Our founding fathers attempted to place safeguards in our Constitution and in the Bill of Rights to ensure that our Republic could survive the deviousness of professional politicians.  Those safeguards were based on the assumptions that the public would continue to be engaged and the media would ethically provide truth and information that enabled the voters to decide for themselves. 

There has been the obvious failure of the public to continue to be engaged in the process. We have, for decades, been content to leave the politics to the politicians and were ignorant of their deviousness.  We allowed them to systematically strip us of many of our liberties, rights, and privileges they have no right or authority to infringe. 

As is the case when those in power acquire a taste for power and become blinded by their self-assumed importance the erosion of our liberties transpired.  We yawned at the occasional warnings of those in Congress or watchdogs dedicated to preserving our Freedoms and Liberties and the duplicitousness of the political elite is bearing its deadly fruit. 

Additionally, the media has been anything but non-partisan and unbiased in their reporting.  Regardless of which source you seek for information or ‘news’, you find a slant and a bias that is impossible to overlook.  Even in the days when our nation was in its infancy the media often had a bias designed to shape the opinions of the voters. 

If the media operated with integrity and reported the news allowing the public to exercise deductive reason and critical thinking, we would have ousted most of the nefarious parasites in Congress.  We would have never allowed the bureaucratic mess our gargantuan government has become. We were warned but failed to heed the warnings and now must pay for our apathy.  

I am both amused and disgusted by the self-righteous pronouncements of the current Speaker of the House and the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee that they are somehow the guardians of our Constitution and Truth. 

Nancy Pelosi has said that she does not want to Impeach Trump and is praying for him.  Seriously, Nancy?  You began laying the groundwork for impeachment immediately upon your party regaining control of the House.  Mr. Schiff, any pronouncement of self-proclaimed integrity from you is easily recognizable as hot air.  You have lied to the point that one must believe you are a pathological purveyor of fictional fabrications.  Your Gestapo type handling of the Impeachment Inquiry is far more revealing than anything you say.  Actions truly do speak much louder than words.

I can only imagine what could have been accomplished in our beloved nation over the past three years had the Establishment Republicans and Democrats worked with the President rather than resisting him.  The accomplishments in the face of almost total obstructionism by the Democrats and backstabbing and betrayal by the RINO’s have been impressive and appreciated. 

The Democrats and the unelected bureaucrats in Washington laughed at the idea that Donald J. Trump could be a viable candidate for the GOP nomination.  They smirked and sneered at the very thought that anyone with no political background could be considered a serious candidate.  That was their first mistake but not their last.

Donald Trump did not engage in the normal political schmooze of cozying up to the elitists and dancing to their drummers.  Rather, he spoke to an entirely different crowd and won the hearts of millions of Americans who were tired of the corruption, the business as usual approach of both parties in previous administrations.  He spoke to the populace with real promises and convinced millions that he was serious.  He did not have to run, he was wealthy.  He did not need the notoriety he was already famous.  He did not need the connections, he was already well connected with business networks across the globe.  He was a businessman who convinced people that a new approach was needed.  He was right!

His message and tactics infuriated the elite. He did not listen to them or kiss-up to them as politicians of the past had done.  He went to the people with a message that resonated.  He had rough edges and was not the consummate polished politician that we had grown accustomed to.  He did not say one thing in De Monies and another in Topeka.  He did not make a promise in Dallas and another in Sacramento.  He conveyed the same message across the nation and spoke of doing things differently.  That was a threat to the old boy system and the cronyism of Washington. 

Hillary, the DNC, the FBI, the CIA, Homeland, the IRS, and the Media immediately began a campaign and covert and overt attempts to derail his candidacy once he was nominated.  James Clapper, John Brennan, and James Comey worked in a conspiracy to cover for Hillary and Obama and trash Trump.  They conspired with fabricated and altered documents to obtain surveillance warrants to spy on Trump and broke the law repeatedly.  The Trump train kept climbing the hills and breaking down the barriers they attempt to throw up.  Then to their utter dismay, He won the election!

Once they realized they could not prevent him from assuming office they began the implementation of their plan to IMPEACH the president.  He was their nemesis and an unwelcome thorn in their sides.  He was a threat to their oligarchy and rulership and that could not be allowed to stand. 

They have continued their metamorphic journey from Russian collusion to obstruction of justice, and now Ukraine calling it quid pro quo, extortion, bribery.  They have produced no evidence and in fact, have exposed their nakedness and involvement in corruption.  Yet, they continue.  Do they care about the damage this is doing and has done to our Republic?  It appears that power is more important than principle to them.

Thomas Jefferson offered some considerations about politics that we should remember.  He said: “In a free society, differences of political sentiment result in different political parties. These sentiments resolve themselves naturally into two basic parties: the authoritarian (or monarchist, tory, etc.) that favors government that controls the people, and the democratic (or republican, liberal, etc.) that favors government controlled by the people. The body of the nation chooses a path that is mapped by one or the other of these parties.”  He also said: “Were parties here divided merely by a greediness for office…to take a part with either would be unworthy of a reasonable or moral man.”

I believe we have reached the condition embodied in Jefferson’s sentiments.  It is time that we, the American people, take positive action and unite to keep our Republic Free and Constitutional.  It is up to us to regain our oversight of the government and through the ballot box choose the path for our nation that leads to the preservation of our Freedom.  Let us return to being “one nation, under God and indivisible.”  Let us return to being the land were “all men are recognized as having been created equal and possessing certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

I am standing for Faith, Family, and Freedom and will vote NO on the Democrats and the Socialistic agendas being advanced.  I will vote for Freedom, Liberty, and our Inalienable Rights.  I ask that you join me in 2020 and beyond to Keep America Free and Constitutional.

God bless you and God bless America!

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