That is clearly the modus operandi of the Democratic Party, the Main-Stream Media, Hollywood, the Pundits and Activists who hate President Trump.  Hey, facts are unimportant to the Leftists.  I am reminded of the words of John Adams in 1770 as he was charged with defending the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre.  He said,I will enlarge no more on the evidence, but submit it to you, gentlemen—Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence: nor is the law less stable than the fact. If an assault was made to endanger their lives, the law is clear, they had rightly killed in their own defense.” 

I won’t get into the historic investigation as to who said “Facts are stubborn things” but Adams’ use of it was profound and effective.  The words of Daniel Patrick Moynihan are also germane.  He said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.”  His Democratic Party has largely abandoned that philosophy as have too many politicians, virtually all the Main-Stream Media, the Hollywood elitists, and those who seek to ‘fundamentally transform America’ and ‘destroy the current president.’  But, alas, facts are facts and truth is truth.  In our system of government and jurisprudence that must remain a core principle or we lose all that we have enjoyed and fought for over the centuries. 

The ludicrous charges that have been brought against President Trump and others associated with him are often devoid of any semblance of fact or truth.  They hinge upon preference, dislike, distaste, and the thirst for vengeance and power.  The three-year trek that led to the impeachment and the Senate trial was promoted using ‘fear’ and ‘paranoia.’  After, all President Donald Trump is Lucifer incarnate and the most dangerous man on the planet.  Well, that’s how they see him or want us to see him. 

When facts and reality do not support your argument you either acknowledge that you have no case and move or you ‘Make Stuff Up.’  That’s where we are in today’s political climate – Stuff is Continually Being Made Up!  That is detrimental to our System of Government, America, all Americans, and our Hope of Survival as the Free Constitutional Republic.   Today, they are going beyond anything they have done in the past and the only way it ends is if we oust the lot of them in November.  Will we do that?  Can we do that?  The answer to both is ‘unlikely.’

The self-important Anderson Cooper of CNN and his ilk are and have been in full bore Fear Mongering.  They have no facts therefore they must resort to fanning the flames of fear and giving breeding ground to paranoia beyond anything we have witnessed in modern history.  They are crying to their cameras and into their microphones hoping to influence all who do not or incapable of thinking for themselves into believing that Trump has or is destroying America. 

Cooper and others insist that if Trump could he would arrest and jail all reporters, as if they were reporters.  They seem to forget the fact that it was Obama that weaponized the government against reporters he did not like, not Trump.  Cooper has taken it to a new level and is insisting that President Trump is ‘weaponizing the military.’  He is attempting to frighten people into believing that Trump is a tyrant attempting to suspend all elections, toss out our Constitution and transform America into a banana republic.  Wait, Mr. Cooper, who promised to ‘fundamentally transform America?’  Was that not your hero, Barack H. Obama not Donald J. Trump?  Trump promised to restore the oversight to the people in total contrast to what your Party and hero threatened and desires.

I watch with some amusement at the total chaos of the Democrats in their pursuit of finding an opponent to oppose President Trump in November.  In the previous election, they stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders in favor of their anointed one, Hillary Clinton.  It is déjà vu all over again as the evidence keeps surfacing that the deck is, once again, being stacked against Crazy Bernie. 

But, just for grins, let’s suppose that Bernie prevails and becomes the nominee and then somehow wins the election becoming the 46th President of these United States of America.  No, I do not believe that will happen, but just suppose it did.  Many have argued that there is no way that Bernie could ever get his proposal passed and enacted into law.  I disagree!

However, I will concede that it would require his party also having control of the Senate and the House but suppose he had all those.  He would dump all parliamentary procedures and use reconciliation beyond any usage this far.  He would force through his agenda and even if he only had 50 Senators in the Senate who could deny that turn-coats like Romney and Left-leaning Senators like Collins and Murkowski would not be tempted to take the Democrat’s bait? 

If Bernie were to become President, he would have his own ‘bully pulpit, a totally compliant media, and shamefully subservient Democratic Party’ at his behest.  That would not bode well for America, our Republic, our People, and our System of Government.  It would be ‘goodbye free-market capitalism’ and ‘hello Socialism and Communism.’ 

When you toss into the mix the deep-pocketed billionaire from New York, Michael Bloomberg who is either trying to buy the nomination or control who is nominated and the party, you have evidence of a Party in total disarray.  Bloomberg’s wealth is a factor because money talks and when money talks, integrity, sanity, and facts often walk. 

Bloomberg is spending money like it grows on trees, and for him, the pockets are so deep what he spends is hardly noticed so it continues.  He is forcing the party that is supposedly anti-billionaires and wants to tax them into non-existence to embrace him and those like him.  If the American people cannot see through that, then we may deserve what we get.  No, millions of us do not deserve it but if we do not prevail, we and those who vote for him and the Democrats will all pay the price.  None will be exempt.

Bloomberg, Biden, and others have used their money or government money to assure their objectives – ‘Quid Pro Quo’ but Trump is impeached under that charge.  Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?  The IG reports the violations of both the Law and ethical standards by McCabe and the DOJ decided, ‘nothing to see here’ and allowed him to walk free.  That suggests that the Deep State is still in control of what happens.  That does not bode well for America if we do not keep the White House, the Senate, and retake the House of Representatives. 

America, our Freedom is hanging in the balance and we must never lose sight of the reality that the modus operandi of the Left is, “When the Facts and Reality Do Not Support Your Position – Just Make Stuff Up.”  We must help them find other employment on November 3, 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!

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