TRUST THE VOTERS? Not the Democrat Plan…

There has been more than one occasion when what the Democrats and career politicians have said or done they reveal the glaring reality that they do not trust us or want us to have the power to decide the future of this nation.  Nancy Pelosi has indicated that and even hinted that it is her view that we were so ignorant in the last election that we can no longer be trusted, therefore it is up to the Ruling Class of Professional Politicians to decide for us. 

Now, the most-high potentate on the House Judiciary Committee, Chairman Jerry Nadler has taken it a step farther.  He indicated that it was his view that impeaching Donald John Trump the duly elected president of these United States was too important a matter to be left to the voters in the next election.  Why does he feel that way?  I believe it is because he knows that the likelihood of the voters returning Trump to the White House is great and they consider that the end of days.  Well, the end of days for their stranglehold of control over America and Americans. 

The view, expressed by Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, Pelosi, Al Green, Waters, and the bulk of Democrats in Congress as well as the anti-Trump Republicans, is frighteningly revealing.  It reveals the political Gulag they desire to incarcerate ‘We the People’ in should they gain full control of Congress and the White House.  Give them both branches of Congress and the White House and they have the Supreme Court, the lower courts, and the unelected bureaucracies, intelligence community, and federal law enforcement.  At that point, the proverbial fat lady will not be preparing to sing she will be exiting the stage having finished her diva’s song of demise.

The Democrats are now wrapping themselves in the very document they have lamented as being archaic, outdated, and needing to be ignored, rewritten or reinterpreted.  They cite the Constitution as their authority while ignoring the portions of it they do not like and bypassing its demands for decorum and legitimacy.  They have, it would seem, totally forgotten or willingly ignored that the Constitution established three branches of government, not one ruling body and two lesser bodies.  Congress is not the final authority on anything and checks and balances were our founders’ safeguard to preserve our Republic. 

The Democrats in the House of Representatives appear to believe that Trump and those of us who support him are such an imposing threat to their survival they dare not wait for the courts to respond or the next election to reveal the will of the people.  Heaven forbid!  Their insurance policy in the last election failed, their fabrications of falsified documents failed, their lame charges have failed, so they do not believe they can wait.  They see the handwriting on the wall and believe that if they do not destroy the President, he and we will destroy them.  Therefore, he must go!  I warn you that if they get him, we will be next, so do not think this is not life or death, it is.

They are having a resurgence of selectively quoting the founding fathers but despise the process those men established.  They hate the electoral college and insist that the popular vote in a national election is the only right way to elect presidents.  Yet, they do not hold national elections to nominate their candidate, they go state to state.  Isn’t that a bit ironic and hypocritical?  They do not want ‘democracy’ as they insist, they want ‘mob rule’ and want to create mass confusion that allows them to do their deeds under the cover of darkness and confusion. 

We have come to the place in American politics and through the antics and actions of the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives where a president can be impeached because of personal animus against him and/or his policies.  That means that no future president is safe, and if this prevails and is allowed to continue will so distort the balance of power and the system of checks and balances, America as the Free Constitutional Republic will be a fading memory. 

They claim that America is threatened by foreign influence in our elections and that is so serious it cannot be delayed until the people can decide in the next election.  Why is it that they do not care about the fact that America has meddled in the elections of other nations?  One of the most recent was Obama’s attempt to oust Netanyahu in Israel.  They do not seem to care about the documentation that millions of illegals voted in the 2016 elections, the growing awareness of dead people being registered to vote in various states, and people voting multiple times and in different states and cities.  Isn’t that meddling in the elections?  I guess not because most of those votes went to the Democrats so that is not a threat, but if anyone votes for Trump or the Republican that is such a serious threat it cannot be left to the people.

Our founding fathers believed that elections were the people’s outlet to ‘throw the bums out’ when the need presented itself.  I guess that is not the view of the Democrats for they do not want us to decide, they want to decide for us.  How long will it be before they insist that elections are a threat to national security, therefore they must make political appointments and keep us safe?  I would hope that most Americans would be incensed at that position and band together to ‘show them the door.’

The real abuse of power has been by the Democrats in this process.  I quote Professor Jonathan Turley, a Democrat and not a Trump fan, but a legal scholar.  Professor Turley, a George Washington University law professor boldly informed Congress that impeaching Trump under the charges they have offered would constitution an abuse of their power.  He said: “I can’t emphasize this enough and I’ll say it just one more time: If you impeach a president if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts; it is an abuse of power, It’s your abuse of power.”

The view of the Democrats is they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it with no regard for the Constitution and the clear guidelines of that document.  That was expressed what some have called an Orwellian reading of the Constitution by freshman Congresswoman Madeleine Dean said that the Constitution gave the House of Representatives the ‘sole’ power to impeach.  She arrogantly declared: “It’s a civics lesson.  Don’t let the other side, who have such talented constitutional attorneys over there, distract you.  We do not need permission from the president, we do not need permission from the courts.  In fact, we have an obligation to do our job under this simple, smart document,” as she held up a copy of the Constitution.

Congresswoman, I argue that you do need permission by the courts regarding claims of executive privilege.  The very document you supposedly know so well clearly states that fact. 

America, if we want to protect and defend the constitution and keep our Republic Free and Healthy, we must band together.  Personality differences cannot be the determining factor in our response – Freedom must be!  Yes, I believe that our Freedom is at stake and our Republic is being threatened from within.  I plead for everyone to take a definitive stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and ‘throw the bums out’ in November 2020. 

God bless America and God bless you!

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