Will Americans wake up, smell the coffee, and decide that enough is enough or will we continue down the road to destruction?  This impeachment craze being advanced largely by the infamous and nefarious Congressman from California, Adam Schiff is troubling. 

It is troubling because for over three years we have been bombarded with the incessant push to ‘Get Trump’ the evil ‘orange man.’  The Democrats have largely ignored matters of governing and devoted their full attention to Trump.  They have needlessly spent taxpayer dollars that could and should have been used to address our nation’s needs.  Will Americans wake up and take action or will we allow this to continue for another and possibly 5 more years? 

Congressman Schiff’s method of conducting this investigation into the alleged improprieties of the President has been revealing.  No, it has not revealed any evidence of wrongdoing by the President but revealing as to the intent, plan, and willingness to conduct a clandestine coup attempt to oust a duly elected president.  The Congressman began his diatribe and rhetoric almost immediately after the 2016 election and has repeatedly claimed ‘concrete evidence’ against Trump.  However, he has failed to produce even a whiff of that ‘rock solid’ documentation he claims to possess.  Congressman, if you have the goods on the President, then put the evidence on the table for everyone to see.  Put up or shut up!

He began the his investigation behind closed doors and in many ways locked the Republicans out of the loop.  He then orchestrated or allowed a series of selective leaks to the press to maximize his allegations and advance his cause.  Someone said, “Schiff stole his own thunder.” 

When I watch his face and look into his eyes, I see someone who is deeply troubled and I believe there is something at work in his life that is beyond the norm and natural.  I don’t know if he believes his rhetoric and diatribe and is disillusioned and confused or is filled with arrogance and hate to the point, he is willing to do anything to achieve his objective of Trump’s destruction.  Either way, he is a danger to our system of government.

If Donald John Trump, the 45th President of these United States, did half of what they have accused him of, he should be removed.  However, there has been no evidence of his complicity or engagement in the impeachable offenses they allege. 

On the other hand, there is verifiable evidence that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and numerous others on the Left have violated both our Laws and our Constitution.  Nobody seems to care about those improprieties and are fixated on Trump.  That causes me to ask, “Will Americans wake up and take action?”  I keep hoping and praying for America.  I pray for those whom I deem enemies of this Republic.  I pray for those charged with leading this Republic.  I pray for the American people that we will return to our Constitutional and moral moorings and take the necessary action!

It has been and remains my belief that the Democrats do not truly believe they can amass Congressional support or to both impeach and convict the president.  What I believe is they have pushed their chips to the center of the table and gone all-in hoping that they will garner enough public sentiment to defeat Trump in 2020. 

They are counting on Americans to remain somewhat ambivalent and dependent upon what is reported in the media to shape their opinions.  They are counting on many Americans not taking the time or making the effort to truly investigate the investigation and allegations.  They are counting on us being sheep and lead us to the slaughter or the pasture they desire to place us.  Will Americans wake up and take the needed action?  Will we resume our Constitutional duties of giving oversight to the overseers?

Some of the polls recently have indicated that many Independents and those who are ‘undecided’ are tuning out the hearings and are bored with the diatribe and nothingness in the testimonies.  Most people grow tired of ‘hearsay’ and while they may find gossip a tasty morsel briefly over time, they find it a waste of time.  This charade has not reached its crescendo and already there are signs that the American people are bored and want Congress to move and deal with our Infrastructure and other issues that affect our lives daily. 

Someone said, “If Americans turn against the impeachment effort, they will punish Democrats for not attending to other, more important, priorities.  Let’s face it, impeaching the president will not make our roads better or lower drug costs.”  I hope they are correct and agree that this has been much ado about nothing and a demonstration of ‘sour grapes’ and the unwillingness to accept the ‘will of the people’ through a legitimate election. 

They failed to show that Trump stole the election with Russian help, but we have documentation of illegals voting for Hillary.  They failed to show any evidence of Quid Pro Quo, but we have clear evidence of Biden holding Ukraine hostage to funds unless they did what he desired to protect his son.  We have Obama and Hillary engaged in questionable if not illegal activities through their official power and positions.  We hear nothing but crickets over those realities but blaring trumpets on Trump’s supposed evils and crimes. 

Someone said, “Adding to the public’s ennui is that the resolution of the impeachment is a foregone conclusion is like Agatha Christie revealing whodunit in Chapter One; it steals the story’s punch and intrigue.”  The Democrats will not cease their antics and if Trump wins reelection we are going to see more of the same.  No, we will see an escalation of Congressional hearings and activist rioting and disruption. 

The Democrats may or may not realize they are driving their bus of destruction toward the abyss at high speed.  There are fringe elements on both sides itching for a full-blown war to break out.  They are not the ones that concern me the most.  The ones that concern is the more middle of the road citizens who are being pushed to the breaking point.  If they break, then the dam breaks and War results.  Nobody should want that to transpire.

The witnesses have not corroborated Schiff’s claims but rather have largely deflated his concrete balloon.  He brings out witnesses that have no information, no evidence, no first-hand knowledge. Why?  Why bring them out?  It is an attempt to sway public opinion that Trump is incompetent and unhinged.  It is to solidify the control of foreign policy in the hands of the political establishment and strip that Constitutionally delegated duty from the President. 

They are trying the president in the court of public opinion and hoping to obtain a victory in that arena.  I pray they fail, and America wakes up, smells the coffee of reality, and takes the appropriate action.  We need to elect the right people and dis-elect those trampling on our constitution and system of government.

God bless you and God bless America!


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    It is time for America to voice their opinion by calling their representative and making some noise. We cannot continue in silence or we will lose our country to these socialists.

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