How do nations die?  The possible avenues for demise are more numerous than I can effectively articulate, but many of the signs of a dying nation are visible in today’s American politics.  I can almost hear the death rattle of our republic when I hear and see the antics of far too many in the political arena today.  No, I do not believe we are dead, but our need to make some corrections is too evident to ignore.

One of the ways a free nation dies is by losing its contact with the original purposes and any sense of moral sanity.  You may vehemently disagree that moral sanity is a required element.  You may reject my frequent assertions that Faith, Family, and Freedom are essentials to Liberty, Freedom, and the existence of a Constitutional Republic.  That is your privilege, but I stand firm in my beliefs.  Everything I believe in is solidly rooted in my faith in God and belief in the Bible, as it is written.

America was founded to be a nation that devotedly committed itself to the ‘rule of law.’  The idea and ideal of our Founders was that the law would be equally applied to all citizens regardless of their walk of life, and social or economic status.  They desired that the citizens ‘created equally and possessing certain inalienable rights’ would be an effective restraint and provide a powerful constraint over the power of politicians and politics.  We have failed in that sphere, but it is still a core principle in Republicanism.  Losing that power and oversight by the public opens the door for the death of a nation. 

America’s founding principles embodied and embodies the idea that all citizens and politicians are to live within the constraints of the agreed-upon and established law of our free republic.  It is evident that we have a multi-tiered judicial system and frequently that is redefined depending on which political ideology is in power.  That was not the intent of the founders nor is it consistent with the wording and meaning of our constitution.  Losing that or allowing that to transpire opens the door for the death of a nation.

How can the lawlessness that has transpired in the riots, upheavals, disturbances, and protests be viewed as unprosecutable by the feds? I find it disturbing that when any offense is committed by those on the Left they are excused but prosecution is demanded for any others. Is that not a tad hypocritical and is an abuse of both power and the constitution? 

How can a person with a national or international persona and platform be allowed to call for violent acts against a sitting president, his family, or those supporting him with impunity? How does that type of behavior not result in all citizens immediately demanding accountability under the law?  How can that be allowed when it is blatantly one-sided?  When that multi-tiered judicial system is in force that opens the door for the death of a nation.

When cities and states within the nation can ignore the law for some people and prosecute others who hold opposing agendas or political ideologies that are symptomatic of a disease that will kill freedom.  When politically favored groups are allowed to ravage the law and inflict harm and damage to person and property of those they oppose but the other side is held accountable under the full weight of the law, that is a symptom of a disease that leads to the death of a nation.  America, we are witnessing the abuse of power by members of Congress.  We are witnessing the double-standard of some in our national intelligence community and the federal law enforcement agencies that are endangering the republic.

When a president, as did Obama, publicly suggests that the police are the enemy of blacks, other people, and systematically racist that is problematic for freedom, civility, and liberty.  The empirical evidence does not support the charges by him and the myriad of Democrats who incite people to cheer when police are murdered on the streets. 

New York City faced a massive problem of lawlessness thirty years ago and then-Mayor Giuliani and police commissioner William Bratton enacted strict law enforcement policies that were known as ‘broken windows.’  Those policies were based on the collaborative works of criminologist George L. Kelling and political scientist James Q. Wilson who published an essay in The Atlantic 1982, called “Broken Windows.”  It turned New York City around for a time.  Sadly, those policies have been scrapped and the Left-leaning ideology has prevailed reversing the success and plunging that city into conditions of the past.  That type of practice opens the door for the death of a nation.

The results of the “Broken Windows” policing inspired police forces across the nation to adopt similar policies and improved the quality of life and safety of the citizens in many municipalities.  The current living conditions in many cities controlled by the toxic ideology of the liberal left has made them hell-holes and largely unlivable.  Thus, we are witnessing massive flight from the cities as people seek a saner and safer environment in which to live and raise their children. 

Today, the Democrats in power in Washington continue to seek to overturn a legitimate election and remove a lawful president because he impedes their ability to rule.  The clandestine operations they have conducted reveal the depth of the swamp and the expansiveness of the deep state and the clear and present dangers they present for our continued survival and life as a Free Republic. 

It is my hope and prayer that the current Attorney General, William Barr, and his special investigator or prosecutor Durham will honestly and definitively address the multi-tiered pathway this nation has been traveling.  I pray that they will be successful in re-creating an environment of effective deterrence against the decades of lawlessness that has been transpiring on the political front.  Misconduct by public officials must be addressed else the republic is doomed to the slow death of corruption where citizens are stripped of their liberties and all respect for the law is lost.  Failure to do that opens the door to the death of a nation.

We have drifted far from our moral moorings as a people.  We have drifted far from the moral values we held as a nation when I was a teenager.  Sadly, many have either become ambivalent, amoral, or atheistic in their view.  The family unit has suffered, the Bible devalued, human life not held precious, and freedom misunderstood.  If we fail to return to our moorings, we will witness the death of our republic, at least in its Constitutional form. 

The political correctness in existence today is an affront to the Bible and faith. It is incredibly destructive.  The push toward Socialism, redistribution of wealth, moral relativism, and the practice of situational ethics are deadly.  I am praying for a revival of patriotism, civility, and basic moral rightness and decency.  I love this republic too much to see her destroyed without fighting to preserve what God gave us.

God bless you and God bless America!

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