That is the catchphrase that many on both sides of the political aisle, in business, and other dimensions of life use, claiming that is what they offer.  If America’s ‘Best and Brightest’ is reflected in the offerings of the Democrats for President in 2020, then America is in deep trouble.

I realize that I just lit the fuse of Facebook, all Social Media, The Main-Stream News Outlets, and the followers of the rabid toxic liberal ideology being presented today.  Ronald Reagan understood that most of the time, if not all the time, the ‘Best and Brightest’ are not in politics.  Reagan said, “The best minds are not in government.  If any were, business would steal them away.”

When I consider the offerings of the Democratic Party in this election cycle, I scratch my head and ask, “Is that the best you’ve got?”  If that offends you, I’m sorry you are offended, but I believe it is a legitimate question.  You probably say, “Well, what the Republicans are offering is far from the ‘Best and Brightest’.”  I would not argue with you that, in most cases, the pool we are left to choose from politically is far from the ‘cream of the crop.’ 

Some politicians seem to be dumber than a box of rocks and their continual gaffes have transitioned from humorous to deeply troubling.  I am truly concerned about the mental health of the new Democratic front-runner, Joe Biden.  In many years I have been aware of him in politics, ‘smart’ is not a term I would have ascribed when speaking of him.  He proclaimed on Monday before Super Tuesday that the next day we would be voting in ‘Super Thursday.’ He corrected himself, but the gaffe cannot be overlooked. It is not the only one he has offered. Was that a minor slip of the tongue or a warning of something deeper and more troubling?

Biden attempted to quote the Declaration of Independence and botched it badly and then referred to our Creator as “The Thing.”  What?  He committed a cardinal sin of the Left in referring to inalienable rights because they do not believe in any rights other than what they deem appropriate.  Referring to the Declaration of Independence and referring to inalienable rights and our creator is anathema to their philosophy, so Joe was treading on forbidden ground. 

Honestly, I am less concerned about him infuriating the Democratic Establishment than I am about his inability to know where he is, what he is addressing, and successfully cite references important to the office of President.  Is it just, Joe being Joe or is it evidence of something more serious?

In a Super Tuesday speech in Los Angeles, California he appeared to confuse his sister Valerie for his wife Jill.  He grabbed his wife’s hand and introduced her as his sister.  Unless he is engaged in an incestuous relationship and she is his sister, which is deeply troubling.  He blamed it on them switching places.  Okay, maybe, but if you cannot tell by looking, which is which, what is going on? 

How can we trust him to deal with foreign leaders and members of Congress?  He might mistake the North Korean Dictator with one of our allies and make a tragic mistake.  How about if they put a piece of legislation before him that was deadly for our America and he mistook it for something good and signed it?  That would be disastrous.  Yes, I’m being overly dramatic and facetious, but the concern is there or should be.

With Bernie Sanders, we have a very angry old man who hates almost everything about America and our system of government and economics.  His economic plan for ‘free everything’ is so beyond reason it causes me to wonder about his mental acuity.  His plan, a plan that even liberal economists say, will end in disaster is to be paid for by massive taxes and he has suggested through lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry and executives.  Seriously?  That is your plan? 

Bernie’s website claims that his plan would save $70.4 trillion over 80 years.  That’s right, “80 Years!”  There would be nothing left by that time, but then, neither he nor most of us would be around to witness the ultimate end of his plans.  Wait, I believe that many of us would see the demise of America if he were to become president because it would probably take only about four-years to bring about the apocalypse of economic destruction. 

The anger that Bernie projects and conveys are producing some incredibly rabid and violent followers.  His praise for Castro and other Communist of the past is more than a little troubling.  His attempts to ignore the disasters in places like Venezuela while claiming that Denmark is a prime example of Socialism succeeding is troubling.  Even Denmark’s leaders took exception to that insisting they were not Socialist but Market Driven Economies.  Bernie does not seem to know the difference and that causes me to question, “Is he the best you’ve got?” 

Elizabeth Warren cannot keep things straight and I don’t know if it is a mental or moral issue with here, but, “Is she the best you’ve got?”

Before someone blasts me and says, “Well, Trump certainly isn’t the ‘best or brightest,’” could I tell you what I see and am praying for?  I do believe that Donald J. Trump has been good for America.  I do not believe that the divide in our nation is healthy or good, but I reject the notion that it is his fault that we are divided.  We were severely divided before he was nominated and became president.  We regressed under Barack H. Obama in areas of race, economics, and international relations. 

I would never suggest that Donald Trump is the brightest man on the planet. That was and is how many on the Left attempt to present Barack Obama.  I do believe that Donald Trump loves America and truly wants America to prosper and be restored to her deserved place of prominence in the community of nations.  I believe that, despite receiving little help from his own party and the 24/7/365 resistance by the Democrats in Congress, he has achieved much good for this nation.  We are not where I would like to see us, or even where he would like to see us, but we have moved in the right direction. 

I would like to see the ‘best and brightest’ run for office.  I do not just want the brightest but those who are also the best in every area.  I want to see a return to Republicanism and Constitutional governance of this Republic.  I want to see limited government with reduced taxes, and a dramatic reduction in the overreach of government in restrictions and control. 

I believe that to reach that place we the people must do some deep introspection and decide that we are going to demand that our elected officials follow the rule of law, the constitution, and do what we elected them to do.  We must reject all who are power-seekers and more interested in their position, power, prominence, and purse than America.

I am tired of politicians who have never held a job other than ‘Elected Official.’ I desire to see a return to ‘Citizen Representation’ in Washington and the State Houses.  I want a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  I want to see a return to a position and view that “All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  I want America to return to being America and not some Sanctuary for those who hate us and want our wealth, not our best good.

God bless you and I pray you will vote for America in November and if you do, you will, in my view, reject the lunacy being offered by those followers of toxic liberalism.  

God bless America!

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