SUCCESS OR POLITICS – Which Is More Important to You?

I have, for a very long time, been turned off by politicians and the political jockeying in America.  However, because politics is part of our System of Government and affects life, I must stay engaged in the process and fight for freedom!  That endeavor is often a taxing endeavor and stretches my patience to the limit.  But I consider Freedom and the Free Constitutional Republic too great a prize to cede to the Leftists without a fight.

In each of the Democratic debates, the proof has been in the pudding revealing that they not only do not appreciate or respect our Republic. They appear to desire the complete and fundamental transformation of it into something foreign to the vision of our Founders.  That, to this American, is distressing.  I cannot imagine how anyone enjoying the benefits of our economic system and our freedoms could embrace their agenda, but millions are.  That causes me to ask, “Success or Politics – Which Is More Important to You?” 

I wish I could say, that most believe success outweighs partisan politics but in today’s political shenanigans it appears that politics takes a position of greater importance.  The Democratic hopefuls wanting to be President seem to be oblivious to the successes we have enjoyed which have benefited most if not all Americas over the past three-years.  They refuse to acknowledge the robustness of the economy under Trump, an economy that Obama insisted would never exist again.  They refuse to recognize the benefit to all Americans who want to work as the job market has expanded to the point that unemployment is the lowest in modern history. 

There are those who claim to be Republican and Conservative that have a strong dislike for our military.  I don’t know if they served or understand the benefit of having a strong regulated military presence in the world.  One of the best means of achieving peace is to be prepared for war. 

I know of no veteran who has served in combat that prefers war to peace.  War is hell for everyone, not just the combatants.  War is sometimes unavoidable and was it not for our strength and ability to defend ourselves we would have been invaded long ago.  The Democrats seem to detest our military and that is revealed in their restrictions on the men and women in uniform, their funding or resistance to funding our military.  I suppose their view of those of us who have served could be no better revealed than in their treatment of veterans through the Veterans Administration. 

One thing that stands out to me as I listen to and read the statements and positions of the Democratic Candidates is their willingness to divide America.  They seek to divide along racial lines.  They seek to divide us through class envy and greed.  They fan the flames of hatred for the rich, especially the super-rich.  Most of those candidates are wealthy and much of their wealth has come through their political connections or positions.  Yet, they insist that one of America’s greatest problems is the rich.

They have learned and have been inspired by diabolical dark forces in the unseen realm, that people who do not have are prone to envy those who do.  When we inspire people to believe that the rich are keeping them from their deserved abundance, we can build a coalition of opposition.  That’s what the Democrats are attempting to do, believing that if they can make us hate the rich enough, we will vote Democrat and ‘stick it to the rich.’  Sadly, those who embrace that envy and hate fail to realize that hurting them hurts everyone in many ways.  It does not provide those lacking with more which is the mantra of the Left.  Socialism cannot work in practice and is flawed in principle.  Wake Up!

The debates have opened the curtains and exposed how the Democrats plan to govern or rule, which is probably a more appropriate description.  They want to dictate to us how we live, where we live, where we work, how we educate our children, what kind if any medical care we receive, and how we travel.  They want to strip us of our fundamental inalienable rights of Freedom of Religion, Speech, remove our ability for self-defense, and demand that we embrace policies and agendas that are in direct conflict to our religious faith.  That makes politics more important that success and makes the government more powerful and authoritative than God and the Bible.  I reject that!

Nikita Khrushchev predicted that we would be destroyed from within and said, “The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag…the American people will hoist it themselves.”  That is a frightening prediction and one that I summarily rejected when he said it but now wonder if he might have seen beyond what I believed possible.  Benjamin Franklin warned that we had been given a Republic, “if we can keep it.” 

For me, the 2020 elections are about Freedom vs Tyranny, love for America or hate for her, and Free Market Capitalism vs Socialism.  The choice has never been clearer than it is this time around.  Every election is going to be the most important we have faced because the Left is going full-bore on transforming us into something other than what we were designed to be, the Free Constitutional Republic where all men are viewed as created equal and possessing certain inalienable rights.  If we want to maintain our freedom and remain a Republic, we must reject them in 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!

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