At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, “I contend that our Republic and its republican form of government is worth saving.”  Those who value what we have in America and can see through the fog, smoke and mirrors of political jockeying largely agree with me.  There are those who have been so thoroughly indoctrinated by what is being called modern education and the insanity of political correctness may not.  No, they do not!  They have bought into the Unicorn Utopian Society that politicians like Bernie Sanders and the current crop of Democratic hopefuls are pushing. 

The never-ending source of laughs, Joe Biden, has denied that our present economic situation is real.  That’s right, he has insisted that it is all smoke and mirrors and the blue-collar worker is getting hammered.  But, if you will reach back just a few millimeters in your memory banks you will recall his declaration, “We choose truth over facts.”  What?  Isn’t truth supported by facts and aren’t facts truthful? 

Old Joe also said, “poor kids are just as talented as white kids.”  That caused comedian Seth Myers to joke that Biden apologized by saying, “Sorry that came out gay.”   His foot-in-mouth moments caused some of the Leftists comedians such as Colbert to joke that Biden also said, “We choose hope over, optimism, faith over belief, and synonyms over words that mean the same thing.” No, I did not say that he said all those things the comedians joked, but can anyone seriously consider him for president?

Bernie Sanders and the members of his paid staff have been outed in their views regarding gulags and how the rich and Republicans should be treated.  Those hot-mic moments and tweets have revealed an attitude that is frightening due to the depth they are willing to plunge to ‘re-educate’ those of us on the Right. 

The parade of Democrats lamenting the death of a terrorist from Iran and the continual willingness to aid and abet our enemies was and is deeply disturbing.  The attack of the Democrats on our System of Government and Economic System should send shudders down the spines of all Freedom Loving Americans.  I said, should, not does! 

Former President Obama kowtowed to the haters of America and displayed real anger towards anyone daring to question the motives of the Islamic jihadists, demanding that those radical followers of that religion were not Islamic.  Those jihadist clearly are Islamic. They may be fringe elements, but to deny their beliefs would be to bury one’s head in the sand.

The demand of the Democrats and those following the modern view of democratic socialism seek to eradicate our borders. The manner they treat those breaking and entering, thumbing their noses at our sovereignty and laws is deeply concerning and disconcerting. 

The Democrats began the push for Impeachment before the President was inaugurated and have spent over three years attempting to overturn the election.  They may say they do not, but they HATE him!  I suspect that their hate is the fruit of several roots not just personal animus against him as a person.  I suspect it is his success they hate, and his unwillingness to bow at their altar and get in step with the political elitists of both parties.  He is their nemesis and he is proving to America and the world, that you can get things done and resolve some problems economically, governmentally, and internationally.  He has, in the face of severe opposition and the virtual abandonment of his own party leaders, achieved incredible success.

I understand that those on the Left and those who detest him to the core of their being, HATE him!  I get that, and have a word of advice and even warning for any in that group who will listen.  “Stop backing Foreign Terrorists and Haters of America and Freedom!”  Those on the Left and some who claim to be on the Right that are backing our enemies over this president and this country should realize that you are being hypocritical. 

It is hypocritical and delusional to insist on rights for homosexuals, demand equal treatment of women, and things of that nature and back those nations and individuals whose religion is the opposite of those views.  Those nations and leaders that the Democrats have been vocal in support of have downed civilian airlines killing innocent people, treated women inhumanely and murdered homosexuals.  How do you back them?

Here’s my suggestion, “Quick backing our enemies and support America?” If you did you just might get people to listen to you and take you seriously.  I know that infuriates the sense of who they are, but for all the haters, “stop standing up for human vermin and stand for what is good and right.” 

But alas, hating Trump is popular in Leftists circles and if a person believes that the rise in the stock market is evil, low unemployment is bad, and less government is appalling then back the Democrats and campaign for them. 

If you believe that what Trump has done for America is bad and higher taxes are better than lower taxes, then by all means back, the current band of haters running on the Democratic side of the aisle.  Someone said, “If you don’t like what has transpired and don’t like the success and benefits of the past three-years then back the senile pappy of the promiscuous crack connoisseur, or the fake India, or the crusty communist, or that insufferable little weasel who is mayor of the Indiana equivalent of Barstow.”  That is your right as a Free American!  I think you are nuts but defend your right to be nutty as a fruitcake.

Our political system, our federal intelligence community, our federal law enforcement agencies, and many of our bureaucracies were weaponized under President Obama.  We are being destroyed from within and our enemies are laughing their heads off, realizing they do not have to do anything because we are showing signs of imploding.  The world is watching, and America should be. 

I might add, from my Christian perspective I know and believe that God is also watching. I am quite sure He is not amused.  I keep clinging to the belief that there are people who have heretofore voted Democrat that are patriots and served our country with dignity and honor.  I cannot believe that those individuals are not just as disgusted as those of us on the Right are with where our country is being pushed by the insanity of toxic liberalism.  They love America and I cannot help but believe that their skin crawls when they see members of their own party defending those that hate America.  I offer this to those individuals, “Come on over, the water is fine and there is room at the table for you.”

America, we are facing the most critical election in our history.  We are watching the systematic dismantling of our system of government, the rule of law, and the precedent-setting destruction of our Constitution.  We must prevent this from continuing and to do that we must DEFEAT every Democrat in November.  Well, every Democrat who will not stand for America and who sides with our enemies. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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