According to the U.S. Constitution, the impeachment of the President of the United States is to be based on provable, “Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  There is no pathway for a crime-less impeachment, but that appears the avenue down which the Democrats in the House of Representatives are traveling.  The national mainstream media is touting the validity of their claims and reporting, as fact, distortions, fabrications, and altered transcripts as proof.  That is a tragic situation and reveals a terminal condition in our Republic.

The argument that Trump endangered America’s national security by delaying lethal aid and Javelin missiles to Ukraine.  However, when we examine this supposed crime, we discover the missiles are the same missiles and aid that former President Obama refused to send to Ukraine.  If Trump committed a crime, then Obama committed the same crime. How is Obama lauded as a Great President and Trump an evil law-breaking devil?  How is that for hypocrisy?  Trump delayed them Obama refused them, so I am forced to ask, “Which action presented a more dire and dangerous for America’s national security?” 

The Democrats are claiming that President Trump demanded that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hold a press conference and announce an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden.  The assertion that Trump’s demand included the quid pro quo that the funds and aid would not be forthcoming until and unless that happened.  What are the facts and timeline in this supposed crime and demand?

Was that supposedly demanded press conference held?  It was not.  Did Ukraine announce they were investigating the Biden’s?  They did not.  Did the Ukrainian President get an Oval Office visit?  Yes, he did.  Did the U.S. provide the aid to Ukraine?  The facts are that we sent $400 million in arms and Javelin missiles.  Wow!  Such a powerful quid pro quo, right?  It certainly appears fictitious.

According to the American Constitution, who is charged with deciding whether we send military aid to any foreign nation?  You guessed it, the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. He can delegate that responsibility to a National Security Council staffer overseeing matters related to Ukraine.  That authority is not in the purview of the CIA, or any other member of the Deep State or Swamp.  The onus is on the President, so how is this a crime?  The transcript of the phone call deflates all the arguments of quid pro quo and reveals the depth those in the Destroy Trump camp are willing to descend to get him. That is not what America needs and not what our Constitution provides. 

The Democrat plan and desire for impeachment began before Trump’s election and assuredly after his election.  The groundwork was being laid before his inauguration and has continued incessantly since.  There has been a concerted effort to hinder and delegitimize his election and presidency beyond any examples we could cite in our history.  The falsified dossier claiming Russian collaboration and collusion was advanced as proof positive of his guilt.  A document bought and paid for by the Clinton camp and the DNC. 

The Washington Post published an article on the day Trump took the oath of office that the ‘campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.’  That was Day One!  Oh well, so much for accepting the outcome of an election as Hillary and the moderators in the debate demanded from Trump.  I guess acceptance was only if Hillary won as they believed was assured. 

There has been a mountain of bogus reasons to impeach the president presented by the Democrats.  Trump’s travel ban designed to prevent any incoming terrorists from questionable locations was a prime example for them.  He must go, he is evil.  They have claimed that impeachment is required over the Emoluments Clause and that has failed.  His firing an inept, insubordinate, and corrupt FBI director was obstruction of justice was their claim.  That too has failed and shown to be bogus.  We endured over two-years of Robert Mueller’s desperate search for anything to hand on Trump and that has failed.

What now?  The July phone call between the President and his Ukrainian counterpart.  The unredacted transcript of the call has been declassified and released to the public and it refutes the claims of the whistleblower and destroys Adam Schiff’s claims of corruption and impeachable evidence. 

Richard Nixon did something that was unarguably wrong and so did Bill Clinton, but what has Trump done wrong?  Any U.S. President requesting any foreign nation to investigate corruption and the origins of that corruption and the corrupt in peddling the Russian conspiracy theory is not a crime.  That fallacious accusation in the dossier damage America and needs to be fully exposed and any crimes committed addressed. 

The incredible abuse of power that the Democrats are engaging in is the very thing they accuse Trump of doing.  They have demonstrated the willingness to use any tactic and go to any length to damage if not destroy the President.  Their true colors were put on display in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings using uncorroborated claims to attempt to destroy a man, his reputation, his career, and his family.  The New York Times the outlet that broke the story finally admitted that the alleged victim had no recollection of the incident. 

What kind of precedent is this endeavor of the Democrats going to set for the future in America?  No American President will ever be safe again to conduct the duties of his office without having to constantly look over his shoulder wondering when a fallacious charge will result in impeachment.   We will endure a never-ending stream of kangaroo court investigations and our country will be irrevocably divided.  This dangerous path is placing America on the road to destruction and opening the door to a hell none of us want to encounter. 

America, if we do not put a stop to this kind of partisan mindlessness, we will provide the cover for American’s destruction.  I am unwilling to sit in silence while that happens.  You may not like President Trump, and you may vote for someone else even a Leftist Socialist, that is your choice. But if you love America and want us to remain the Free Constitutional Republic we were established to be, join us in stopping this madness and drain the swamp and dismantle the deep state as much as possible in 2020. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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