Speaking of love for the Constitution and the Democrats in Congress is difficult to do without erupting in uncontrollable laughter.  Some days or weeks back the Queen, Nancy Pelosi went into her diatribe about how the Democrats were obligated to impeach President Trump because of the Constitution.  I will attempt to avoid her misapplications of that document and her incorrect and inconsistent references to our founding fathers and our revolutionary war.  I may fail but what is the new found love for the Constitution that the Democrats are insisting they have?  No, they did not say it was a newly found love, but those of us who have been observing for a few years know that if they have any love for that document it is newly found.

In Pelosi’s first ninety words in her rant, she cited the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, our founders and quoted both the Declaration of Independence and Article II of the Constitution frequently.  She suggested that we “begin where our founders began in 1776. When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve political bonds which have connected them to another.”  What?  Is she calling for armed insurrection against our government and this president?  What political bonds is she calling to be dissolved?  If she means that the Democrats must disassociate with the Republicans, didn’t they do that long ago? 

She and those on the impeachment quest love to cite separation of powers, checks, and balances.  They quote and frequently misquote or take completely out of context the words of our founding fathers claiming that Trump is abusing his power.  How they can overlook their own abuse of power is a little quizzical but overlook they do. 

I was stunned that Pelosi would make any reference to God, but she mentioned that our founders had a firm reliance on divine providence.  Wow!  That from a leader in the political party that finds it anathema for the ‘Ten Commandments’ to be displayed in a public building or on public property.  They call the displaying of any religious quotes, references, or citations as a threat to our freedom and as they usually insert ‘our democracy.’  They still do not understand the difference between direct democracy and a republic, but that is another subject.

I cannot imagine the Democrats embracing the document they are so frequently willing to side-step, ignore, reinterpret, and want it abandoned and want revised to their liking.  If the words of our founding fathers are so relevant for them, then why are they so opposed to a ‘strict interpretation’ of the Constitution and allowing it to speak for itself without their interpretive inferences.  Even the Supreme Court seems to fail to understand the meaning of ‘separation of powers’ as they legislate from the bench as do the lower courts.  Our founding fathers would be up in arms, so to speak, over those violations.

We have documented and recorded incidences when the Democrats, now claiming to be following the constitution, and embracing it tightly offered a diametrically different view than they now express.  They have called it a document of ‘negative liberties’ and even attacked those who wish to adhere to it and any strict interpretation.  They have called it deeply flawed, outdated, antiquated, written by an oppressor class of dead white males.  They have insisted that it cannot be adhered to because it was a ratification of slavery and the oppression of women.  They frequently identify it as obsolete and insist that no reasonable person could take it at face value and interpret it as it was written.  But, when it is convenient, they LOVE IT!

They have argued that the founding fathers burdened and imprisoned us with the utterly ‘undemocratic’ Electoral College and a Senate with an equal number of members from all states.  How dare the founders for not realizing that the enlightened states such as California and New York were deserving of a greater representation than states such as Tennessee, Iowa, Utah, or Kentucky.  They insist that the Constitution is bad because it lacks the needed ‘positive rights’ such as universal healthcare, welfare, and the plethora of entitlements they desire.  How can anyone follow a document that fails to address the rights (their words) of those seeking an abortion, same-sex marriages, etc?

They ignore the warnings of the only law professor the Republicans were allowed to call, a man who is not himself a Republican and not a Trump fan. Professor Jonathan Turley said: “I can’t emphasize this enough, and I’ll say it just one more time. If you impeach a president, if you make a “high crime and misdemeanor” out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power. You’re doing precisely what you’re criticizing the president for doing. We have a third branch that deals with conflicts of the other two branches. And what comes out of there and what you do with it is the very definition of legitimacy.”

How frequently do you hear them in this new found love for the Constitution mention in a favorable manner, the Second Amendment?  Let me give you a hint – NEVER!  Their inane attempt to tie their push for the impeachment of President Trump to our founding is a visual of the Trump-era HATE that is pervasive in the Democratic Party.  They toss out words such as “democratic norms,” “abuse of power,” and “above the law,” as justification for their coup.  That is transpiring as they continue to disregard the actual Constitution. 

We have not seen this level of unwillingness to accept a presidential election since the election of Abraham Lincoln.  That election triggered the civil war.  They are concretely unwilling to recognize the supremacy of federal immigration laws in sanctuary cities and states.  They slap the American people, the Constitution, and our laws in the face and strangely invoke “states rights.”  They do that while demanding that when they control the federal government it is to have supreme power and seek to force states to adopt their view of abortion laws, etc.

They applaud federal judges who erode the power of the president and thereby ignoring the Constitution’s doctrine of separation of powers.  They claim they have the right to impeach Trump because they have determined his motives to be impure.  Seriously, you (Democrats) want to talk about the purity of motives?  Again, I am trying to double up in roaring laughter.  If this were not so serious it would be hilarious!

America, if we allow them to escape notice and fail to hold them accountable for their usurpation of the Constitution, violations of the rule of law, and abandoning the very principles that this republic was found upon, we become complicit in our own destruction.  I cannot and will not do that willingly or passively.

God bless you and God bless America!

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