I am very serious in asking the question, “Who do the haters really hate?”  What haters or Who are the haters of which I speak?  I am talking about those suffering from “TDS” – Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Those who appear to hate Donald J. Trump the duly elected 45th president of these United States of America.  Who do they really hate?  Is it Trump or is there someone or something at the core of their hatred that extends far beyond the man in the White House?

I’m sure that you have already guessed my opinion. It is, Yes! But who or what is the real focus of their hate and their reason for siding with the opposition in this struggle?  I will give you my answer, but before I do, I ask that everyone resist calling for the guillotine, the boiling oil, the tar, and feathers.  Those haters may be deserving of some of those things but not the guillotine. I can endorse censor and rejection, but if we are ever going to find commonality and any semblance of peace and decorum in American politics, somebody is going to have to take the biblically suggested high road.  The Bible says, “A soft answer turns away wrath.”  However, there are times, I wonder if that is universally applicable considering the mindset of many today and their actions and reactions.

Mitt Romney joined the likes of former Republican Justin Amish and hurled a flaming missile of discontent into the tent of the GOP.  In the minds of most Republicans, he is a political heretic and maybe he is what he appears to be.  He has never truly been a Conservative.  He was, at best a moderate, if not a flaming liberal when Governor of Massachusetts and instituted his infamous Romney Care that was a forerunner of Obamacare.  After losing his bid to become president and failing to be awarded the plum second prize of Secretary of State by Trump, he has continued to seek Trump’s endorsement while stabbing him in the back.  Who is the bigger man in this scenario?

I consider Romney’s vote to convict on one of the two impeachment articles an assault on every member of the GOP.  I consider it an act of terrorism toward every voter who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and all who will potentially vote for him in 2020.  He has openly denounced the President on numerous occasions, attempting to be the wise statesman who is following the needed pathway of integrity.  But, are his actions an example of integrity or sour grapes? 

I believe that he does not like Donald J. Trump. However, I believe it goes beyond that and he, like John McCain, harbors animosity toward the voters who failed to elect him but succeeded in electing Trump.  Donald Trump is not a saint, but then can we ascribe sainthood to Mitt Romney?  They come from two completely different worlds and embrace diametrically opposing belief systems in almost every area of life including religion and politics. 

I agree with others who believe that Romney’s angst towards the President goes far deeper than Trump’s persona or any perceived crimes he might have committed.  I do not believe that Romney truly believes that he was following the only ethical and moral path in voting to convict the President on one count.  If one, why not both? 

I believe his action was intended to be a statement, not the expression of a conviction. It may not have been intended to damage other Republicans, only Trump.  His objective may not have been to damage other Republicans, but he succeeded in causing those of us who view his actions as heretical to be insulted.  The memories of the voting public are incredibly short most of the time, but from time to time, they are like elephants and remember forever certain egregious actions of politicians.  I believe this may be one of those.

The Haters, the Democrats, the Never Trump Activists all consider it unconscionable that the voters would elect Trump.  They consider him beneath the dignity of the office of President and detest his unwillingness to follow the long-established rules of politics the elitists believe mandatory.  They say that, but then participate in some of the basest acts of innuendo and insult and are justified rather than vilified by the Press and fellow elitists.  If you dance to their music then you are accepted, but if you challenge the status quo and out the violators of the public trust, you must be destroyed.

I do not believe that Romney or the Haters are as upset over Trump’s perceived conduct or misconduct as they are with us. Those of us who opened the door for him to become the President of these United States of America are a the ones they truly hate.  They cannot believe that the American public, at least a sufficient number, would vote for such a man. 

After all, Trump has displayed a total disregard for the establishment’s perception of being Presidential.  He has belittled his opponents and given them creative nicknames, some probably deserved.  He has outed the political class and demonstrated more concern for America and Americans than the process.  That is unforgivable to an Establishment Politician and member of their perceived Ruling Class of Political Elitists.

Romney appears more a jilted lover who is left waiting at the altar while the bride runs off with another man than a statesman.  I have contended for a long time that the unimpeded flow of illegals into this country is not simply a Democrat vs Republican issue but a National Sovereignty vs Political Totalitarianism and Elitism.  There are those supposedly on the Republican side that want the flow for ‘cheap labor’ and those on the Democrat side who see them as potential voters and a pathway to power.  Both positions are disgusting to this American. 

I consider Mitt Romney a very small man and I may have to repent over that characterization.  I pray for him.  I don’t know truly what is in his heart. but the Bible does say that “By their fruits, we will know them” and the fruit suggests what I have argued.  I believe that Romney, Amash, and the Haters hold contempt for those of us they consider the “ignorant masses of uninformed and unenlightened.”  They stand on their tiptoes and look down their noses at us, much like the Sanhedrin did to the disciples of Jesus in the New Testament. 

I have read that some of Romney’s former staffers are offering a harsh rebuke to their former boss and insist that he is “politically motivated by bitterness and jealousy.”  I believe it goes far beyond that.  I believe that he envisions himself as a genuine American hero.  I believe that he believes that his “In your Face” action was necessary to show us our error. 

It is my belief that what he has really done is to demonstrate his unmitigated contempt for all who backed him for president and then elected a man he considers far beneath his status.  His actions were, in my view, directed more toward those of us who failed to acknowledge him as deserving to ascend to the highest office in the land.  He like, Hillary, believed it was his turn and considers Trump undeserving of any credit or recognition for the good that has been done for America. 

Romney, Amash, and the Haters, as well as the Democrats, hate Trump less than they hate us for blocking their ascension to power and took steps to see America restored to the oversight of the people.  We have not attained that objective, but we are heading in the right direction and I pray that America will awaken, see this for what it is and send every follower of business as usual out the door.  May we elect men and women who will accept the responsibility of proper constitutional governance and will both protect and defend the Constitution and America from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

God bless you and God bless America!

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