Those three elements are regrettably present in American politics today and will be into the foreseeable future.  I detest all three, but then I will be charged with being a purveyor of all three by the Left because I voted for Trump and against Hillary Clinton.  I voted for America, am pro-life, pro the 2nd Amendment, pro-Freedom of Speech, and believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  I am also a Caucasian male of European descent (Irish-Scottish), therefore I must be Racist, Homophobic, Islamophobic, as well as being an anti-Semite and filled with hate.  In the view of the Left, my vote for Trump and support of America can only mean that I am a vile, evil, white male who succeeded in life due to white privilege and established my absent fortune on the backs of the less fortunate. 

Amazingly, the Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, New York was a clear act of anti-Semitism.  The Democrats and the Media refuse to blame the hater with his crime and lay the responsibility at his feet.  No, no!  They blame it on Trump.  After all, Trump is Hitler, a Nazi, a Racist, a Homophobe, and Islamophobic deranged unhinged man, right?  They refuse to consider the facts and reality, they want Trump to be those things, therefore he is those things, in their minds.  The good guys with guns in the Texas church are trashed by the Left, but I praise them and thank God they were willing to end an even more tragic situation quickly.  It took about 6 seconds for them to stop the shooter!

The Democrats cannot run against Trump on his record and policies.  They know that, Trump knows that, and anyone with an IQ above freezing on the Fahrenheit scale with half-a-brain should know that.  Sadly, their unexpected and nightmarish loss in 2016 must be explained by some diabolical phenomenon because America’s rejection of their policies and agenda is unthinkable for them.  They have sought for over three years to find something, anything, real or fictional to charge Trump with because his policies are working and producing good for America.  They must avoid talking about his success like it were a plague, or they will get slaughtered at the voting booths.

They have insisted that Trump is an anti-Semite.  Imagine that, the President who moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s true capital, was somehow an act of anti-Semitism.  Forget the fact, that his daughter is married to a Jewish man and her children will be Jewish.  Nope, that is only a get out of jail free card to hide his anti-Semitism, according to them.  Forget the fact that Trump, not Obama, recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.  All that he has done in standing up to Iran and putting the UN on notice that their consistent bashing of Israel would not be tolerated.  That, to the Left is somehow only a cover to hide his anti-Semitism.  That is much the same as they have charged with hate, bigotry, racism, and charging him and his supporters as being white supremacists.

They insist that Impeaching Trump has placed an asterisk on his presidency that he can never shake, and it will forever taint his legacy.  Amazingly, they do not say the same about William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton.  Not a peep.  They never recognize the anti-Semitism, anti-police, and racism of Barack Obama.  They ignore reality and facts and present fiction and lies because they know they cannot run against the truth.  The Truth makes people free and freedom is not on their agenda.  At least not freedom for America and Americans, only for them to do what they please. 

Barack Obama spent 20 years in an anti-Semitic congregation and sat under a minister who was openly racist and filled with hate towards those, not of his ethnicity or ideology.  Obama surrounded himself with those who were clearly and openly anti-Semitic during his 8-years in office.  The co-chair of his campaign in 2008 was General Merrill McPeak who had a long and documented history of blaming American foreign policy on the “Jewish lobby.”  His foreign policy adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski blamed America’s pro-Israel policies on the “Jewish lobby.”  In 2010 Obama appointed Nawar Shora, a member of the anti-Israel American-Arab Anti-Defamation Committee (ADC) as a senior advisor to the Transportation and Safety Board on civil rights and civil liberties matters.  Wow!

The Obama Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice went on an anti-Semitic rant in 2011 and then was promoted to National Security Advisor.  Obama then nominated Samantha Power as the U.N. Ambassador.  Power was an open anti-Semite and anti-Israel radical who wanted to shift aid from Israel to the Palestinians and suggested invading Israel.  None of that is remembered, but somehow the Democrats view it as fashionable to call Trump an anti-Semite and declare him to be the most anti-Semitic President in our history.  Sorry, but that distinction belongs to Barack Obama.

The economy is strong, the repatriation of money into the American economy is amazing, unemployment is the lowest it has been in our recorded history among blacks and other groups.  Our borders are being secured without the help of the Democrats and too little support from the Republicans in Congress.  The policies and promises Trump made in 2016 are being fulfilled and if allowed to continue with the help of the Republicans and any suddenly awaken to reality Democrats we will see America progress much more. 

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders want to jail oil and gas, and fossil fuel industry executives for their non-crime crimes.  They believe that is palatable to their base and somehow seem to think that the rest of us will buy into the diatribe and rhetoric.  We don’t, at least I don’t and hope you don’t.  Each of the Democratic candidates want to repeal the tax cuts we have enjoyed, watch the economy roll back into a recession, burden us with universal healthcare, sharply restrict if not remove our inalienable rights of self-defense, freedom of speech, and religion.  We are faced with a choice between Freedom and Tyranny and Trump is not the purveyor of tyranny.

Chuck Todd and others on the Left have gone full bore in trashing the Bible calling its teachings myths.  They cannot understand how a Christian can vote for Trump, after all, we support the rights of the unborn in the womb, we support the traditional family, we believe that everyone should carry their own load, and hold to traditional values including the Constitution. Those things are foreign to their ideological minds.  How dare us, not bow at the shrine of liberalism and become rabid climate-change activists and worshippers of that ideological lunacy.  We believe that there are two-genders as the Bible declares.  We believe in personal property rights, as the Constitution defines.  Simply put, we believe in the idea and ideal presented and goal targeted by the Founders in our Declaration of Independence.  Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Left cannot run against Trump’s policies and record as President, so they impeach, project on him the sins they are committing. They call all of us who reject their agenda deplorable, racists, homophobic, bigots, and hate-mongers.  We are not the ones burning things in the streets and spending millions of tax-payer dollars on a fictional pursuit of ousting a legitimately elected president.   I defend Trump’s record as president.  He has not done all I want him to do, but he has attempted to do more than the previous presidents in recent memory.

God bless you and God bless America!

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