There is Abuse of Power in Washington, D.C. in today’s America.  That fact is unimpeachable and incontrovertible.  However, the true abuse of power has not been in the Trump White House but in the House of Representatives in Congress.  The actions in this charade that traveled speedily along the impeachment track revealed a dangerous condition that can and will destroy our Republic if not stopped.

I know that some who are Democrats, Left-Leaning and Liberal along with those who detest Trump to the point they want anything and everything bad to happen to him will disagree with my assessment.  The condition of which I speak is the Elitism that is the backbone of the Political Ruling Class Politicians.  Those who seek ultimate power and control have evolved or morphed into an ideology of Entitlement.  They truly believe that they are Entitled to Rule us.  In fact, they believe that they are the rightful heirs of control and government.  They believe that we, whom they deem the unwashed and uneducated masses, are incapable of knowing what is best for us or the nation.

I disagree with their view!  I feel relatively certain that most Americans disagree with their assessment.  The Democratic Party Establishment is on a pathway that will either lead to the total disruption of our Republic or full-blown blood-letting fighting among our citizens.  That is how divided this nation has become. 

If the Democrats truly believed in the republican form of government as established by our Founding Fathers, we would not be enduring the incessant attempt to overturn the 2016 election.  If they truly believed in our Republic rather than envisioning it, as do far too many, as a Democracy they would have reacted differently to their loss in 2016.  Those who embrace representative democracy as our Republic embodies and demands in governance would have accepted the loss and sought to discover the reason.  They lost the confidence and support of millions but care not why.

Their reaction would have been or should have been to evaluate what caused the loss and seek to regain the confidence and support of the voters through introspection and internal change.  Rather they became angry that we would have the audacity to reject them and their ‘divine right to rule.’  They have voiced their view of us as being members of the ‘deplorable’ segment of society.  They have deemed us to be unprincipled, uneducated, uninformed, and irredeemable.  Therefore, we must be silenced and our mortal sin of rejecting them must be corrected. 

Anyone believing in and ascribing to our system of government would see the voting booth as the place to correct what is deemed to be an error.  That has not been the pathway of the Democrats.  They truly believe that they could not have lost except for some nefarious meddling from a foreign source.  Imagine that, they believe that Trump was incapable of defeating the terribly weak and flawed offering they presented, Hillary Clinton.  Rather than asking, “Why did the voters reject us?” They asked, “How do we get rid of Trump and destroy him and those who supported him?” 

Their view has led to the abuse of power on every turn and the enactment of Gestapo style tactics with all the earmarks of despotism and tyranny.  I am firmly convinced that the Democrats have become so entrenched in the belief that they are government and lords of the earth they will do anything to regain power.  Rush Limbaugh said, “It may not be in my lifetime, but there will come a time when the Democrats will insist that elections are detrimental to America.”  That is not an exact quote but reflects his view of their view.  I tend to agree that that is their view that anyone who opposes them must be punished.

Their reaction to defeat and resistance is anger.  Prime examples of that have been the antics of Schiff, Nadler, Green, Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, Booker, and a myriad of other prominent Democrats.  They are infuriated, as are those in the media when anyone dares to question their authority or position. 

As they did with George W. Bush, they paint Donald Trump an ignoramus and a buffoon.  He is boisterous, outspoken, fights back and has a very large ego, but which of them does not have monstrous egos?  They accuse him of being a terminal narcissist, but he deflates that every time he shows compassion to a wounded warrior or the family of a fallen military hero.  Nancy Pelosi chided him for not caring correctly for “our dreamers.”  She and the Democrats readily place the illegals and the dreamers ahead of our veterans, our own homeless, and our elderly. 

President Trump is hated, although Queen Nancy insists that she hates nobody.  She inserts a reference to her Catholicism when attacking Trump but fails to mention it when she speaks in favor of abortion and even abortion on demand.  Interesting, Nancy. I call their animus what it is, HATE! I can find no words appropriate to sufficiently identify what they are doing and saying otherwise.  When they can wish for his death, want his family sodomized, raped, kidnapped, and murdered, if that is not hatred, I would shudder to think what hate is to them.  May we never see hate, if what they are doing is not hate.

The Democrats claim that this is about protecting the Constitution and saving our Democracy.  First, they do not understand what system of government we have and second, they trash, sidestep, and ignore the very document they are claiming to defend and protect.  They quickly forget the ‘hot mic’ incidents of Barack Obama, especially with Russia.  They forget the open admission of Joe Biden regarding Ukraine and the firing of the prosecutor investigating his son.  They forget the abuses of Hillary Clinton and the abuse of power by James Comey in absolving her of all guilt.  They forget the abuse of power by Nadler and Schiff in the House. 

The Constitution, in their view, was defined by Barack Obama when he insisted it was a problem and filled with ‘negative liberties.’ He meant that it restricted them from doing what they wanted and protected us from them.  The Constitution was designed to protect American citizens not empower the government to rule over us in a tyrannical manner. 

Having a different opinion and a disagreement with a policy is not an impeachable offense unless you disagree with the Democrats.  How dare any Republican not to cower in the shadows and succumb to their demands.  How dare the voting public reject their despotism and desire to keep our liberties, freedoms, and inalienable rights.  How dare we!  Someone said, regarding the ramblings and inconsistencies of Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff, “I feel like I’ve been lectured to about nuclear physics by a junior high school cheerleader.”  It is that ludicrous.

America, they want total control and are willing to destroy the republic and plunge us into the abyss of tyrannical darkness to solidify their position and power.  If we do not prevent that from happening by resisting them once more in 2020, we will witness elections become meaningless and tyranny a reality.  If you are willing to allow that, then either do not vote or vote Democrat.  I love Freedom and America too much to do that. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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