LET’S PLAY A WHAT IF GAME – What If I Was A Democrat and a Smart One?

I did that with a group of people I know, some Democrats, some Republicans, and a sprinkling of Libertarians in the mix and the reaction was as expected, mixed.  One of the Republicans laughed and said, “Smart-Democrat, that’s an oxymoron.”  A Democrat became angry and called me a racist.  A Libertarian, said, “No comment.” 

I had a point to make and after the group stopped pointing fingers at each other and all the insults died down, I proceeded with my intended points, hoping to inform some, persuade some, and empower some.  No, I do not think I am a particularly important figure in this fight for freedom, but I am one willing to stay in the trenches and fight to the finish.  If I can influence, inspire, enlighten, inform, encourage, or persuade even one, I consider it a victory. 

But if I were a Smart Democrat, I would not have taken the approach they have for the past three-plus years in their incessant and destructive approach to government. I believe they have made some key tactical errors and hopefully, it is backfiring on them.  I am cautiously optimistic that most Americans are far more politically astute than the media and most politicians believe.  If we are then 2020 will be a victory for America and an ouster of many followers of the lunacy of the new Democratic Socialist Agenda. 

What would I have done and how would it have been perceived?  Another consideration is how could I have argued that my Party was partly if not wholly responsible for the progress?  The Democrats, based on their actions, have no pathway to achieving either of those and have given President Trump the upper hand in the presentation or argument to the American people.  Rather than governing and taking care of America’s business, it appears that the Democrats have devoted 100% of their energy and attention to overturning the 2016 election.  How will that play out and was that a smart move?

It seems that each of the Democratic hopefuls all seek to deny the reality of the Trump economy and the benefit to America and Americans.  They all promise to fix the booming economy and return it to the Obama disaster. 

They deny the reality that our allies around the globe have stepped up to the plate and shouldered a larger load of the financial burden in defense.  They have ignored the reality that those nations ignored the style of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, but have responded positively to Trump, even with his ‘style’ the Left hates so much.  Strength is virtually always respected and pandering, and weakness detested.  Our enemies do not respect weakness and fear strength.  This president has operated from a position of strength and with America at the heart of his push.  Why is that good when other nations do it and bad when we do it?

Had the Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, taken positive and sensible actions regarding our infrastructure what would have happened?  I believe that the President would have worked with them, the Republicans would have joined in a bipartisan effort and America would have been the beneficiary.  

What have they done?  They have offered a 24/7/365 barrage of innuendos, allegations, and engaged in attempting to make Trump worse than Lucifer himself.  What has that gotten America?  Millions if not billions of wasted tax dollars spent.  The homeless situation, our veterans left wanting attention, our borders unsecured, and Americans endangered are some of the things we have gotten.  How is that a good platform for a political campaign?

How can the Democrats defend the new push for Socialism?  History is replete with examples of how Socialism has destroyed once prosperous nations and turned their economies into shambles and their people into poverty.  Sadly, our younger generation’s indoctrination by the toxic liberal philosophy in our Universities is bearing the fruit of fiscal ignorance and reality is glaringly absent.  Someone said, “Freedom unifies the soul.”  That is true in many ways and the absence of true history, the good, the bad, and the ugly of history is dumbing down our society in more ways than can be enumerated.  How is defending Socialism a winning platform politically in a Free Republic?

I continue to be amazed at the willingness of the Democrats to oppose giving parents, all parents, and children the ability to choose the best school to attend.  If a public school is failing, is propping it up with entitlements, grants, bailouts, and lowering standards the right move? 

I hear the Left harp about ‘white privilege’ and how our schools have been designed to teach whiteness leaving the various minorities in the shadows.  However, many of the minorities excel in education and blacks, given the opportunity to be exposed to ‘good education’ excel.  Why wouldn’t we want to close the bad schools, weed out the bad teachers, and provide the best possible education possible for the students? 

The push to decriminalize illegal entry into our country and open borders is indefensible for most Americans.  The glaring reality and indisputable facts of the the many dangers and crimes committed beyond the crime of illegal entry into America are of concern to all Freedom-loving Americans.  The Left continues to advance its agenda to strip America of its national identity and sovereignty.  Their position, in my mind, is beyond indefensible and borders on treason.  No, it would never qualify for that charge legally, but morally it does.

They are advancing a new piece of legislation, that few even know about.  It is the New Way Forward Act (H.R. 5383).  It is light-years worse than the disastrous proposal of Hillary Clinton in 2013 when she called for a “hemispheric common market” with “open borders.”  The Democrats, at least the ultra-leftist view America as a ‘rogue nation’ that needs to be brought to her knees.  Their push is to ‘fundamentally transform’ us and that means to destroy our Constitution, our Laws, our Institutions, our Freedoms, our History, and our Values.  We must conform to their worldview or be eliminated. 

This legislation introduced by the radicals in their Party is supported heartily by a whopping one-fifth of the Democrats in the House.  That is beyond troubling, it is frightening and reveals the position of the New Democratic Socialist Party in America.  This bill would entirely remake our immigration system, with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move here, settle here permanently with impunity. 

Let me list a few things this bill would do, and you decide if the Democrats are being smart or pro-America.  It would end automatic deportation for all crimes.  It would give immunity to aliens who falsify passports and protect them from deportation.  It would allow drug smugglers to immigrate here freely.  It would decriminalize illegal entry and abolish all enforcement of that crime.  It would mean that we have no borders and illegals could come and go as they please.  How is that a defensible platform to run on?

I cannot fathom any Christian or lover of Freedom buying the ideology of late-term and even post-birth abortions.  I oppose abortion, but I am opening the door a bit to question how anyone could conscientiously accept late-term or post-birth abortions.  How can you defend ‘Sanctuaries for Lawlessness?’ 

How can you defend the destruction of our Energy Industry?  You may be a total “greenie” and believe that all fossil fuels are bad but if you do a little research you will realize that to produce your ‘green energy tools’ you need the energy from fossil fuels to run those production plants.  Also, being Energy Independent makes us less dependent on any foreign nation and more independent, sovereign, and safer. 

You may hate Trump but I love his optimism and I agree that one of the best lines in His State of the Union address was: “In just three short years, we have shattered the mentality of American decline, and we have rejected the downsizing of America’s destiny.”  If I was a Democrat and a smart one, I would never have allowed myself to become anti-progress while calling myself a progressive.  But, then being smart is not a natural trait of many politicians. Maybe ‘oxymoron’ is a proper description of what they are doing, you decide! I hope that is all it is and not deeply diabolical, but alas what we see is sometimes reality.

God bless you and God bless America!

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