I am old enough to remember the rock-n-roll song by the Coasters released in 1959, “Yakety Yak.”  Included in its lyrics are the words, “Take out the paper and the trash or you don’t get no spendin’ cash.”  That should be our message to all the nations of the world regarding American foreign aid.  We should immediately tell them, “Clean up your own house, or the flow of American Dollars will cease.”  That would result in far more action than coddling them as did Bush, Clinton, and Obama. 

I could refer to the song released in 1993 by Country Artist, Toby Keith, “A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action.”  No, we should not be trying to get in bed with the terrorists but our response to their nefarious and diabolical acts should be little talk but a demonstration of our willingness to protect our own and ACT!  Thank God, we have a president willing to do just that.  There are times when a firm response is required and failure to do so results in more deaths and more destruction.  That was the result of Bill Clinton’s unwillingness to take out Osama bin Laden when he could have. 

The history of Islamic terrorists and activists doing harm and harming Americans is long.  I am old enough to remember the assignation of Democratic Senator and Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles, California in June of 1968.  I had been home from Vietnam for about 6 months when that transpired.  There was no place for the Islamic world to claim injustice as Mychal Massie said, their ‘lie du jour.’  That would not have played well in 1968 and should not play well today, but sadly, it does.  He declared that he murdered Kennedy because Kennedy supported Israel.

The religion of Islam is not a peaceful religion.  I will not argue that all who claim to be a Muslim are violent and terrorist, that would be ludicrous.  However, their ‘holy book’ is not a book of peace for anyone not ascribing to their religious, ideological, or political view.  The mandate is to behead, kill, maim, murder, subjugate, or enslave anyone not converting or submitting to their demands.  If that is peaceful, I guess I do not know what being peaceful means. 

The Democrats of today, almost uniformly rally behind those who hate us and hate Israel and insist that they are both peaceful and righteous.  It is beyond my ability to rationally comprehend how anyone claiming to be an American and a lover of Freedom could take that position, but alas there are millions on the Left who do.  Winston Churchill saw it correctly when he said, “An appeaser is one that feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.”  There can be no non-aggression pact to be made with the devil, his and their intent is to suppress and destroy all not of their religion and ideology. 

There is a growing threat of terrorism and evil around the globe and if we are unwilling to take definitive action or blind to what is really happening, we will become victims.  The media, the Democrats, and sadly some in the Republican Party are either willingly blind, terribly deceived, or living in a world of uninformed ignorance regarding these bad actors around the globe.  Praising the terrorist general from Iran that we took out in Iraq is just another of the long list of defenses of evil.  CNN knowingly hid the nefarious plans of Saddam Hussein and his sons and hid information from their fellow journalists as well as our government. 

The coddling by former presidents has enhanced the dangerous condition and situation in the Middle East and in other geographic locals.  Jimmy Carter’s complete ineptness and his determination to force Israel into a two-state agreement resulted in the betrayal of friendliness and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini.  How did that work out for America?  It took Ronald Reagan to significantly clean up Carter’s mess.  In a sense, Reagan took action to take out Carter’s trash.  Now, Trump is doing that regarding, Clinton, Bush, and Obama’s trash.  However, we need to go to the next level and demand that the countries receiving our aid take definitive action to “Clean Up their own Houses.”

Those who chant that Trump is an immoral man seem to be blind or willingly ignore Bill Clinton’s alley cat morals and his abuse of women.  Under his watch, we endured the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.  The loss of 5 military personnel in Saudi Arabia in 1995.  The loss of 23 American lives and 300 injured in the 1996 bombing of the King Aziz Air Force Base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  How about the Khobar Towers n 1996, the U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998 and the USS Cole where we lost 17 and 39 were injured?  The champion of the Democrats, William Jefferson Clinton promised to hunt down and punish those responsible but sat on his hands and chased women. 

The attack in New York in 2001 should be laid at the feet of former President Clinton because he failed to take out bin Laden.  He had been handed bin Laden’s head on a platter by the Sudanese President’s offer to arrest and detain Osama and hand him over to us.  Thanks a lot, Mr. Clinton. 

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allowed the murder and mutilation of Ambassador Chris Stephens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty in Benghazi.  Susan Rice went on TV to perpetuate the lies to ensure the debacle and cowardly treachery did not hurt Obama’s reelection efforts.  Clinton then testified before Congress infuriatingly declaring, “What difference does it now make?”  That was in reference to the loss of lives in Benghazi.  Mrs. Clinton, it makes all the difference in the world to this American, Veteran, and lover of Freedom!

We have documented evidence that Barack Obama launched 2,800 missile/airstrikes on the Syrians and Iraqis.  If you do the calculations, you will discover the factuality of the report by the Bureau for Investigative Journalism of 2017.  They reported that under Obama there were ten times more airstrikes in the covert war on terror during Obama’s regime than under George W. Bush.  Those strikes by Obama were WITHOUT Congressional approval.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Democrats. 

Let me remind you of this shocking statement and confession (although not intended to be a confession of any wrong-doing) by Steven Simon, then director of counter-terrorism on Clinton’s National Security Council, told the Washington Post: “I [we] really only cared about one thing, that was getting [OBL] out of Sudan, not the accepting of responsibility for taking him into custody.” Former Clinton adviser, Dick Morris said, “[Clinton] didn’t do a single thing of the stuff that I recommended on terror.” (Hannity & Colmes, Dec. 20, 2001) Had Morris’ suggestions been heeded, Mohamed Atta would have been deported before 9-11; as Morris put it, “In each of these areas he [Clinton] fell asleep at the switch.”

It is time to take out the Trash! Although I do not want us involved in global internal wars, I want America kept safe and Freedom defended.  I believe that if we used the economic weapon or tool we have at our disposal and adopted a ‘Zero Based Budget’ especially regarding foreign aid we could solve this issue or move the needle positively quickly.  Tell every nation we support, “Take out your own trash or you don’t get no spendin’ cash.”  We need to demand, “A lot less talk and a lot more action on their part of cleaning their houses.”

These are a few more reasons that I will be voting no on the Democrats and yes for Trump in November. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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