There are those on the Left and on the Right whose blood curdles, and they become rankled at the mere mention of the name Donald Trump.  That condition is often described as “TDS” or Trump Derangement Syndrome.  That moniker also causes the heads of those who hate him to explode and they frequently become verbally if not physically violent and abusive.  This is not an attempt to attack them, only an attempt to discuss the phenomenon or enigma of Donald John Trump in American politics.

Some have ascribed to him Superman status and even a few that have elevated him to Sainthood.  That is beyond what I consider reasonable, so I do not go that far.  I have been called a cultist for supporting him, a bot, a deplorable, a racist, a bigot, and other less than flattering names.  Those have come from the Left and some on the Right who truly hate him with blind hatred that boils over in a desire to punch somebody in the face or lop off their heads when is name is breathed publicly. 

The more I have watched the scene play out over the past three years the more I believe God raised him up for such a time as this.  No, I do not ascribe righteousness or saintliness to him, but he is, in my view, being used as an instrument in the hands of God to save America from the toxic liberal destruction desired by the Left.

Some find it offensive that I would attribute any part of Trump’s political ascendancy to God.  However, I know of no other human being in any political party that could have endured what he has endured and kept on working to achieve his promised objectives.  That is not only impressive, but it is also appreciated.  I, like many if not most Americans, love America and want to see the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders established flourish. 

I do not attempt to overlook any flaws in his character, actions, past or present.  I only look at the results.  Some call him a hero and ascribe to him the status of mythical heroes.  I do think some of what he has endured has been heroic and his consistent and determined effort to keep as many of his campaign promises as possible laudable.  He has been elevated to hero status by the actions of the Democrats, the Media, and Hollywood.  That was not their intent but that has been the result for much of America.

President Trump has endured the hardship of incessant attacks, the expressed desire for this destruction beyond that any president in our history has faced.  He has not been literally assassinated as have some, but the attempted annihilation of him and his family has been endless and continues. 

The Left labels him a narcissistic lunatic who poses a grave threat to the survival of our way of life.  A narcissist, he may well be.  But what politician is not, to some degree self-centered?  However, in stark contrast to the label, he has demonstrated another quality they Left refuses to acknowledge.  He is a lover and defender of America and heroic Americans. 

In the past State of the Union Address, he shifted the focus from himself to our true heroes.  He brought to the hearts and minds of all the world, the mother and son who suffered the loss of husband and father as he paid the ultimate price for America.  He brought before us those who sacrificed their own lives for others.  He reminded us of the American fabric in the man who refused to let his brother’s murder go in vain because the officials of California care so little about the lives of its citizens. 

He reminded us of the heroics of our law enforcement, border patrol, ICE agents, and the fight for the life of a baby, a drug-addict fighting to reclaim a stolen life, and our military.  He brought before us the reminder of men like those of the Tuskegee Airmen and reminded us of our great country and its worth.

Two of Trump’s messages to America were asking us to never forget this beloved nation’s greatness and our incredible destiny.  When I was a young man and beyond that would not have attracted much attention it would have been expected. However, in today’s politically correct climate and the pursuit of the fundamental transformation of this Republic through the toxic agenda of the Leftist his words were a shot of adrenaline for the lovers of freedom and a call to awake and into the battle.  Someone said that his most Herculean feat was to remind all Americans and the world by shining the Light of Freedom and Hope on who we are as Americans.  Yes, we have made mistakes and will make more, but America and our American heritage are one of destiny and greatness. 

For those who think me and any who support this president members of a cult, I say, “You must not be paying attention.”  I wept when I heard the words of Republican presidential candidate the former one-term Congressman, Joe Walsh.  He said that he would vote for a Socialist over Trump.  That is disgusting for this veteran and lover of freedom.  He argued that Trump makes every day about himself.  I wonder what State of the Union Address he watched.  It could not have been Trump’s but must have been Obama’s.

George W. Bush just took it on the chin day after day and never responded.  That is how Republicans have been trained and conditioned to respond to the Democrat attacks.  That is how the Democrats expect and demand that Republicans respond.  To fight back is deemed to be ‘unpresidential’ and makes a Republican unfit for office.  That is not Trump’s style and not in his DNA.  He is a street-fighter and when pushed pushes back.  You may not like his style, but it has benefitted America on many fronts worldwide.  Our enemies fear us again and our friends, though not what you hear, are demonstrating respect and stepping up to the plate to carry a larger share of the load.

I am all for taking the ‘high road’ whenever you can, but when it comes to war and the fight for freedom sometimes it is not possible.  If you keep getting hammered and defeated by taking the ‘high road’ then it might be time to get in the trenches and fight fire with fire.  The Democrats and the haters of this President call him a dictator or a would-be king.  They want someone to do what they way and ‘just take it.’  The Left never ‘just takes it’ but the Right is supposed to do just that.  Trump is not doing what they want he is doing what we want and fighting for America. 

Cultist see no fault in their leaders, and most of us see Trump for who he is and realize that he has kinks in his armor and warts, like the rest of us, but he is fighting for us and winning on many fronts.  There is a time to turn the other cheek politically and times when you must fight for the right. 

The Democrats and Media are experts as faux outrage.  Someone said, “If everything is an outrage, then nothing is an outrage.”  The Left wants no part of unity they want total dominance and control.  With Trump what you see is what you get, and we voted for him eyes wide open and will vote for him again the same way.  We know the destruction of the alternative and we want our America back. 

The enigma of Donald Trump is that he is demonstrating that even a man with personal flaws can do heroic work for his country.  He does not regard us as peons, serfs, and deplorable bitter clingers.  He views us as Americans who deserve better than what we have been getting.  The Left and Trump haters cannot comprehend that and how deeply it resonates with the average American.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. markone1blog says:

    Well, hold on. If you thought that the Blooming idiot’s advertisements were hard to endure after several months, wait until we have had several months of Democrats wigging out over what they think Trump did wrong with coronavirus. Of course every action he makes will be subject to conflicting arguments from every side by the same old Democrats (but without any illustration of the hypocrisy by the media).

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