The modern Democrats in Washington have established a new precedent for the impeachment of a president and a new precedent on accepting or rejecting the outcome of elections.  As a lover of Freedom, a supporter of the True Constitution, and a defender of our Republic and republican form of government, I believe what they have done is damage the framework of our Republic irreparably. 

In the 19th century, Lord Acton offered the view that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Of course, he was focusing on absolute monarchies and dictatorships, not the American Republic, but it applies today.  The Democrats have accused the president of ‘abusing his power’ as president while ignoring their own ‘abuses’ and outrageous misinterpretations and misapplications of the provisions and articles in the American Constitution.  They view themselves as The Law and maybe even God, but they are neither.  They are a third-leg in the trilogy of government. 

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected president, he declared that we were just days away from the ‘fundamental transformation of America.’  Tragically, he was right President and although he failed in much that he attempted, he succeeded in launching or escalating the push to ‘transform’ America into something other than the Free Constitutional Republic of our founding. 

During the first two years of his presidency, the Democrats controlled Congress and held enough seats in the Senate to override a filibuster.  They were dangerously close to having ‘absolute power.’  America is still paying the price for that period and will pay for it into perpetuity.  They had control of most of the federal courts and had their cheerleaders in the media, Hollywood, and many other outlets.  The framework for destruction was in place and when Trump won the election that was a fly in the ointment for them.  They could not abide by the decision of we the people and immediately began the process of overturning the election they did not like. 

They are claiming to be the defenders of the American Constitution while rendering it meaningless.  They are turning our system of government into a weapon against political opponents and setting a precedent that has the potential to destroy this Republic.  As they enjoyed the two-terms of Obama and believed they were a lock for four or eight more years with Hillary, they dreamed of being forever in power and would transform our nation into an oligarchy of leftism and rule us with an iron fist. 

To his credit, President Trump has weathered the three-year barrage of missiles launched at him and achieved a great deal, almost single-handedly.  He had little help from the Republicans in Congress and the Never Trump advocates in the Republican Party have worked for hand in glove with the Toxic Liberal Agenda to destroy him.  Barack Obama said, “elections have consequences” and the consequences for the Democrats with Trump have so infuriated them, they are unwilling to accept our decision as to who would be president. 

When a Congressional leader or any politician stands before the American people and insists that “no one is above the law” they need to be reminded for their own sins.  Congress will not police itself, having the fox guard the hen house is not good for the chickens.  It is Constitutionally up to you and me to police Congress.  Yes, we elect them, and they are granted Constitutional power and responsibility but if they violate their oath and fail to fulfill their assignment, duty, and responsibility it is incumbent upon us to ‘show them the door.’ 

The lunacy that is coming from the Democratic hopefuls seeking to occupy the White House is beyond belief.  The illustrious Joe Biden has gleefully affirmed that he is willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of blue-collar jobs to enact the Green Energy policy that Saint Greta and the clairvoyant Ocasio-Cortez who can predict the end of the world, demand.  The Green Deal would destroy America’s economy, plunge us into the abyss of fiscal chaos by and render us powerless to compete with the rest of the world on the economic stage.  If you like your horse and buggy, you can keep them but forget your smartphone, computer, electricity, automobile, and much more.  Yes, I’m being facetious and sarcastic, but it is apropos. 

They accuse Trump of abusive tweets but then demonstrate their incredible hubris tweeting, “Merry Impeachmas from the WaPo team.”  Wow!  Unbiased media, right?  Unbiased Democrats in the hearings, right?  Now they suggest that the Senate might not be unbiased and bipartisan and but operate, as the Democrats did in a strictly partisan mode.  Pelosi initially appeared to believe that she held all the cards and could force McConnell and the Senate to bow to the whims of the Democrats.  That must never happen! 

The un-elected liberal bureaucrats in our government are the arms and legs of the politicians to carry out their destruction.  Former Obama Attorney General, Eric Holder, has blasted William Barr as a partisan and because of his alleged partisanship, Barr is disqualified to be the Attorney General.  Seriously, Mr. Holder?  You said you were “Obama’s wingman and you were there with your boy.”  Your words, not mine.  You sir, and those in the Obama administration and today’s Democratic Party in Washington have and are engaging in the most partisan impeachment and resistance I have witnessed in my multiple decades on the planet.

Mark Levin said that the Republicans must treat the next Democrat President in the same manner.  That might be a succulent morsel of revenge but would not prevent this from happening in the future.  I believe that those guilty of corruption, abuse of power, violation of the Law and the Constitution must be held accountable.  More than censorship and a slap on the wrist must become a reality.  It is unacceptable to simply pick the low-hanging fruit and prosecute a few inconsequential players in this attack on our republic. We must see some, hopefully all, the high-level participants face criminal indictment.  That, in my view, is the only possible preventative for this diabolical precedent set by the Left to become etched in stone.

However, there is one more way for us to save America.  That is through God and prayer.  We must, and I am committed to interceding for this nation and our leaders.  I will also work to oust those who reject our Constitution and our Rule of Law and violate the basic principles of freedom.  I will then vote against them in voting for someone to replace them and hopefully, they will honor the wishes of the American people, serve with integrity, and honor the Constitution.

God bless you and God bless America!

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