By Generational Ignorance I am speaking of at least two if not three generations of Americans who have been indoctrinated with ‘Political Ignorance’ and the ‘Toxicity of Liberal Thought.’  That has transpired through our institutions of higher learning, the media, Hollywood, political activist, and various social justice organizations. 

We have witnessed the ‘anti-everything crowd’, of the 1960’s, become professors in our colleges and universities.  We have witnessed the planned dumbing down constitutionally.  We have witnessed the attempted sanitization of history.  We have witnessed the development of political correctness that has produced a ‘snowflake society’.  We have yet to see the full impact of those generational efforts by those who oppose our American System of Government and Economy.

I recently read a study conducted by ‘Mind Share Partners, Qualtrics and SAP’ that reported that about 50% of the Millennial’s and 75% of Gen Z have left a job for mental health reasons.  If that does not trouble you, what will?  The ‘American Psychological Association’ reported that the percentage of people dealing with suicidal thoughts increased by 47% from 2008 to 2017.  Does that trouble you?  Companies such as Cisco has reported that 7% of its U.S. workforce is accessing some form of mental health and substance abuse treatment.  Does that trouble you?

Let me suggest that when you have a generation of people who have never been held accountable and have no work ethic instilled in them, you face this type of problem.  When you compare the percentages of the Millennial’s and Gen Z’s to the Baby Boomers you find that in the Baby Boomers less than 10% left a job due to mental health-related reasons.  The study did not have a metrics to evaluate the WWII generation, but I’m sure it was even less.  Why?  I believe it is Work Ethic!  It was that they and the Baby Boomers were taught. We learned that there is no Free Ride and we had expected to work for what we got and held accountable for our actions.  We have done this to ourselves and the fruit of that tree has yet to reveal how extensive the damage will be. 

That brings me to the issue of Climate Change and the hysteria of the Millennial’s and Gen Z’s as well as those who have bought into the rhetoric of older generations.  I don’t know if you remember but TIME Magazine published an article on June 24, 1974, titled, “Another Ice Age?”  The article suggested that the atmosphere had been gradually cooling for three decades.  It contended that that trend showed no evidence of reversing and there was an impending calamity coming in the form of ICE.

That cataclysmic disaster did not transpire, and the reports began to emerge that the planet was gradually surprisingly warming. The result was that the Global Warming theory began to be advanced replacing the Global Cooling theory.  Neither theories are settled science.  Both are rooted in fear-mongering and are tools used by globalists to send generations into a paranoid state and thereby gain control of our resources and liberties. 

In 2005 there was a Gallop poll asking Americans to identify what they believed was our greatest problem and Global Warming did not make the top ten.  That sent the Climate Activist into a panic and into action, because they understood that they had to increase the fear, or they would see their efforts fall by the wayside.  They began an intense marketing campaign to sell Global Warming and create a paranoia that fossil fuels were destroying the planet.  Al Gore got on the bandwagon and financial gravy train and did his 2006 fake documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”  They have worked tirelessly while too many on the Right sat silent.

In 2018 there was a Gallop poll that showed that 70% of Americans 18-34 are somewhat worried about ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change.’  The intensity of the marketing campaign has increased yearly and will continue to be a major effort of the Leftists. 

Let me explain the problem, as I see it.  No, I am not going to address ‘Climate Change’ but those who believe it.  The Millennial’s and Gen Z’s embrace the theory and paranoia. They believe that man-made global warming is doing incredible harm to the planet and poses a threat to America.  Millennial’s such as Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez a Global Warming Climate Change advocate has over 5 million followers on Twitter.  That is disturbing!  Democratic hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden has said, “We must take combustion engine vehicles off the road as rapidly as possible.”  That is alarming and should serve as a warning to all Freedom Loving Americans!

The Climate Activist attempt to sell us on the idea of what the earth temperature was millennial’s ago to a tenth of a degree.  However, reliable and accurate historical temperature data was only available a few decades ago.  Some asked, “Were thermometers calibrated to one-tenth of a degree millennial’s past?”  If you took a thermometer placed in service 50 years ago, would it register temperature to a tenth of a degree? 

The fact that the Millennial’s and Gen Z’s believe so strongly in man-made climate change or global warming is a threat.  When they ascend to power and positions of governance what will they do legislatively?  You guessed it, they will enact laws and regulations that plunge us into the abyss that those laws and regulations will impose. 

When they become the ones governing, we will see energy become so costly many will be without the required energy to cool or heat their homes.  We will find businesses unable to operate due to the escalated costs and goods and services will become scarce.  We will see Agenda 21 fully implemented and our ability to own and drive personal vehicles will disappear.  Private ownership of a home will be a memory and we will be forced into condominium living in high-rises and forced to use public transportation.  Rural living will become a thing of the past unless you are willing to go back to the horse and buggy days of yore.

They will enlist the IRS to help individuals fight the dreaded climate change using their own personal funds.  Taxes will go through the roof, regulations will stifle the economy.  They will force the New Green Deal or a variation on America as the Democrats did Obamacare.  It won’t matter if we like it, agree with it, or want it, once they are in Power, we are going to get it. 

I do not know how we overcome Generational Ignorance.  The only hope I see for America and the world is divine intervention and God just may leave us to or ignorance.  However, I will continue to attempt to debunk their theories, fight for candidates who demonstrate they are Constitutionalists and Conservatives.  I will fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom so long as I breathe the air of planet earth.  Please join me in defeating the Globalist, Leftist, Socialist, Progressive, Democrats in every election and at every level.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. markone1blog says:

    I don’t know. My mother would never hear criticism of FDR even if you put it in a reasoned argument. My dad, a vet of the Korean Conflict, argued forcefully against the socialistic tendencies of a number of American programs.

    When explaining the idiocy of Sanders to my son, I brought it home by suggesting the sharing of grades (since he works hard for his grades). That seemed to work.

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