America, we are at war politically in our nation.  It goes beyond a political coup to oust a president the opposition party does not like.  It goes beyond party labels.  It goes beyond liberal vs conservative, or right vs left.  It is a way between those who support the Constitution as it was written with its original intent, provisions, guidelines, and protections and those who want to strip it of its power and authority.  Although this may infuriate some, it is a war between Freedom and Tyranny and Good vs Evil.  You may disagree and I defend your right to do so, but that’s how I see it.

The constant usage of the labels ‘left vs right’, ‘conservative vs liberal’, or any of the other terms commonly used in today’s’ political debate is often confusing.  Frequently, it requires observation of the source of those terms or distinctions and to whom they are being applied to glean the meaning.  Many in the public are not invested deeply enough to quickly ascertain the purpose of the usage of those terms.  That is part of the problem and part of the plan to divide and conquer and fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic into a nation diametrically opposite of what our Founders sought to ensure.

Some time back, I saw a reference in the Washington Post that applied the term ‘conservative’ to Barack Obama.  I laughed and then realized the probability of a deeply nefarious and destructive intent in doing so.  The former president is anything but a conservative even in the most liberal usage of that term.  He is a staunch big government advocate and squarely embedded in the liberal side of the political equation.  He is who he is and conservative he is not, has never been, nor will he ever be. 

There is a YouTube video in which Obama is heard saying, “I’m president and I can do whatever I want.”  Of course, it needs to be put in proper context, but he said it and since Trump is taken out of context and misquoted saying, “I am president, I can do whatever I want” can we not put that on the table and ask the Democrats to defend it? 

From the time of the French Revolution, which began in 1787 and divided that nation for a decade or more, the political Left has always been those who advocate more government power and seek total control.  Those who want less government and more power in the hands of the people who want less government are identified as the political Right.  It is liberal vs conservative, but it goes far beyond that and if we only see this as a fight between Democrats and Republicans, we miss the big picture and the war is lost.

There are those like the “Squad” of new Democratic Socialists, members of the old Democratic Party like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who advocate government providing for every need, want, and wish in life.  They believe that rights come from the government, not God.  They do not recognize any rights as being inalienable but bestowed as charitable offerings by the government.  They do not believe that we the people have the intelligence or right to govern ourselves, and theirs is a divine right (even though they do not believe in the divine) to rule us.  That ideology, agenda, and philosophy are becoming more pervasive among the adherents to the ideological view of the left.  It is destructive, dangerous, damaging, and will destroy our Constitutional Republic.

There are those on the Right, including the current president who believe that the American people are the rightful owners of the government.  They believe that the Constitution as originally written and in its original intent is to be the guide for our government.  The view held by those following the ideological view of less government is that the Constitution is a preventative tool designed to keep the government restrained and protect the people from those who would transform us into a tyrannical oligarchy or monarchy. 

It is a war between freedom and tyranny.  In that sense, it is a war between good and evil.  Please understand, I am not accusing every person who votes Democrat as being evil, but I believe the agenda of those shaping the platform, agenda, and pursuit of that party is evil.  I believe that much of the agenda frequently funded by people with devilishly evil intent such as George Soros is, at its core, evil and inspired by forces whose roots date back to the eviction of Lucifer from heaven. 

If we returned to operating as the truly Constitutional Republic there would be no federal involvement in education, energy, transportation, foreign aid, undeclared wars, and a myriad of other issues.  There would be no federal entitlement programs and the individual states would have their power and authority restored, thus returning the oversight and power of the government to you and me, the people.

The U.S. Constitution limits the federal government and specifies its powers and is, therefore, the best means of determining which side of the equation one finds themselves.  I am an American by birth, a Vietnam veteran, a legal citizen, a patriot, a Christian and an avid supporter of the Constitution.  The true test of which side a person is on in this American Internal War is the Constitution. 

Tragically, Congress and too often presidents ignore, confuse, misinterpret, or abuse the Constitution.  They overstep their Constitutional authority and damage the Separation of Powers clause and provision.  The 10th Amendment is incredibly important and, we the people of these United States of America must make our voices heard and demand a return to Constitutional governance by those in Washington.  That would mean respecting the 10th Amendment as well as the other amendments including the 1st, 2nd, and 4th

I agree with those who are now arguing that we should adopt a new test for politicians and policies.  We need to abandon the, often confusing, labels of ‘Left vs Right, Liberal vs Conservative, and Democrat vs Republican’ and turn to the Constitution.  The litmus question and test should be, “Is it constitutional or unconstitutional?”  Will the politician adhere to the Constitution or will he/she violate it?  The value of our Constitution is that it has provided us the framework of government that effectively separates the three branches and protected our freedoms.  We have enjoyed a beautiful system of ‘checks and balances’ and must return to the Constitution.

I truly believe that only as the corruption is fully exposed and those who have violated our trust and the constitution, as well as the law, are held accountable, do we have hope of restoring and preserving our Republic.  Mark Levin suggested that the next Democratic President must be treated the same was as Trump has been to prevent this type of destruction from continuing into perpetuity.  I disagree somewhat.  I believe that simply doing that will result in tit for tat and perpetuate this abuse and destroy us.  We need to hold legally and criminally accountable the violators and only as we totally uncover the corruption can we hope to see full restoration.  That will require an act of God!

I ask that every believer commit themselves to serious prayer for America, those charged with governing, and all Americans.  I ask that everyone consider the value and need of the Constitution in our Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!

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