Call what, what it is?  It is time to call the pandering to illegals, the shredding our Constitution, ignoring American citizens, and failing to govern in the best interest of America and the American people INSANE and DIABOLICAL!  Let me say, IT IS TREASONOUS!  That’s what I am talking about. 

It has irked me from the first evidence of the individual states issuing driver’s licenses to illegals.  Some of those states allow them to register to vote at the same time and afford them the opportunity to, with the blessings of the state, commit voter fraud.  The states taking steps to abet the commission of a felony is felonious and should be actionable resulting in indictments of the officials who become accessories in the commission of a crime.  It won’t be but it should be.

Approving driver’s licenses for people who have illegally entered the United States is a slap in the face of every legal immigrant and every U.S. citizen.  It is an abandonment of rational reason.  They call these illegals ‘undocumented persons’ not illegals.  When did the idea that an illegal act should become acceptable and rewarded?  What kind of lunacy and deranged mind concocts that notion?  Better yet, who are the people who vote for those lunatics?  I’m sorry for my harsh language but this is infuriating and incredibly dangerous for America and Americans.

I was taught at home and in school and through studying the Bible I have learned that “Rewarding bad behavior encourages more bad behavior.”  It never encourages change and correction.  If you are rewarded for ignoring the law, why pay any attention to it.  If a child is rewarded for throwing tantrums in private or in public, why would they not continue that behavior? 

If a person cheats in business and lies to gain what they want and is rewarded, why would they take an honest and ethical position?  There must be a penalty for violation of the law.  There can be no coddling or rewarding of those breaking into our nation illegally.  There can be no rewarding for cutting in line and skipping the legally mandated process for immigration.  That is lunacy and will eradicate our borders and strip us of our national sovereignty.

The Democratic hopeful, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has advanced the idea that we should give ‘reparations’ to illegals in the tune of $2.2 Trillion.  Wow!  He is the self-described so-called moderate Democrat in this race?  If that is moderate, I’d hate to see liberal.  He said that the United States owes compensation to the children separated from their families at the southern border.  He also declared that he would put them on a fast track to citizenship.  Basically, he would obligate the United States to pay the illegals an amount equal or more than all the taxes that will be collected in 2020.  So much for a booming economy, it would be history and our national debt would not double it would quadruple under his administration.

The Democrats apparently view the illegals as their new ‘voter base’ or ‘supplemental base’ hoping to replace some of the control they once held and are losing over other ethnic groups. The Constitution, America, Americans, appear inconsequential to them and what happens to us of no importance.  They seem to view being elected and ascending to a position of Total Control paramount in importance.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.  If it means the destruction of the Republic, that to them seems a small price to pay for Control.  America, we must not allow them to reclaim power.  If we do, we will witness, first hand, the dismantling of our Constitutional Republic and America as the Land of the Free will be no more.

It is amazing how the Democrats are not only willing but determined to afford illegals more rights, benefits, and privileges than American citizens.  U.S. Citizens can lose their driver’s licenses if they break the law, but the plan of the several states now issuing them driver’s licenses elevates the criminal above the law-abiding legal citizen.  Is that really what you stand for if you identify as a Democrat?  That is the national policy of your party, and that would be enough to cause me to reconsider my political affiliation. 

I have heard this called a victory for the immigrant community, but I insist that it is a victory for the illegal immigrant community, not those following the law.  Lawful immigrants already had the right to obtain driver’s licenses.  Some politicians insist that this is the only sensible and moral approach for it will make it easier for them to travel and get jobs to support their families.  That is a problem, in my view, because it is ILLEGAL for them to work now.  It is ILLEGAL for any employer to knowingly hire an illegal.  Therefore, the sensible and moral argument goes out the window.  It is anti-American and anti-Constitutional.

These Leftists state governments are passing laws, offering edicts, and mandates that are a clear attempt to impede the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents from doing their legally mandated jobs.  These efforts by those states is an affront and a direct violation of federal law. 

The U.S. Code is unambiguous in its declaration that no individual, agency, state or local government entity or official can interfere with federal law enforcement efforts to collect, receive or share information regarding a person’s immigration status.  It is against federal law to harbor or conceals fugitives from federal law enforcement.  Where are the indictments?  America, the madness of Sanctuary cities and states and the rewarding of criminal behavior is causing harm to America and Americans and it must end.

When states or cities notify and warn illegals that the feds are on their trail and abet them in hiding or avoiding detection and capture, they are breaking the law.  The Democrats have been howling for over three years about interference in our elections and are opening the door for an incredibly large amount of voter fraud.  If they were truly concerned about legitimate elections and only those truly and legally qualified to vote, they would abandon this lunacy immediately.  The fact that they have not abandoned it but are escalating their pursuit of making it legal to break our laws suggests to me that they are only interested in buying votes, enjoying the quid pro quo of votes for benefits, and power.  America and Americans are not their primary interest.

This is another of the many reasons I am unable to consider voting for any Democrat.  I have friends, very good people, who are life-long Democrats as were their parents and grandparents.  Many of them are still unable to see what is truly happening and even though they do not approve of these measures, they believe that the Republicans are evil and plan to vote for their Democratic candidate. They insist it is the ‘lesser of two evils.’  I love America and want the best for this nation and her people.  That is why I will vote to defeat this lunacy and keep America the Free, Legal, and the Constitutional Republic it has been and should remain.

God bless you and God bless America!

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