I believe the condition of politics in America today is the fruit of a fundamentally flawed philosophy being advanced and perpetuated.  No, I am not absolving those of us on the right and saying, we are ‘flawless’, but the religion of toxic liberalism is a flawed philosophy.  It can only end badly for them and us if it is allowed any success in the shaping of our government and thereby our society.

This condition is beyond serious and has become a crisis of epic proportions.  The prophetic failures of the Leftists doomsday prognosticators are driving them over the cliff into philosophical insanity.  When you have a religious cult that believes the rest of the world is evil and insists that failure to heed their warnings and ascribe to their agendas is certain doom, you have a serious problem that is not easily handled.

Religious cultists, such as those following the toxicity of liberal thought and philosophy believe that they are the only true guardians of hope.  Sadly, when the followers of a failed and flawed ideology discover their prophecies have failed, they don’t amend their thinking and rejoin reasoned society.  Instead they double down on their prophecies and insist that they simply did not read the tea leaves closely enough and their calculations were off by a decade or so, but their warnings are still valid.  Sadly, the only validity of their prognostications is in their flawed philosophical minds.  That makes them doubly dangerous.

Climate Change Activists insist that we are a doomed world because of human beings. Their rantings often sound as if they do not believe they are also human but above that lowly distinction which can only be applied to the unbelievers who reject their prophecies and religion.  The Gun Control Activists insist that if we could ban ‘assault rifles’ (not a true distinction of the guns they seek to ban) there would be no more gun violence.  Their failure to connect and apply the human element in the equation is illogical and poses a serious threat to our inalienable rights as a people.

The Abortion on Demand Proponents insist that aborting an unwanted baby in the womb is nothing more than the removal of an unsightly growth on the body or the discarding of an unwanted piece of clothing.  They fail to include true medical science into the discussion and call this women’s health and a woman’s right to choose.  That unprotected and innocent life in the womb has no defense, but as those on the Left insist, is not a human being while in the womb.  God views that differently as does true medical science and so do I.

California and New York City have passed laws to decriminalize petty crimes which often lead to serious and deadly crimes.  We have cities across our homeland that have opted to become Sanctuary Cities for illegals including those with a history of violent crimes.  That has led to rape, murder, and other violent crimes against legal American citizens.  Yet, they follow their flawed philosophy that we are all citizens of the world and if someone is in America, they are deserving of all the rights, fruits, benefits, and protections of the United States.  Their flawed philosophy is destroying the Republic, weakening our national sovereignty, and endangering Americans as well as burdening beyond reason our economic and judicial system.

The world of the Left is another world than the one those of us living in the real world experience.  The late, Sir Robert Scruton wrote: “Leftwing people find it very difficult to get on with rightwing people because they believe that they are evil.  Whereas I have no problem getting on with leftwing people because I simply believe that they are mistaken.”  Although I largely agree with him, I must acknowledge some in today’s political climate seems to have ventured beyond mistaken into the throes of evil.

Those on the Left who are following the flawed philosophical view of today’s toxic liberal agenda believe they can ‘fundamentally transform’ our society into their Utopian vision.  They insist they are attempting to create a world of equality, fairness, justice, and rid the world of the evil of racism, sexism, and the many phobias inflicting society.  They believe that it is their obligation to rid society of all conservative thought that is contrary to their worldview.  If that means reeducation camps or elimination of those on the Right, they believe that is their divine mandate.  Their religion demands it and their prophets predict doom if they do not.  Therefore, they follow the ideology that they are right, the world is wrong and must be forced into compliance.

I also see doom for America and the world UNLESS!  The Unless, is where I differ from the Leftist Prophets of Doom.  The Unless, I believe applicable is vastly different from their unless.  They believe that everyone must be forced into compliance with their toxic brand of liberalism.  I, on the other hand, believe that we must return to our founding principles which include recognition of God’s Divine Providence in our beginning and longevity. 

The Left has left behind those who were a part of their political party who believe in God and morality.  They have now rejected God, moral sanity, national sovereignty, and inalienable rights of the individual.  They have become devoted followers of a religion that gives all power to the government and none to the individual.  I, on the other hand, believe as did our Founders that God’s hand has been upon this nation from the beginning.  I believe that the only hope for America and the world is embodied in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and that our hope is to repent of our sins, which are many.  Our only hope is to pray for God’s mercy and guidance, which is sorely needed. 

Our hope is in returning to our moral moorings and when we do, we will see a renewed strengthening of the home and family and in that will come civility, personal responsibility, and respect.  Our hope is to recognize that we are all unique individuals and none of us think alike or desire exactly the same thing in life.   I do not want to live in a world where everyone is a cutter version of everyone else.  I like individuality and creativity.  I like having the freedom to pursue different objectives and dreams.  That is what America was and what America needs to return to being.  Our true hope is in God not government. 

We can follow the Flawed Philosophy of today’s toxic political world or we can return to personal responsibility, accountability, and moral sanity.  What we decide will affect our vote in future elections and our future as a nation and as individuals.  I take the position that Joshua took in his final address to the nation of Israel in Joshua 24:15. He said, in essence, “If you think it unacceptable to serve God that’s your choice, but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”  I am what I am today because of my faith and relationship with God.  I am what I am today because I grew up in a strong family where there was viable and definitive parental involvement.  I am what I am today because I believe that “All men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights which include Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

I choose Freedom and believe in Independence!  I reject the Religion of the Flawed Philosophical Philosophy of today’s Toxic Liberalism.  I stand with the President and will vote to continue our journey to a restored America in November 2020.  I hope you join me in that vote.

God bless you and God bless America!

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