Actually, that is an easy one to answer.  It is for their benefit and to deceive the voters, especially the voter who might be swayed by facts.  It is a grim reality that some voters are not swayed by the facts and fit the stereotype of “don’t confuse me with the facts, my minds made up.”  Some just do not care about facts, truth, or long-term effects, they want what they want when they want it, and the way they want it and never think beyond that desire.  That is a breeding ground for corruption in politics, deception to become the norm, and the destruction of our republican system of government and with it our freedom. 

The ‘Medicare for All’ boondoggle is just one of those political footballs that the politicians fear the public knowing the truth.  Bernie’s insistence that he does not give a number for the cost is because it is a huge number and if he gave it some people would say, “Oh ****” and reject it.  It is not a just huge, but a colossal number that makes the plan impossible to sustain by any magic mirror manipulation of the numbers.  The $$$$ are just not there, even if we taxed 100%, it is unachievable and unsustainable.  Even, if the program had merits, which are few if any, its cost would make it prohibitive.

However, that does not stop Bernie or any of the other Democratic presidential hopefuls.  They demand that it is mandatory for us to self-inflict a fiscal wound that would kill our economy and thereby our Republic.  They are even willing to divide the nation so violently that finding common ground is impossible.  The philosophy of ‘divide and conquer’ is in play, intentionally or unintentionally, but divide they have and divided we are.

The Plan, using the best estimates of the actual cost is $40 Trillion.  That is Trillion with a “T”.  The human costs would be even greater.  The lengthy waits in critical care cases would result in the deaths of many Americans.  I hope that is not part of the plan, to reduce the population, but fear that the devious minds behind this embrace eugenics and genocide through medical care failure as a viable pathway to achieve that objective.  Yes, I said it, and yes, I believe that the true powers and forces behind these plans are ultimately evil.

Bernie, for example, has proposed a new 7.5% payroll tax as well as a 4% tax on every American household.  He wants to tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend, as though the supply of money is unlimited.  His hatred for Capitalism, the system that provided his wealth, is so embedded that the fate of the average American is not on his radar screen. 

Some of the most charitable evaluations of this plan are that 70% of Americans now working, privately insured individuals and households would pay more for less coverage than they now have.  Is that logical?  He lauds the Canadian system as the be-all-to-end-all cat’s meow of medical care and coverage.  Yet, the Canadian people have seen an increase in their taxes by almost 65% since 1977 and their personal health costs have increased by about 75%.  Is that a good plan?  If so, how?

We know from factual data that there were approximately 4.5 million people in the United Kingdom waiting to see a specialist in March 2019.  That was an increase of 40% over the past 5 years.  Does that sound like a good path to take for medical care in America? 

Bernie and the advocates for “Medicare-for-all” insist that their plan would lower the overall costs of healthcare.  However, the facts disagree.  They insist that their plan would eliminate most of the administrative costs involved in health care costs, there is an element of truth in that.  However, they omit the fact that of the cost increases for collecting the associated taxes, which would offset any potential savings.  One increase will offset the corresponding decrease therefore their numbers are not a true picture of actual and overall costs.  They also omit the cost of lost work time, wages, etc. involved in having to WAIT for care.

The days of access to high quality, state of the art, modern health care would be dramatically restricted.  The government-run and mandated care would be rigid, and it would not be the decision of the patient and doctor what care to pursue, but the prescribed bureaucratic edict of some government-run medical board writing the rules. 

This is not an attempt to give absolution or a free pass to the Republicans, but the Democrats are deceiving the American people on virtually every front and issue.  We need to look no further than the totalitarianism in China to see the dangers of government deception and control.  The idea being presented by the Democratic Party is a Utopian Society.  There perfect world is a world that does not and cannot exist, this side of heaven.  Yet, they insist that through legislation and government control they can achieve the impossible, and millions are taking the bait.  Why?  I will leave you to your own answers.

Our system of government that enables the people to select and elect the leaders they desire to govern must be protected and defended.  Political corruption must be exposed and rooted out wherever it exists and whenever possible.  The idea established by our Founders and the Framers of the American Constitution and System of Government was that the American people could reasonably vote expecting their chosen representative or president to work to fulfill their promises. 

The Democrats have proven they have no interest in working for the betterment of their constituents but are seeking to reclaim power.  Since the inauguration, when America should have come together to find a compromise and common ground to achieve the desires of both sides, we have been in a virtual political war.  It is has been a non-stop assault on our choice for president and an assault on our system of government. 

The Democrats platform includes, “Impeaching the President again and again, Medicare for All, the New Green Deal, Open Borders, Various Social Justice Issues, Gun Control, Restriction of Freedom of Speech and Religion, and a return to a foreign policy of appeasement and weakness.”  They have tirelessly attempted to paint President Trump and anyone supporting him as a demonic, bigoted, racist who suffers from some phobia and a war-monger.  Yet, weakness is an invitation to assault and their plans weaken America at every turn. 

They desire to destroy our economic system of Capitalism and replace it with an economic disaster in their brand of Socialism.  Their plans to expand government and governmental control is an open invitation and a pathway to totalitarianism as seen in China and other sectors of the globe.  Is that good for America and Americans?  Not if you love Freedom!  Ben Franklin’s warning is apropos today, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  Can we keep it?  Yes!  We can, but only if we reject the disastrous deception of the Left and keep the window of Hope open in America for four more years.

God bless you and God bless America!

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