THE QUESTION – “How Can You, as A Christian, Vote for Trump?”

Before I pose a second question, let me say that I can, “With a Smile on my Face and Peace in My Heart!”  But let me ask a second question – “How Can You, as a Christian or lover of Freedom vote for anyone especially a Democrat and their agenda?”  I’m serious.  If we use the purity test that is being bandied about as the litmus test for presidents how did, we elect any of our previous dozen or so presidents?  Which of them passed the moral purity or character test being insisted upon by those on the Left, some on the Right, and those who detest Trump so much they’d vote for Lucifer himself were he on the ticket?  None of them could have passed the puritanical requirements being imposed on Donald Trump.

No, I do not view Trump as a highly moral man and I clearly see some character flaws in his makeup.  But then I saw moral flaws in Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, both Bushes, Ronald Reagan, and even the peanut farmer from Georgia.  All of them are human and all of them had or have character flaws and kinks in their armor.  I would have difficulty voting for myself under the requirements being advanced as mandatory today.  I have flaws.  You have flaws.  Those with the stones in their hands and those throwing them have flaws.  WHO DOESN’T?

I’ve been told that no believer should ever be willing to vote for the “lesser of two evils” but should stand on principles.  I like that as far as we can take it in politics.  I have often thought of the advice of William F. Buckley when he said, “We must vote for the most conservative candidate that can win.”  If I refuse to vote for that person because of personality or because of a perceived or verified moral failure, who do I vote for?  Which candidate on the Left does not have moral and character failings?  Which of them does not embrace ideological views and advance agendas that are anathema to both my faith and my desire to save America from tyranny, an elitist oligarchy or becoming a Socialist nation?  THEY ALL HAVE FLAWS!

The Left and those so deeply invested in their hatred for President Trump suggest that the Christians, especially evangelicals, simply refuse to vote.  Of course, they would love that approach because that would leave the pathway to control totally open.  It would mean no candidate other than a Leftist would ever win a national election.  Their response would be to elect someone with incredibly bad character.  Is that what we should do?  I cannot and will not take that pathway.  It would be sure and certain destruction.

Before you blast me for voting for Trump, I suggest that you ask yourself how you can justify voting for someone like Chris Cuomo who signed a bill allowing prenatal infanticide ‘up to birth’?  I refer you to Jeremiah 1:5 for my answer, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”  What do you do with that reality?  God considers that baby in the womb a living human being, how can we do less? 

The Liberal Left has used the liberal jurists in our courts to impose on us transgenderism and transgender bathrooms.  How is that moral and saintly?  How is it safe for our children?  How can that be acceptable but Trump’s tweets and moral failings not?  The Bible declares in Genesis 5:2 that God created us “male and female.”  Two genders not 97 or 600 or whatever the number is.  I cringed when Nancy Pelosi insisted that she prays for the president all the time.  I cringed because of her expressed hate from him and the fact that she did not specify what she prays.

I have and will support the president because in the face of incredible opposition and resistance he has achieved some great things for America.  I am not happy that he signed a $1.4 Trillion spending bill.  I am not thrilled that he has not demonstrated a greater boldness and strength in opposing the sexual devolution in America.  But, overall, he has fought for that which I believe whereas the alternatives on the Left oppose and threaten everything I believe in.  Therefore, to answer the question “How can I, as a Christian, vote for Trump?”  I say, “With a clear conscience and a deep love for America!  I see the alternative and know it means certain destruction.”

If we determine that we must hold all presidents to the behavioral standards of the Levitical priesthood we would have no president survive even one term in office.  Every one of them would be impeached, tried and convicted resulting in their being ousted from office. 

I find it somewhat ironic that the Democrats now love Thomas Jefferson but just a short time ago they removed his statues and stripped his name from the halls of the University of Virginia.  Convenience determines what and who they support.  They hated the Constitution as too restrictive, outdated, and archaic before their push to impeach Trump and now claim to be defenders of this precious document.  I can call that what it is, hypocrisy.

The assault on the president and all of us who voted for him is incredibly transparent.  The Democrats have pursued a threadbare case that began before his inauguration.  The Ukraine phone call offers no support for their case and their charges are refuted by the Ukrainian president and the transcript.  The hearsay witnesses who all spoke out of opinion and personal animus toward the president is insufficient to build a case but built it they have on fiction. 

Those who insist that as a Christian I surely should support a man like the president seem to be ignorant of some important revelations from the Bible.  God, as revealed in the Bible, used some morally deficient people to advance His cause and bless His people.  He used the Zoroaster-worshipping Persian King Cyrus.  Cyrus helped Nehemiah and Ezra rebuild Jerusalem. 

How about the man God said was a man after his own heart, David?  David was an incredibly wonderful king for Israel although he demonstrated moral failings that are incredible.  He had the husband of Bathsheba killed in battle to hide his adulterous liaison.  The prostitute Rahab assisted the Israelites to capture Jericho and she was the mother of Boaz from which came Jesus Himself.

I heard someone respond to the criticism of Christians voting for Trump in a powerful manner.  He said, “Can I support president Trump unabashedly and maintain my faith, absolutely!  I know that the battle for civilization is fought both on the political and cultural levels and what we want politically must first be palatable culturally. Therefore, to improve civilization, the culture more than the Commander-in-Chief must be changed.” 

Trump is not my pastor, I would never vote for him to be.  He is not my spiritual guide, God is through His Word and the Holy Spirit.  I love America and want to keep this nation the Free Constitutional Republic established by our Founders and to do that I must “vote for the most conservative candidate that can win.”  That is my objective and intent.  Not one candidate on the Left offers any semblance of conservativism and virtually all of them have signed on to the Democratic position of ‘banning God’ from all things public. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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