This may not win friends and may result in me being ‘persona non grata’ to some, but there are two streams flowing in America.  No, if I ended my statement there it would have little effect on anyone but the two streams, I see are good and evil.  There is a very real war going on in America today and it is not between Democrats and Republicans although ensconced in those two political agendas. 

Before you trash my assertion and demand that the Republicans are just as evil as the Democrats or that I have it backward let me continue.  The basic agenda of those following the toxic socialistic liberal ideology embodied in the Democratic Party of today are engaged in an anti-God, anti-family, anti-American agenda that is both dangerous and destructive.  I can call it nothing less than evil.  That is not to absolve the Republicans of complicity in evil, for there are plenty of the Establishment Republicans who are equally driven by a thirst for power, position, and their love of money.

However, the agenda being advanced by the Republican Party ‘per se’ is not driving us toward a full-blown civil war, but that of the Democratic Party is.  It began long before Donald Trump won the GOP nomination and subsequently the election, but it escalated at that point exponentially. 

The Mueller fiasco, the Comey cover-up, the involvement of FBI agents in corruption, the John Brennan, and James Clapper involvement, the kangaroo court proceedings of Adam Schiff and Jerold Nadler have been revealing.  No, they have been damaging to any sense of civility or acceptance of our Republican Form of Government.  I did not say, Republican as in GOP but republicanism as in our system of government under the constitution.  We are not a direct democracy, but a republic and the differences are glaring.  Sadly, few seem to know the difference and none in the Democratic Party’s leadership.

Donald Trump could win by the largest landslide in American history in 2020 and the Democrats would never accept his election as legitimate.  They have incited and ignited unrest calling it resistance.  They have encouraged the engagement in violence and defended groups like ANTIFA, the New Black Panthers, and others as having ‘justifiable anger.’  Seriously?  Doing harm to property and person of a person you disagree with simply because you disagree is justifiable?  Wow!  That is telling and amplifies my point.

When Obama won his first election the Democrats, the media, Hollywood, the pundits, and the activists claimed that his election was an expression of “the will of the people” and a “mandate for change.”  However, those same people decried Trump’s election insisting that this was not a ‘mandate’ or an expression of ‘the will of the people’ but an apparition by the uniformed and a mistake that could not await another election to rectify.  How’s that for pushing us toward civil war?  How is that an encouragement of civil discourse and support for our constitution and system of government? 

It seems that, in their minds, they gave the American people the opportunity to do as we were told, and we failed to comply.  That sin, in their view, demands that we be treated as hostiles in combat and targets for destruction.  They believe that it is their divine right (if they believed in the divine) to rule.  Therefore, it will be their responsibility and burden to guarantee that we get the government we deserve and forced compliance.  If they win, we can say goodbye to the constitution, the rule of law, and our republic.

The electoral college is anathema to them.  The restrictions on government found in the constitution are, in their minds, the views of antiquity and must be ignored, revised, and reinterpreted.  Our inalienable rights will become whatever rights the rulers in government deem apropos and acceptable.  That sounds eerily like the despotic tyrannical regimes of history and the present in various parts of our world.  Is that what our founders envisioned?  No, and hopefully it is not what the American people will be willing to passively accept.

The Democrats attempted to formulate an ‘insurance policy’ to keep Trump out of the White House and then once there to evict him.  Those have failed and that means they will summon even more dire measures in 2020 to insure the evil orange man is not allowed a second term.  That will include an escalation of the ‘voter fraud’ that transpired in 2016.  Their plans and scheme are expansive and far-reaching and largely overlooked by millions of Americans.

Their next move, which will be expanded should Trump win in 2020, will be to attack us on a state by state basis.  That is visible in the commonwealth of Virginia where the Leftists have taken over the state government.  They are enacting full-blown gun confiscation and trampling of the inalienable right of citizens.  They will use state governments to create the nation they desire and thereby rule in a somewhat backdoor manner even without the White House.

What is going to happen in other states is citizens ‘arming up’ in preparation to defend their liberties and inalienable rights.  That could and likely will lead to a full-blown civil war and force our law enforcement and military to choose sides and possibly splinter.  The splintering of those entities would endanger America like we have not witnessed since the late 1700’s.  The Democrats should be aware that in a very real sense every American hunter is somewhat of a sniper and many are incredibly proficient making selective and long-range shots. 

Back to the two streams in concluding.  When a political party or sectors of society opt for a path that dismisses all sense of moral absolutes, evil gains a foothold and begins to erode society dangerously.  That is happening in the Democratic Party where they not only support abortion but abortion on demand and even post-birth abortion.  We are being told by the Politically Correct Tolerant Society that we must abandon our core religious convictions and succumb to the demands of those practicing lifestyles we believe abhorrent and wrong.  That reveals the stream of evil that is flowing in today’s American Left.

I believe in tolerance as far as it is possible.  If the demand for tolerances demands that we abandon our faith, it is intolerable.  If the demand for acceptance demands that we embrace and endorse lifestyles, gender nullification, and behavior that destroys the home and family it is unacceptable. 

I predict that we will find ourselves in the societal condition where assignations or attempted assignations of public figures will become the norm rather than a rarity.  The only option left for the government will be the imposition of martial law, curfews, stripping us of our liberties, and the jackbooted Gestapo tyranny will begin in America. 

I believe there are those, I count myself in that number, who want to see a Revival in America.  We want to see civility regain prominence.  We want to see everyone afforded the freedom to enjoy life, liberty, and pursue happiness without the imposition of governmental edicts that seek to define acceptable beliefs, thoughts, words, and behavior.  In short, we want to return to the view of our Founders that “all men are created equal.”  We want to see America regain her moral moorings and allow debate without violence and accept the outcome of elections and work to do what is best, good, and right for and in America.

Rage is rampant and those following the toxicity of liberalism may get an unwelcome lesson in rage if this blows up as the trend suggests!  What do you want, America?  Which stream do you flow in and want to prevail?  The 2020 elections will help define the future of America. 

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Al Viggiani says:

    Spot on Brother. The Constitution, is truly the Solution.

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