet’s nest of Political Correctness and set off the alarms in the PC Police Headquarters, let me continue.

The Democrats have, for almost 4-years, attempted to paint Donald J. Trump as a “Mafia Boss” and his family a crime family.  Imagine that, a crime family, when the likes of the Clinton Family, the Obama Family, the Biden Family, the Cummings Family, the Waters Family, the Pelosi Family, the Feinstein Family, and countless other Democrats have and are engaging in shady dealings if not illegal activity.  But that is the modus operandi of the Left.  The Left projects on the Right what they are, have and will do if given the opportunity.

The Media, Academia, Hollywood, and the national Democrats have openly engaged in actions and advanced agendas that clearly reveal that Christianity, Conservatism, Constitutionalism, Capitalism, and Patriotism are all anathema to them.  I recall clearly the Democrats voting God out of the national platform and even booing Him at their convention. 

They have made a god out of abortion and worship at the shrine of liberalism even when that worship damages the Republic.  It is their way or the highway and if you object you immediately become a racist, xenophobe, misogynist or some suffer from some other phobia.  They play those cards rather than engage in factual intellectual discussion. 

They have moved from our judicial staple of “innocent until proven guilty” to “guilty even if you prove your innocence” when it comes to anyone on the opposing side of the issue.  They also follow the idea that any Democrat, unless deemed expendable is “Innocent even if proven guilty.” 

If you cannot see the earmarks of a Purge you must not be seeing what is happening and are what Rush Limbaugh has termed, a “low information voter.”  Facts are stubborn things and while I do not defend the Right on some issues because they too are wrong, at times. However, the Right is not waging war on our Freedom of Speech, the Right to Life, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and our other Inalienable Rights.  The actions of the Left look like a Purge!

There needs to be a Purge in Washington, DC.  That goes without saying, but the Purge is not those of us who disagree with the Left or even many on the Left who disagree with us on the Right.  No, the Purge needs to come within Congress, the Courts, the Intelligence Community, the Bureaucracy, Academia, and the Press.  We need a Purge and that Purge needs to be expansive and enacted speedily! 

When the Democrats can defend the violence of ANTIFA and various groups that beat down people who openly support the President such as attending a Trump rally or wearing a MAGA hat, my concern grows.  When those in Academia, Hollywood, the Media, Politics, and elsewhere can insist that those attacking Conservatives and Trump supporters are exhibiting ‘justified anger’, my concern grows.  When Colleges and Universities, as well as Public Schools, can silence anyone and anything Conservative but allow open access to the other side, my concern grows.

The Purge was exemplified under Barack Obama when he insisted that Islam be defended while attacking Christianity.  The oddity of that was he claimed to be a Christian, but then, a significant number of nationally know ministers agree with him. 

Obama equated the Crusades as the real picture of Christianity rather than a period in history.  He ignored the clear teaching of Islam that call for murder, assignation, rape, incest, and other dire actions for anyone not agreeing with there doctrine.  He ignored the clear teachings of the Bible and reports are that he became infuriated if anyone in his White House spoke negatively of any Islamist.

His Attorney General Loretta Lynch, threatened to prosecute anyone speaking negatively of Islam.  He refused to call the terrorist Islamic Terrorist and shifted from calling a particular brand of terrorist ISIS to ISIL.  He demonstrated his dislike for Israel and especially Benjamin Netanyahu seeking to force Israel to place herself in an untenable position with the Palestinians.  On the other hand, he funneled large sums of cash and aid to terrorist or terrorist-sponsoring nations such as Iran.  He quickly condemned the police and all on the Right without facts simply based on the skin color of the perpetrators of whatever crime had transpired.

We have witnessed pressure on TV Programs to become interracial, include homosexual couples, and have pro-abortion messages or be forced off the air.  We have seen the targeting of sports teams, churches, and conservative businesses if they do not openly embrace the agenda of the Left.  They encourage boycotts but if anyone on the Right seeks to engage in push-back, they attempt to bring the full force and weight of government and regulatory arms of government down on those people or businesses.  That smacks of a Purge and a War!

Progressive educators have, for decades, been seeking to brainwash the pliable minds of the young.  We have seen the rewriting of our textbooks, the purging and sanitizing of our history because someone on the Left found it offensive.  When you have generations of people who have never been taught the truth and facts, they assume that whatever their instructors are telling them is ‘law and gospel.’ 

The Global Warming Activist has launched a worldwide effort to ban all fossil fuels regardless of the lack of evidence as to any damage coming from them.  Irrespective of the loss of jobs, the destruction of lives and families, and the crippling of our economy they push forward.  They call it ‘settled science’ when the science they quote is anything but settled and often based on computer-generated models.  Models are only as good as the algorithms or input by the programmers.  That is far from settled science.  They disregard God in everything. 

Our President and our Republic need our prayers and support.  I am asking you seriously and earnestly pray for him and the nation.  We are facing a critical juncture and crossroads in our nation in 2020.  If we lose this election, we will witness the exponential advancement of liberal destruction.  We may never recover, and I believe will not recover short of a miracle of God.

God bless you and God bless America!

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