I have been deeply concerned about the direction of our nation politically, morally, socially, and politically for a long time.  When I raise the spiritual issue there are those who otherwise agree with me, show me the door, they want nothing to do with that aspect.  I have had those who religiously follow CNN, MSNBC, and the Main Stream Media call for my head or incarceration and demand that I be silenced on all social media platforms over my insertion of God and the Bible into the discussion.  If you believe that God has no place in government, you may dislike what I write, but I believe as I believe our Founding Fathers believed that God and the Bible are an integral part of our Freedom and existence as a Republic. 

The degeneration and declension of our moral, social, political, and spiritual values are too evident to miss.  Many of the problems we face today are directly traceable to that decline and can only be rectified by a return to our moorings and not through legislation.  The government cannot ‘fix’ our problems and 99.9% of the time they ‘exacerbate’ them.

Many of our social, moral, political, economic, and spiritual problems have been increased exponentially through various government interventions, regulations, legislation, and edicts.  The overt contempt for the family, more definitively the two-parent family has been growing for decades if not centuries.  I could contend that it had its beginnings in the 1960s, but that would be wrong.  I could argue that it began with the communist manifesto and agenda in 1848 but that too would be wrong.  I believe it began before the Garden of Eden, but it assuredly found its way into our word there with the snake, Adam, and Eve.  Rebellion against God and all that was morally right was promoted and the fruit of that kind of rebellion is destruction.

Much of what we are seeing gained significant ground under Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The Democratic Party’s declension and disintegration expanded, and the Leftists moved with much greater freedom with the New Deal.  FDR expanded the role, scope, and power of the federal government like no previous president.  The tentacles of control and intrusion into our lives began to spread and we have been paying a high price.

The New Deal of Roosevelt expanded the power of the federal government and because the unemployment rate dropped people accepted it.  The sad thing about that is it is a typical response for people to give up liberty when it affects them economically.  That is also what happens when people are offered a program that ‘sticks it to’ the wealthy or someone they deem undeservedly better off them themselves.  Greed and envy are terrible monsters that rip the fabric of any society apart.  The government cannot ‘fix’ that only God can and only we can by having a change of heart. 

The Anti-War movement of the 1960s was a key element in the galvanization of the Liberal Left and pushed us down the road to Socialism and the revamping of our Republic.  Barack Obama called it ‘fundamental transformation’ and others call it ‘revisiting’ the Constitution and bringing it into the 21st century.  I argue that it does not need to come into the modern mindset but our modern mindset needs to re-embrace the principles it was founded upon and embraced. 

The disintegration of the nuclear family where there were two-parents was targeted somewhat covertly by Lyndon Johnson and his ‘Great Society’ program.  Some of the quotes that have been verified made by President Johnson reveal his true heart and attitude and it was not the betterment of blacks, families, or anyone, but the expansion of the power he and they wanted to be lodged in the hands of the Leftists.

In 1960 the percentage of children born out of wedlock was 5% that number has risen to about 40%.  That is astounding and frightening!  Sexual immorality is celebrated by much of our society and even in our public schools, there is the intensified promotion of sexuality.  When a public school, issues free condoms as part of their effort to prevent unwanted pregnancy they are sending a mixed message, at best.  Rather than informing the parents of problems, they deem themselves to be the guardians of our children and their morality.  I disagree and so does God. 

When states follow the edict of their administration and even the federal government to counsel a young girl regarding abortion and not inform the parents that is dangerous.  I consider it directly counter to valuing the family and parental authority or responsibility.  I disagree that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’ but argue that it takes ‘parents, and preferable a mother and a father in the home.’  When the federal government rewards unwed pregnancies with welfare funds it damages our society’s fabric and shreds our moral values.  With the government’s welfare program, one would think that would lower the number of abortions, but it does not. 

When a society becomes greedy, self-serving, and self-centered filled with envy and hate it becomes nonfunctional and counterproductive.  The Left has, at least nationally, abandoned God and the principles of morality.  They have abandoned civility and although they argue that we must be inclusive and tolerant, they exhibit intolerance that results in violence when anyone disagrees with them. 

The advocates of government-run everything and those who seek the eradication of our borders have an objective that is dangerous if not deadly.  The willingness to give up our inalienable rights based on the fallacious idea that we will be safe and everyone will coexist is dangerous. 

The abandonment of moral principles and the attempts to sanitize and rewrite history to express a desired view rather is dangerous.  America, if we continue this path and continue our moral, social, political, and spiritual decline we will be guilty of committing national suicide and dooming our children and grandchildren to tyranny.  I cannot knowingly do that!  I must fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom so long as I am alive.

God bless you and God bless America!

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