Maybe another way of asking that is, “Are we near the end of our Republic and if we are, how near are we?”  If that is more palatable to you, then please rephrase my question to be more palatable to you. You may be one that believes all that is happening in politics today is nothing more than a passing season and as with the climate, this is cyclical and nothing to be concerned about.  I wish I could ascribe to that view, it would be much more effective in easing my mind.  I wish I could see the antics of the Democrats and those following the ideologies that are a pathway to the destruction of our republican system of government.  I wish, but unfortunately, what I sense in my spirit, and see with my eyes will not allow me to take a ‘rose-colored glasses view.’

When Barack Obama declared, “We are just days away from fundamentally transforming America,” I cringed.  I’ve heard the wind blow before from political blowhards but something inside me said, “Take him seriously.  He is not proposing something that he does not believe can become a reality.”  

I had read the excerpts from his books and those he had associated with and realized that his previous history suggested that he was far less pro-America than he was pro-globalism and supported the Islamic jihadist facilitators more than anyone should have been comfortable with. 

I considered the church he had spent 20-years in and the anti-Semitic and anti-American views of his pastor, Jeremiah Wright.   That Reverend stunningly declared, “Not God Bless America, but God D*** America.”  That made me cringe and weep! Those factors disturbed me in ways that I could not positively prove.

Since the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016, my concerns have not abated but have escalated.  During the eight-years of Obama, I watched our race relations deteriorate troublingly.  He was lauded as the ‘first black president’ and I have no problem with a black, a woman, a Hispanic or any ethnicity being president so long as they demonstrate support for the Constitution and a pro-America view.  If they seek to ‘fundamentally transform’ this Republic into something that destroys our national sovereignty, shreds our Constitution, strips us of our inalienable and constitutional rights, I cannot and will not support them. 

The actions of Obama, Biden, Clinton, and those in control during the attack on our embassy in Benghazi was somewhat the last straw for me.  Their push to weaken the pillars of our founding is the culmination of a 100-year journey by the Left.  It extends far beyond 100-years, but that is a relatively clear period we can track and see how the Democratic Party has evolved into a Party of genocide, racism, socialism, and frequently demonstrate the characteristics of being Fascist.  If I am correct in that assessment, then what is happening is not a ‘bump in the road’ but a planned assault on our Republic.  What is happening cannot be passed off as a cyclical season of politics but a War that must not be ignored and must be won.

The Left has been progressively moving toward the precipice of destruction for decades, but their determination and commitment to the cause of American Revisionism is escalating.  By that, I mean Revision of the Republic into a Socialist Oligarchy where the Government is in Total Control. 

The Democratic Establishment has demonstrated its fundamental view that there is no such thing as private property or individual rights.  Well, maybe they do believe in those but not for anyone who disagrees with their ideological agenda and refuses to worship at the altar of Climate Change and Entitlements.  If we refuse to support abortion and the genocide they have proposed, we are deemed unworthy of any rights.  If they could, they would round us up and incarcerate us in reeducation camps to adjust our attitudes and program us to be their docile sheep.  Many of us are unable to bow at that altar and surrender our God-given inalienable rights and allegiance to the God of the Bible.

The past year, 2019 has been very revealing and I believe that 2020 will present even more challenges to the Republic.  The only hope we have of stemming the tide of that destructive tsunami they desire is to win both House of Congress and the White House this November.  If we fail, the price may be far greater than even the most pessimistic fear.  I pray that enough Americans awaken from their political stupor and unite to vote for America by voting against the Leftists.

When I look at the new faces and voices in the Democratic Party, I have great concern for America.  Many who study politics devotedly believe that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Squad are the new faces of the Progressive Movement and the Democratic Party.  If they are correct, and those members of Congress are reelected and more like them added to their number, we have a grave problem.  If they can proselytize enough members of their Party and win the White House, they can push through legislation that is destructive for America.  If you consider that simply a cyclical moment, I suggest you consider the consequences of ignoring this situation.

With the presence of people like Talib and Omar, openly pro-Islamist there is a genuine danger for the Constitutional Republic.  With the rise of teenage terrors, living privileged lives but given a world stage to spew forth their rhetoric, diatribe, and vitriol, there is a genuine danger. 

With the rise of people like Eric Swalwell, we have people on the Left who have expressed a willingness to eradicate their opposition.  He even declared that using nuclear weapons against those of us who disagree with his and their views.  That cannot be ignored. 

With media members such as Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, and those who pose as more moderate wage war on Christians, the biblical view of genders and marriage, and spread malicious lies regarding this President and those of us on the Right, there is a problem.  They seem to know no bounds and believe that they are free to fabricate, do and say whatever they please with total impunity.  That is a problem.

When I consider the views expressed by the Democratic hopefuls to become President, I am deeply disturbed.  The very fact that any poll would indicate that they are viable opponents to President Trump is concerning and signifies a genuine danger to our Republic.  When the totally partisan witch hunt and kangaroo court conducted by Schiff, Nadler is praised it is troubling. The willingness of celebrities to call for vile actions against Trump and his family and indirectly against all of us who oppose their ideology, is disturbing and dangerous!

Therefore, I ask my question again, “How Near the End Are We?”  I am not speaking of the Last Days of the Bible, I believe we are in those days.  I am asking regarding the Republic – “How Much Time Do We Have as the Free Constitutional Republic?”  Hopefully, I am unduly concerned, and my trepidation is unwarranted, but in my spirit and my view, watching what has transpired over the past decade, I am deeply concerned that the answer is, “One Election Away.”  That would mean that we can stay the final verdict by defeating the Democrats in November and reclaiming control of Congress as well as keeping the White House.  I ask you to join me in fighting to maintain our Republic and our Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!

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  1. Spot on commentary. This is no time for being passive and letting this happen.

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