With so much hoopla over the Impeachment and the State of the Union Address and happenings, I decided to write about something else. I decided to focus on something that is deeply troubling and incredibly dangerous regarding the survival of our Republic. The Federal Law Enforcement’s Violation of the Law!

America, we are at a juncture in our Republic where it is imperative that we make some, possibly quite difficult and unpleasant, decisions in our government.  There are so many of those that to highlight one or two is almost an example of too little, but we must begin somewhere to achieve any restoration of our system of government and justice. 

Since the campaign for the 2016 election and subsequently, we have endured the most blatant abuse of the Law, the Constitution, and Ethics I have ever witnessed.  The animus toward Candidate Trump, then-President-Elect Trump, and now President Trump has grown steadily by those on the Left.  Prior to Trump’s election, they almost uniformly decried the relevance of the American Constitution.  They expressed, as did Barack Obama, that it was too restrictive and a document of negative liberties.  What he meant was it was too restrictive on the government and hindered him and them from freely doing what they wanted in his desire to ‘fundamentally transform’ this nation.

Now, they claim to be the defenders of our most precious governmental document, the Constitution. They does this all the while ignoring it, bypassing it, shredding it, and violating it in their quest to oust and destroy Trump.  Their vitriol is beyond the pale and is dividing this country so completely we may never recover.  During the eight-years of Obama, we witnessed a regression of race and class relations.  We have witnessed an increase in the political correctness insanity, the growth of Utopianism, the push for acceptance of socialism, and a direct attack on our foundational faith. 

Our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights are being tampered with dangerously and in direct violation of the Constitution.  We have witnessed our 4th Amendment Rights trampled on by the abuses of the FBI and the FISA Courts.  I find it difficult to identify what I see happening in any other terms than “War.” 

We are beginning to become privy to increasing revelations about the abuses of the FBI and certain members of that organization. We are witnessing the vastness of the Swamp and the Deep State and seeing how determined those in Washington’s inner circle are willing to go to protect their own.  Why?  In my view, it is because so many of those in Congress have dirt on their hands or skeletons in their closets that would possibly cost them their positions if exposed.  Therefore, protect they do and protect they will. 

The IG’s Report indicated that there were seventeen specific violations that most believe, if intentional, were criminal.  They were abuses of the law whether intentional oversights or premeditated attempts to wage war against Trump’s campaign.  Neither is acceptable.  The FISA Court needs to go away, because of these abuses and the prospects of abuses in the future.  I am very pro defending against terrorism and international espionage, but I am adamantly anti-stripping Americans of our Rights and Constitutional liberties. 

We know that the former FBI director James Comey and his associate Andrew McCabe were at the head of this corrupt FBI Machine that abused and violated the law.  Why are they not under indictment and will they be in the future?  I would hope yes, but history does not lend itself to the fulfillment of those hopes.  However, I remain hopeful that John Durham and William Barr will see the incredible danger of failure to prosecute.  America’s future may well be hanging in the balance of their decisions.

Many, including myself, have been deeply disappointed that the FISA Judge Rosemary Collyer’s rebuke of the FBI is largely toothless.  If this results in nothing more than a slap on the wrist and an order to clean up the corruption, we will witness even more egregious violations in the future.  The FBI, a law enforcement agency, will become more of a Gestapo than a police force.  They will become, what they largely have become, a weapon against political opponents, and that is detrimental to our Freedom and our Republic.

The message being conveyed by inaction and wrist-slap injunctions is, “You can lie to the FISA Court with impunity.  There will be no punishment or accountability and if you get caught you will get slapped on the wrist and told ‘shame on you.’”  Demanding that they correct their infringements going forward is not a fix it is a cover and that lends to my view that the FISA Court has outlived its usefulness.  I say that considering the deviousness of those at the helm of the FBI in recent years.

We know that as far back as 2002 there were FISA violations by the FBI that Robert Mueller, the FBI Director at that time, promised to correct.  He clearly did not, and the FBI continued their abuses and expanded them as they sought to prevent Trump’s election and then in their effort to oust him from office.  We know that there were more than 70 violations in 2002 and Director Mueller promised ‘new procedures’ to fix the problem and prevent it from happening.  I guess if by ‘fix’ you mean to stack the deck against political opponents, he fulfilled his promise.  Otherwise, he failed miserably if he attempted at all.

In 2016, President Obama’s administration his DOJ dropped hundreds of violations against the court.  No consequences, no punishment, and no accountability resulted.  That opened the door to the most egregious and nefarious political dirty tricks to become reality.  No one in the FBI fears the FISA Court because they have learned over the past several years that they can lie to the court with no fear of punishment. They will continue to do the same if Attorney General Barr does not hold them accountable. 

America if we allow our federal law enforcement agencies to trample on the law, we will witness the destruction of our Republic.  It has escalated far beyond a two-tier justice system. We have and are witnessing the weaponization of national law enforcement and various bureaus of our government.  If we allow this to continue, we will destroy ourselves. 

America, we must somehow find the courage and determination to CLEAN HOUSE in Washington.  With the surety of voter fraud, illegals voting, dead people voting, unqualified people voting, and voting in multiple locations we face an uphill battle.  However, if we will commit ourselves to intercessory prayer, invest our time and money, and get out the vote WE CAN WIN!  Let’s show them that America still belongs to The People and We the People are Taking it Back!

God bless you and God bless America!

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