I have a suggestion for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) regarding America, American’s health care system, and Canada.  That suggestion is, “If it is that great in Canada and so bad in America you might want a change in your zip code.”  Seriously, if America’s system is, as he has said, ‘barbaric’ and Canada’s is ‘perfect’ then sir, since you live so near the border, why not simply move a little further North and your problems and frustrations will be over. 

Senator Sanders, if the Canadian System is Perfect and America’s System is broken beyond repair and if the America people continue to reject your radicalism why not consider my proposal.  I’m sure the Canadians would welcome you with open arms.  Well, maybe, but I suspect that after a bit of your irrational ranting and diatribe you might find that your brand of radicalism not fully embraced among our neighbors to the North.  I could be wrong and only by your moving there could we know for certain, so amuse us and do it.

The factual data reveals that Senator Sanders’ view of Canada compared to America is inaccurate.  Patients like his mother fare much worse in Canada than in the United States.  Health Care in the Canadian style system embodies lengthy delays and even denials of care. 

That is one of the reasons that Canadians who can afford to do so, come to the United States for treatment.  The factual data reveals that Canadians cannot ‘just go to the doctor whenever they want to and not have to take out their wallets’. That view is factually inaccurate.  The data from last year reveals that the median wait to see a specialist after seeing the general practitioner in Canada was 20 weeks.  That was disclosed by the Fraser Institute, a Vancouver-based think tank.  It is even worse in some provinces and many, wait over 40 weeks.  Does that sound perfect?

Imagine a system where a person is doomed to wait for months to see a specialist, but their condition prevents them from working.  If they do not have disability insurance, they could be forced to forego thousands of dollars in income.  Some research has revealed that the ‘wait times’ in Canada cost Canadians $2.1 billion Canadian dollars in 2018.  Does that sound perfect? 

We know from health reports here in the USA that many Canadians, due to the direness of their illness, sometimes life-threatening, pay out of pocket for treatment here.  They go to other parts of the world as well fighting to ‘stay alive’ while their prefect system withholds treatment due to ‘wait times’. 

Senator Sanders, before you tout the Perfectness of that system and the Barbaric nature of our system come into the present.  I suggest that you stop viewing everything regarding health care through the eyes of your childhood.  I suggest that you realize that your personal experience does not equate to the experience of everyone and is not indicative of what others experience.

Senator Sanders, I can appreciate your dismay and disappointment over the fact that your mother and your family could not afford her care.  I can appreciate the fact that losing your mother at a young age was traumatic.  I can appreciate your desire and belief that there is a better way and want to see it implemented.  But, sir, I suggest that you get your facts straight before you launch into an attempt to obliterate our system of finance and health care. 

Senator Sanders, do you not realize that the ‘Free Health Care’ of Canada is paid for through the taxation of the people?  Reports are that Canadians pay more than $4,500 Canadian dollars for a single adult and over $13,300 CDN for an average family of four.  That was the numbers in 2018 and I suspect it will grow worse in the coming years.  Is that Perfect and how does that make America’s system Barbaric? 

Not only do they have to pay, the delays or lengthy, but Canada is losing doctors and the data from 2018 was that they had fewer than three doctors and fewer than three hospital beds for every 1,000 residents.  Does that sound perfect?  They have less than 16 CT Scanners for every one million people.  The United States has about three times that number.  Scanners that can detect and help diagnose many diseases, including cancer. 

There are numerous reports of people in Canada experiencing incredible pain. They had requested colonoscopies, CT Scans, etc. but were delayed until the disease has spread to the point it was inoperable and they were doomed to die for lack of early and proper treatment.  Does that sound perfect? 

I read of a woman in Canada, Sharon Shemblaw, a 46-year-old mother of three from Ontario who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in August 2015.  The doctors told her that a stem-cell transplant would give her an 80% chance of survival.  Her local hospital did not have the resources to treat her.  She sought treatment in the United States, but by the time she got to Buffalo, New York the disease had progressed to the point it was too late. 

Our system is not perfect and needs adjustments, but it is among the best in the world.  Medicare for All or any Government-Run Health Care System transfers the decision making from the patient and his/her doctor and places it in the hands of bureaucrats or politicians. 

I have Medicare because I have no other viable alternative.  I live with the constant concern that the politicians will render begin to mandate that Medicare ‘not pay’ for various care or insist on ‘delays’ and ‘denials’ for certain care at certain a certain age.  I am thankful that we have the system we have, warts and all.  Medication is, at times, almost extortion, but at least I can still get care when I need care, and from the doctor I desire.

So, Senator Sanders if you hate our system so much and you are once again rejected, maybe Canada is a good option for you.  Let me throw in this little addendum and say to the Robert De Niro’s of America.  Why don’t you go to one of the countries that are under the thumb of a Tyrant and Dictator and use your potty mouth to trash him? 

I know why because you know that you would last about 30-seconds before being carted off to jail if not executed on the spot.  Everyone, please stop trashing America and let’s unite in prayer and in a genuine effort to ‘Make America Great Again.’  We have been and can be again.  We have problems but they are not impossible to overcome.  United we stand, divided we fall.

God bless you and God bless America!

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