TRANSFORMING AMERICA – The Goal of the Left, But into What?

That was the question I asked when just a few days before his inauguration Barack Hussein Obama threatened or promised to “fundamentally transform America.”  I shouted at the television, “Transformed Into What?”

I asked that of liberals and conservatives, and most of them responded with a, “Ho Hum” and they acted as though it amounted to nothing more than just political speak and not a genuine threat or warning.  I took him seriously and immediately began to examine, in greater detail his positions on numerous Constitutional issues.  I immediately engaged in more serious and more earnest prayer for America.  I did not consider it a bump in the road but an advance notification of the impending War on our Freedom.  He proved me right.

I asked then and continue to ask, “Is America such a terrible place that it needs to be ‘fundamentally transformed’?”  The more I listen to the Democratic candidates, the Media voices, the Hollywood political illiterates, and the Activists, the more I am convinced their view is, “Yes, It Is!”  That is troubling on so many levels it sends a chill down my spine.

When I contemplate what ‘fundamental transformation’ is, I cannot view it as a minor change in political policy but a dramatic and drastic shift.  If we were talking about surgery, it would be called ‘radical or major surgery.’  To ‘fundamentally transform’ America would mean to dramatically and profoundly change our economic system, our political system, and many other segments and sectors of our nation and society.  Is that truly what is needed?  Would that be good for America?  Would it be in our best interest as a Republic to abandon the principles set forth in our founding?  Would tossing our Constitution in the trash bin of history be the right move?  I think not, but those on the other side are devotedly in the yes column.

Barack Obama was a proponent and adherent of the view that our two-party system needed to be trashed in favor of a one-party socialist system where those of his ilk ruled permanently and completely.  Bernie Sanders and most of the other Democratic hopefuls hold must the same view and some even go beyond his radical views.  Is that what America needs or even wants?  I continue to hope the answer is no but seeing the number of those willing to vote for the Socialist and Socialistic agenda, I wonder.

Barack Obama was heavily influenced by extreme Leftists and they helped shape his political ideology and worldview.  Men such as Frank Marshall Davis, who many wonder if he was Obama’s real father, was an avowed Communist and Russian sympathizer.  In Obama’s 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father, he expressed his deep admiration for Davis and painted him in the most glowing of pictures.  Davis’ affinity for Communism clearly rubbed off on Obama and translated into the young Obama being drawn to Marxist professors in college.  That was reflected in his presidential agenda.

Obama was also heavily influenced, by William “Bill” Ayers.  Mr. Ayers was a domestic terrorist and his only remorse is that he did not do more harm.  Ayers wrote and said, “I wake up every morning and think, today is the day I will end capitalism. I go to bed disappointed every night but am back at work tomorrow because that is the only way you can do it.”  Obama’s political career was launched from Ayers’ living room and he was a clear reflection of the anti-American sentiment held by that terrorist. 

Another figure that has influenced many on the Left including most of the Democratic hopefuls and assuredly Obama and Clinton was the dangerous Saul Alinsky and his Rules For Radicals.  Alinsky and most of the Leftist politicians of today follow the Lenin and Goebbels view that a lie told often enough, and loud enough becomes truth to many. 

Alinsky’s modus operandi included a constant barrage of accusations against political opponents labeling them as racists.  That was Obama’s pattern and has been the pattern of the Democrats for decades.  Everything and everyone that disagrees with their toxic brand of liberalism are deemed racism.  Republicans have feared that charge so much they have allowed the Left to effectively brand them and make the charge stick in the minds of millions.  That must end!

Dare we forget the infamous, racist, American hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Most believe that Obama attempted to gain ‘street creds’ to advance his political ambitions by joining Wright’s church who was a devoted follower of Black Liberation Theology.  The Obama’s attended that church for 20-years.  Think about it, 20-years and yet Obama claimed to not know Wright’s racist and anti-American views.  Seriously?  Obama even quoted him in Dreams From My Father, “white folks’ greed runs a world in need.”  Both men were followers of Louis Farrakhan, the openly anti-Semitic, anti-white and American-hating minister of the Nation of Islam. 

The list is almost endless of the many anti-American agendas and proposals advanced by Barack Hussein Obama and now we have one of the leading Democratic hopefuls Bernie Sanders appearing more than a remote possibility of becoming the nominee for the Democratic Party.  What is the difference between Obama and Sanders?  Basically, the only difference I see is that Bernie is open about his love for Socialism and Obama tried to play coy and somewhat hide his bent. 

In recent history, we have witnessed the nation of Venezuela, a once-prosperous nation fully embraced Socialism and become a cesspool of economics and political failure.  In my lifetime I watched Cuba embrace Communism under Castro and saw the decline.  I have witnessed the destruction of that view in the former U.S.S.R. and now Russia and many of the Satellite spiral into the hell hole of human misery and economic calamity.  Is that the fundamental transformation that America needs? 

That is exactly where the Democrats are seeking to take us.  That is exactly where the Tax Plans, the Healthcare Plans, the Open Borders, the Dismantling of our Military, the Restrictions on Business, the Redistribution of Wealth, and assault on our Freedoms and Liberties will take us. 

We have a clear choice in November of this year.  We can vote to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic or vote to ‘fundamentally transform’ her into the Socialist, Totalitarian Dictatorship or Oligarchy the Democrats are offering.  The choice is clear!  We can vote for abortion on demand, the complete dismantling of our traditional values and marriage, surrender our rights, liberties, and freedoms or we can vote NO on the Democrats! 

That’s my view, and I stand by it.  You can embrace any view you choose, that is your inalienable right.  However, if we choose wrong, we all suffer not just those who chose wrong at the polls. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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