I use a line from Napoleon Xiv’s song of the 1960s, “They’re Coming to Take Me Away Hahaaa” in discussing the view of the Left toward us who do not march to their drummer and comply.  They believe that we are the scourge of the earth and need to be eradicated.  They do not just want to defeat us at the polls but annihilate us and rid the planet of our infectious disobedience to their mandate of subservience. 

Millions of us demonstrated our utter distaste for the politics of toxic liberalism in 2016. We refused to obediently vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton the presumptive favorite and heir apparent to take the mantle from Barack Hussein Obama.  She was their hope to achieve the total and complete ‘fundamental transformation’ of our Republic into a Leftist Tyranny that would last generations if not permanently.  We disappointed them!  No, we rebelled against them and that, to them, is worthy of a death sentence!  How dare we, the deplorable segment of society, fail to fulfill their expectations?  How dare we? 

They somewhat tolerated us when we elected George W. Bush over Al Gore and then over John Kerry.  They wanted to squash us like bugs then but realized they did not have the political clout to achieve that objective, so they waited.  Then, after years of painting George W as the devil himself and an inept warmonger, they preyed on the fears of America and gave us Barack Hussein Obama. 

Obama is referred to as the first black president but if I have my facts straight, his mother was white and his father black.  Would he not be the first half-black and half-white president, not simply the first black president? 

If white privilege is real, why did Obama opt to be identified as a black man, not a white man or a half-white man?  He, almost single-handedly, turned back the clock 50 years regarding race relations during his eight years as president. He repeatedly painted the police as the villains and defended any criminal or accused who were non-white.  His policies shipwrecked our economy, forced Obamacare down the throats of Americans and did incredible if not irreversible damage to healthcare in America.  He destroyed our relations with other nations and weakened our military to a dangerous level. 

Millions finally said, “Enough!”  When Donald Trump, almost miraculously, won the Republican nomination and then the election we crossed the proverbial line in the sand and that was the last straw for the Left.  The Left wanted our money through taxation, fees, fines, and regulations and when we gave Trump the White House, we presented a brief roadblock to their confiscation.  No, the Republicans have not reduced spending as we hoped, and as they promised, but taxation was reduced and that is a small silver lining behind the dark clouds of government tyranny. 

The Left has now determined that they want everything.  They want our guns, our money, our freedom, and our country.  They are not satisfied with simply winning the election they want Trump’s complete annihilation.  However, I believe that if they were to achieve that objective, we, the voters who did not line up with the Left’s mandate, would be next.  They continue to produce scurrilous allegations and accusers against Trump, and anyone associated with him.  The Media is a willing ally in this coup against America the Free Constitutional Republic. 

This Impeachment and Destruction quest they are on is not about finding the truth or supporting the Rule of Law.  It is to send a clear message to any future candidate who might be of the mold of Donald Trump, a non-politician who is willing to take on the Establishment and stand for America and Americans, don’t try.  They hope to damage him so much in the public view that if they win in 2020, they can claim their victory was a “Mandate from the People” to move toward Liberalism and Socialism.  We are clearly in the cross-hairs of their political sniper rifles. 

They are attempting to revoke our citizenship through the eradication of our borders.  They want to make us ‘citizens of the world’ and erase the national sovereignty of the Republic.  They will use voter fraud, lies, distortion, deception, and a 24/7/365 media blitz to achieve their goal. 

We already see in some cities and states the full force of Political Correctness.  Some terms are now deemed illegal such as, “illegal aliens” in New York.  They have gone insane in attacking ‘plastic straws’ while providing ‘sanctuary’ to illegals and criminals in California and other parts of the nation.  They want to achieve a full ‘gun ban’ and are working behind the scenes to achieve that objective through banks and other regulations preventing gun manufacturers or gun purchasers from obtaining loans.

They want our cars because cars represent freedom and they dare not leave us with any freedoms.  A Free People is not a controlled people and never doubt they want control.  They are deeming it unnecessary that any person has more than 300 square feet per person to live in.  They are targeting large private residences, except for their elitist hierarchy.  They are seeking to make energy and fuel for homes and automobiles so costly that we give up private homes and embrace public transportation. 

If it was just putting us in high-rise condominiums and making us use public transportation it would be bad, but it would not end there.  They would then determine where we could live, where we could travel and when as well as what doctors we could see, if any, and where we could work and as well as what we could eat.  Call me Chicken Little if you please but before you do read the Agenda 21 proposals of the United Nations and their Sustainable Development Objective. 

They are also targeting our Freedom of Religion. They are seeking to mandate that we violate our core religious convictions and interpretations of the Bible. Their desire is to force us into compliance and demand that we accept and facilitate lifestyles and actions that are anathema to our faith. 

They want our children and have been working to indoctrinate them for generations in public schools.  They will target home-schooling on the premise that it is counterproductive for people fully assimilating into society.  They will deem the lack of control over the curriculum dangerous and demand that the government mandate what is taught, how it is taught, when and where it is taught. 

Impeaching Donald John Trump is their shot across the bow to tell us to “Get in line with their mandate or else!”  I say, “NO!  Not without a fight!”  I believe in God, I stand by the Bible and will defend the Republic with my dying breath if necessary.  I have drawn my line in the sand and said, “No More!”  I will vote NO on the Democrats and reject their agenda.  I will vote for President Trump in 2020 as a vote for America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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