I talked to a group of people recently where there was a very large contingent of African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanics in the group.  We were discussing the economy and how much it has improved over the past three years.  We discussed several political, social, and religious things and I decided to ask some pointed political questions.  I asked, “How many voted for Donald Trump in 2016?”  I was not surprised to see that very few of those not typically Republican voted for him. 

After I allowed the discussion to continue and saw the excitement about the financial future and the hope of their children enjoying a better life, I asked another question.  I asked, “How many of you will vote for Donald Trump in 2020?”  I was pleasantly surprised to see that over 50% of those not typically Republican raised their hands.  That small sampling revealed support for President Trump far different than the media reports and the Democrats and some Republicans insist is the true reality.

Before I could press the issue one African-American man said, “For me, the proof is in the pudding and I tell all my friends that we need to tell all the politicians to Put Up or Shut Up!”   He then said, “Trump has walked the walk and Put Up bettering our lives, therefore, he has earned my vote.”  He made some remarks about his hopes under Obama and how those had been dashed time and again.  He then spoke of how that the failures of Obama were typical of the Democrats over his lifetime and although he still did not call himself a Republican, he would vote for Trump in 2020.  That was encouraging.

The Republican Party has been branded as racist unfairly and the history of the Democratic Party has been one of blatant racism.  There are several reasons that blacks and other ethnic groups have gravitated to them and most of it had to do with the covert enslavement via the entitlement pathway.  The Civil Rights of 1965 was largely a Republican-led issue, but Johnson and the Democrats got credit for it.  The spin machine of the Democrats since that time has been to tout the virtues of multiculturalism and identity politics especially black identity in politics. 

Whenever the Republicans fail to be vocal in condemning prejudice and racism against blacks, the Democrats have jumped on their stump and began to proclaim their total dedication to ending white supremacy.  The Democrats brand the Republicans as the enemy of blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, and other segments of society and with the complicity of the media succeed in making that brand stick.  One of the reasons is that the Republicans have failed repeatedly to offer candidates who have the ability and willingness to articulate facts and truth.  They have failed to find those candidates who can both present facts and touch the emotions.  The emotional delusion engaged in by the Left is a prime reason they have kept the ethnic vote in their column.

Some of the polls indicate that Trump’s support among blacks has climbed to 34-35%.  That is nothing short of astounding and should cause everyone to ask, why or how did this transpire.  What is the cause of this shift?  Another question would be, will that favorability translate into votes in 2020?  That remains to be seen, but if the man in my group accurately reflects an attitude shift, it may result in a double-digit vote and that would be incredibly significant in swing states.  It would translate into the reelection of Donald J. Trump in 2020.  I pray that is the case because the Democratic Slate of Candidates would be a complete disaster for the Republic and every individual.

The last time a Republican presidential candidate received double-digit black vote was in the Nixon-Ford years.  Nixon’s garnering 16% of the black vote was largely due to the rejection of George Wallace and the Democrats calling for the massive expansion of welfare.  This 34-35% approval would be enough to give Trump a second term and would indicate that many blacks and other ethnic groups believe in providing for their own not simply living off the government dole.  The modern view of people embodied in the ‘free everything’ approach of the Democrats is telling and dangerous.

Trump has addressed what few politicians dared address in criminal justice reforms.  His actions have enabled him to build somewhat of a bipartisan coalition.  Trump has made it one of his top priorities and his efforts even drew praise from the super-anti-Trump Van Jones of the Obama administration.  Putting up or shutting up works!  Trump has gained the support of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian much like Nixon did with Sammy Davis, Jr. who campaigned tirelessly for Nixon.

None of the efforts of Trump with criminal justice reform or recognition of blacks in other areas would mean anything were it not for the economy.  Most everyone in America. regardless of their ethnicity. has benefited from the booming economy produced by the Trump policies.  The liberal Brookings Institute is that the five major metropolitan centers with the largest black populations have seen black median household income increase substantially.  The ranges in the cities of New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Washington, DC is from 7% in DC to 21% in Atlanta.  That is Put Up or Shut Up and provides the proof in the pudding that is undeniable. 

The economic benefit for blacks has enabled Trump to gain their ear.  Sadly, too many Republicans are failing to capitalize on this and deemed insincere because of their inability or unwillingness to articulate both truth and touch the emotions.  Some Republican politicians seem to have the personality of a wall and like too many lifetime, Democrats in Washington, believe they should be elected because they are somehow entitled to rule us.  That dog won’t hunt in today’s America.  Well, I hope it is losing its appeal.

In Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco, there has been an unprecedented number of African-Americans securing new jobs and black employment levels have risen by a whopping 13% in that disastrous city.  That is higher than the improvement in any other minority group.  The voting records of black men and black women are dramatically different.  Trump garnered the support of 11% of black males and only 4% of black females in 2016. 

The black population did not turn out in 2016 like they did for Barack Obama and the Democrats are expending massive amounts of money and effort to reverse that in 2020.  Therefore, Trump and the GOP cannot sit on their duffs, they must articulate the facts, touch the emotions, and demonstrate that they are both willing and capable of Putting Up and forcing the Democrats to either get on board or Shut Up! 

I am praying for the economy to continue to grow and remain strong.  I am praying for more revelations of the corruption and lunacy of the Left to be exposed.  I am praying for a return to our moral moorings and a reigniting of sanity in America.  I am praying we will continue this positive effort to Drain the Swamp.

God bless you and God bless America!


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    For your information. We visit south of the border twice a year and the people who I speak want to come to America and “make some money” and then return to their home country. They love their home country. So how could these people who are immigrants help America and achieve that dream is to vote for Republicans who make the country into a capitalistic country – not the Democrats who are trying to make the U.S. a socialist country like Mexico. Wake up immigrants – who become Americans. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to get what you left – socialism.



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