My title, Death by Ideology, may be puzzling and cause you to wonder, what in the world is ‘Death by Ideology?’  I am so glad you asked, and if you will give me a few minutes of your precious time I attempt to explain what I mean.  What I hope to articulate may or may not be perspicuous to you, but hopefully, it will engender serious thought.  If I succeed in eliciting a modicum of critical thinking in a few, it will have been worth the effort and I will have obtained my immediate objective.

Every person’s ideology is an integral part of who they are and determines what they are willing to invest themselves in the pursuit of.  The ideology of those following the toxicity of liberal, progressive, globalists, socialist thought, largely found in those on the Left, is integral to their power or the pursuit of power. 

The Democrats appear to be determined to codify political correctness into legislation and insist that it reflects settled truth.  They are unwilling to allow further discussion.  To them, their truth is Law & Gospel and any violation of their prescribed political correctness is to become an ideological heretic and a person who must be eradicated.  It is “comply or die”!  Maybe not die physically but socially, economically, and politically.  You are an unwanted blight on their Utopian world and cannot be allowed to infect anyone with your unwelcome questions.

They have failed, at every turn, to solve the problems they insist are causing humanity to hang precariously on the rim of societal destruction.  The welfare state and entitlement mentality, along with their policies and legislation have not solved the problem but exacerbated the huge problem of intergenerational dependency and misery.  They have succeeded in enslaving countless numbers of people in a state of utter dependency on the government.  They have, with the help of some of the Republicans, created a national debt that is more frightening than any horror movie. 

They have inspired a victim mentality in their insistence that it is abhorrent to civil society to disallow gender-neutral bathrooms.  Allowing pedophile men to go into women’s bathrooms with young girls is a real and present danger.  Any semblance of sane reason would reveal that a person with male genitalia, regardless of how they identify themselves, still has male genitalia and likely uses it as males do.  Is that something you want young girls exposed to?  I do not want a member of the opposite sex, other than the parents, to be in the bathroom with young boys or young girls.  The dangers or enormous and cannot be ignored.

There are always two sides to every issue and that reality was one of the founding principles and reasons that our founders and the framers of the American constitution hammered out the Bill of Rights and Freedom of Speech.  The believed and insisted that that freedom included religion and the unspoken protection of the Right of Thought. 

The PC Police, managed by the Left, want to police even our thoughts and compel us to comply with the authorized thought of political correctness.  That is problematic for me because I am an individual.  As an individual, my preferences and opinions are not necessarily the same as anyone else.  Additionally, I am a believer in the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ and if any prescribed ideological thought is contrary to the written Word of God, I cannot ascribe to it. 

I have argued for almost all my life, that you cannot legislate morality nor can you via the legislative process control thought.  You may use academia to indoctrinate pliable young minds and make them predisposed to accepting certain ideological views.  You may use the media, entertainment, and political bribes to influence and encourage your desired ideological mindset.  You may do all those things, but you are still left with the reality that we are individuals and individuals sometimes stray from the plantation.

Sadly, millions of Americans no longer seem to exercise the cogitative portion of their brains and allow others to think for them.  Millions seem to have become docile sheep following their appointed shepherds and rats following the pied piper of the toxic ideology that embodies liberalism.  That presents a very serious and dangerous condition and a threat to the future of our Free Constitutional Republican form of government and life.

We have heard the demands for ‘social justice’, we have endured ‘affirmative action,’ and hear the incessant cries of ‘racism’ and ‘white privilege and supremacy.’  Those failed and divisive policies and ideological assertions are inviting the death of our Republic and thus I say that we are facing, ‘Death by Ideology.’  When those of us who believe in the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Freedom for Everyone, God, and the Bible cower in the shadows offering only token resistance we enable them.  That must end!  It is time for America’s patriots to arise and defend her and our freedoms!

We need men and women who have the intestinal fortitude (guts), the ability to articulate truth, and the willingness to place themselves on the line for the republic to step forward.  I am encouraged when I see people dare to stand against the tide of toxic ideological leftism and fight for true freedom for everyone.  Academia has been swallowed up with this ideological pursuit of rewriting history and the embracing of a brand of Marxism.  We have and are enduring the postmodern deconstruction of all meaning and our youth are being taught there are no absolutes morally, socially, or spiritually.  That opens the door for ‘Death by Ideology.’

I believe that if we are persistent, and use rational reason, facts, and civility we can achieve a victory by hitting the Achilles heel of that ideology, which is Reality!  If we can enable normal people to realize the dangers in allowing the hurling of accusations against those of us who are opposing their ideology as they accuse of committing abuses we do not, we can win.  If we find a way to articulate the dangers of socialism economically as well as in the realm of personal freedom, we can win.  If we target the Left’s affinity for deconstruction human nature into a plethora of mini-identities using fact, science, reason, and the Bible, we can win. 

We need to focus on the failed ideologies of those nations who have embraced those views.  Divide and conquer and then rule is their modus operandi.  The more divisions in identities, the more categories of victims they can create, and the more they can divide us, they succeed in bringing us to the brink of ‘Death by Ideology.’  Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and modern China have all embraced a dissected view of human nature and rejected the view of it as holistic.  In those nations humanity as an individual is first limited and then eliminated.  The State becomes the whole and the individual is left without rights.  We can win, but we must never stop articulating the truth and we must never stop praying!

God help us to wake up and stop this impending ‘Death by Ideology’ that is being pursued by the liberal leftists of the Democratic Party. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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