THE CURRENT LEFTIST VIEW – “We Don’t Need No Separation Powers.”

Our Founders and the Framers of our American Constitution carefully constructed a system of government where there would be three distinct and separate branches of government.  Those three, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches were supposed to serve as ‘checks and balances’ and none of them were to be lords of the other two.  That appears to be an antiquated philosophy today.

It appears that the House of Representatives no longer views themselves as a part of one leg of the three-legged stool of government, but the seat.  Well, it might be more accurate to say that the Democrats, when they have power, do not believe in ‘separation of powers.’  Rather, it appears that they believe they are the head and the other branches are legs of the stool designed to do their bidding and succumb to their wishes and demands.  You may disagree, but that is what I see.

When the Republicans are in control of Congress the Democrats want ‘separation of powers’, especially if they control the Executive Branch.  In today’s Congress or in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, they seem to believe that there is no such thing as Executive Privilege or Executive Power.  They believe they and they alone decide what the president can or cannot do.  If he does not toe their line, he is deemed to have ‘obstructed Congress’ and therefore must be removed.  How dare any president or any person not bow to their demands and align themselves with their agenda?  That is, to them, an unpardonable sin. 

Trump’s first sin was defeating Hillary Clinton.  His subsequent sins have been to take steps to drain the swamp, dismantle and expose the deep state, and repeal the suffocating restrictions and edicts of Obama and the Democrats.  Those are also unpardonable. 

There has never been a President that did not, in some measure, overstep his Executive Authority in the pursuit of his agenda.  Likewise, there has never been a Congress that did not also overstep theirs.  That is the nature of the game in politics and that is where the third leg of the triad of government comes into play.  Today’s Democrats, in control of the House of Representatives, do not trust the courts to rule in their favor and fear they might follow the law and the constitution, therefore they pursue a never-ending hunt for their ‘Red October’ or cause to Impeach and attempt to remove the president.

The purpose of serving in Congress is supposed to be in order to ‘serve the people’ and do the business of governing.  Even before the 2016 election, the Democrats were looking for ways to ‘Stop Trump’ and once he was elected to ‘Oust Trump.’  They did not like the outcome of the election and the decision of ‘We the People’ so they shifted their focus from governance and doing the people’s business to destroying Trump.  That is an affront to our system of government and to every American citizen.  Sadly, millions like what they have been doing and are in lockstep with them in the endless quest to destroy this president.

Who wins in this dangerous endeavor?  Nobody! Who loses?  Everybody!  The Left loses and the Right loses even if it appears one side wins because the business of America has been left dangling in the wind for over three years and that is an insult to our Constitution, our Founders, and our Republic.  We must not leave this unaddressed or unpunished.  There must be accountability for this failure to ‘do their jobs’ and we must replace as many of the perpetrators as possible in November.

I do not mind someone, not liking the outcome of an election.  I did not like the outcome of the previous two and considered them bad for America.  I did not want the Republicans to engage in a never-ending witch hunt to find something on the former president.  They found plenty without looking and were unwilling to address those violations of his scope and power as the head of the Executive Branch of our government.  I blame them as much as him for their failure to hold him accountable. 

The Democrats have taken a completely different approach and the members of the House of Representatives seem to have lost sight of their purpose.  They are Representatives of the People, well they are supposed to be.  They are our representatives and are supposed to do our bidding for the betterment of America.  They are supposed to attend to the business of governing and keeping us safe.  They are not America’s Law Enforcement Arm, they are to deal with the needs of the nation in infrastructure, national security, and the things defined in the constitution.  This group has abandoned that view and have focused their total energy and our money on ‘Getting and Destroying Donald J. Trump.’

The House of Representatives is supposed to be the people’s voice in government. The Senate was initially designed to be the voice of the individual states in government.  Sadly, that changed with the 17th Amendment and the Senate became a secondary voice of the state as they were henceforth elected by popular vote. 

The Executive Branch is supposed to be the administrator of the government and commissioned with enforcing the laws passed by Congress.  The president oversees about 5 million workers in various branches of the government.  The House of Representatives is comprised of 435 Representatives, proportionally selected by the population of the various states.  The Senate is 100 members, two from each state.  Then we have the Judicial who are supposed to be unbiased and impartial focusing on and following the Constitution and the Law explicitly. 

I, as an American citizen, a patriot, and Vietnam Veteran, am insulted by what is happening in our government.  No, I am incensed over the abject abandonment of their purpose and assigned responsibilities.  I am sick of the superfluous diatribe and inane rhetoric that is being spewed forth today, insisting that even though our economy is doing great, it cannot be embraced because a bad man engineered it.  I am disgusted with the insistence that Trump is too dangerous to wait for another election to decide his fate and that of the nation.  We have endured over three-years of allegations, investigations, fabrications, and illegalities in the name of finding his impeachable violations.  There have been none that would stand up in a court of law.

The insistence that the Senate is not being impartial and bipartisan implying that it is other than what the House did is beyond laughable it is lamentable and diabolical.  The projectionism being employed by the Left should be an insult to every American because it suggests we are all too dumb to know the truth and too dumb to think for ourselves, therefore they must do it for us.

I am praying for God to pull the lid off all the corruption in our government and expose every rat for what he or she is.  I am praying for an awakening in the American people and that we will demand a return to the original intent of our Founders and have three clearly defined and separate branches of government.  I am praying for a return to moral sanity in America.  I am praying for America, not just that God will protect the president but that He will pour out His Spirit and Love on this nation and we return to the condition where we are “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  I pray that we return to recognizing that we have certain inalienable rights given by our Creator not government.  I pray for America to be the America of our Founding again!

God bless you and God bless America!

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