Uh, no they won’t and the Fascist on the Left who call their opponents Fascists will be lauded as Freedom Fighters and Justifiably Angry and their actions excused.  How long will that last?  How long will the toxic liberal philosophy of Socialism exist in the political arena in America?  That’s how long this will continue, and I see some very dark clouds rising over the horizon causing many to predict WAR of epic proportions in internal America.  I hope those predictions are wrong, but I think they are right.

I keep seeing and hearing statements by educators, political pundits, activists, and politicians they justify the actions of groups like Antifa and others.  We have, or should have been watching this, for longer than most of us have been alive.  It is not a new phenomenon but is, at least 100-years old and has grown in strength and support in the past decade. 

Left-wing terrorism has deep roots dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries.  The terrorism of the modern left-wing has been labeled ‘political unrest’ giving it a more justifiable and palatable identity.  We watched the Weather Underground commit horrific acts of terrorism in the name of ‘political unrest’ for what they deemed unjust and unfair.  We have endured the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) rise and commit atrocious acts of violence.  We saw the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) engaging in criminal activities in the name of ‘political unrest’.  There was the New World Liberation Front with their pipe-bombs in the 1970s. 

The United Freedom Front was active in the 1980s.  There has been the Black Panther Party and now the New Black Panther Party and today’s Antifa and funding for the various violent activist groups coming from non-profits claiming to exist in pursuit of peaceful co-existence and justice for all.  Sadly, those violent groups target conservatives, people wearing MAGA hats, and anyone not embracing their philosophy or being of the same skin pigmentation. 

I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone can justify violent actions against political or ideological opponents.  Are we, as a society, gravitating toward the view that it is a justifiable path to commit acts of violence against people we disagree with?  If so, the prognosticators of a coming Civil War are far more correct than they may think.  If we lose the concept of Freedom of Speech and civil disagreement, we are doomed as a society and blood in the streets will be the result.

I had a person on the Left attempt to justify the violence by quoting the Old Testament.  He said, “Well, even God said, an eye for an eye. Therefore, these groups have God’s blessings as they stamp out the evil of conservatism and force everyone to tolerate everyone and everything.”  Wow!  When I took them to the New Testament and the directive of our Lord Jesus to “Love, thy neighbor,” they wanted no part of it and made a snarky remark about antiquated religious views of Christians.  Basically, it was, “You either believe as I do, or you are wrong and worthy of whatever bad happens to you.”

Our Founding Fathers understood the age-old reality that if we were going to have and maintain a Republic, we must guard the ability and right for everyone to enjoy freedom of speech.  They understood the value of open discussion and debate on issues.  They expressed the recognized benefit of differing opinions to be voiced, enabling both sides to potentially learn from the other and find common ground.  They would be appalled at the condition now existing in American politics and society and wonder what they fought for and why.

It is somewhat ironic that those who support Antifa, mob violence, the end of freedom of speech, and demonstrate an unbending and unyielding intolerance of any opposing view call themselves ‘Progressives.’  The truth is their views are not progressive but regressive.  Their views date back to the time of kings, dictators, street brawls, and total political chaos with assignations a common occurrence in the political.  Those views date back to a time when dissent was not tolerated and any person could be attacked, imprisoned, or killed. 

If you examine history, you will discover that the rise of Fascism came about in the 1920s under Benito Mussolini.  The communist coined the term ‘fascist’ to identify renegade socialists.  Those who claim that Fascism was a right-wing movement are devoid of factual understanding of history.  It has always been a subsection of Socialism or Communism and will always be.  The fascists like the original Antifa were an example of one left-wing group fighting another left-wing group. 

History reveals that the National Socialists in Germany and the Soviet Union wanted to eliminate social classes and advance a social experiment to achieve their desired utopia.  Interestingly, the Germans and the Soviets still called them Fascists and considered them rivals within the same mindset and ideology. 

The heart of Communism and Socialism is a totalitarian, one-party state, with forced collectivism and centrally planned economies, where individual rights were given by the all-powerful government.  They did not believe in ‘inalienable rights’ because they truly did not believe in God.  They saw the government as god.  Today’s Antifa and the left-wing radicals are pushing for the very thing they accuse those of us on the Right of pursuing.  They want government control and suppression of freedom of speech for anyone opposing their ideological views.

Antifa and other left-wing violent activist groups claim to be fighting us because we are oppressive and violent, but they are the ones engaging in oppression and violence.  They openly express their admiration for tyrants and despots like Joseph Stalin, a mass murderer of epic proportions.

The members of groups like Antifa hold an ideology that is reflected by the hammer and sickle.  They justify their violence because they claim to have been victims of the evil white, conservative, Judeo-Christians of the Right. They attack those of us who want less government, more freedom, and individual rights.  The views we express and embrace would achieve what they claim to want in a far greater measure than their violence and hate.  If anyone cares to investigate, they would find that the ‘hammer and sickle’ is a gruesome reminder, or should be, of the Socialist-Communist terror that has slaughtered over 120 million people. 

Hey, America, those of us who resist our Republic being transformed into a Socialist, Politically Correct, Freedom-less nation are not the fascists.  We are not engaging in the actions of Fascists, Communists, or Socialists we are fighting for Freedom.  I pray that enough Americans will awaken in November of this year to help us save the Republic for the Tyranny of the Left. 

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Gordon McDonald says:

    I just want let you know how much I appreciate your columns. I have yet to read anything I disagree with and you say it so well. Praying for God’s continual guidance and protection in your life.

  2. Seax says:

    Fascist, perhaps sadly, is a convenience term. There is no real fascist, frankly. I say this as someone who is not in any way antithetical to theoretical fascism. I’ve read Mussolini’s Doctrines and that presently imaginary regime is tame in some ways compare to what Pope Benedict called the Tyranny of Relativism.

    I’m sure this earns me the title Fascist. And I’ll wear it if I have to, but I don’t consider myself thus. Self definition is meaningless in today’s climate, but many “fascists” are simply racialized centrists.

    That aside. I enjoyed reading. Godspeed.

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