It might be better asked, “Is America for sale politically?”  Of course, in this presidential election, I could easily be referring to Michael Bloomberg’s clear attempt to ‘buy’ the presidency or control of the Democratic Party.  I could, but my focus extends far beyond his overt attempt to change the outcome of the election by throwing money around like it was raining hundred-dollar bills.  I could be talking about Bernie Sanders endless list of ‘freebies.’ But this is more than a few politicians, this is extensive.

Are we willing to ‘sell’ our Republic for personal benefit, financially?  I am not speaking directly to the examples where people have sold their votes for a few dollars.  Rather, I am focusing on the incredible personal greed that has become more than a little evident in our society.  It may be more than evident and be prevalent, and it is a definite issue that each of us who desire electoral integrity should be concerned. 

I have talked to and listened to people with massive ‘student loan debt’ who are avidly in favor of the government eliminating their debt.  I do not disagree that student loans are exorbitant and highly usurious.  I do not disagree that the cost of secondary education is out of control and has escalated far beyond reason.  Those are entirely separate issues, in my mind. 

I keep asking people who adopt the view that is being advanced by the Democrats that the government should provide ‘free universal healthcare’ and ‘wipe out all student loan debt’ and more “who ultimately pays for that?”  I have had some who argue they are conservative and constitutionalist as well as the liberals who ignore that question.  Some seem to believe that there is more than enough money to pay off the debt or we can just print enough to do the deed. 

Who pays?  What would that approach do to the value of our American dollar?  What would that do to our economy?  How would that affect inflation or hyper-inflation?  What would that do to our national security?  There are many questions that cannot be simply ignored.  One of the greatest problems of today, as I see it, is that too many people do not think things through to their logical conclusion.  The personal greed with the ‘What’s in it for me?’ attitude has the potential of destroying our Republic.

The Entitlements now provided by our government are tools the politicians use to ‘buy votes.’  Who wants to bite the hand that feeds them?  Who wants to touch the golden goose?  Who wants to look their gift horse in the mouth?  When it becomes more lucrative to stay at home and draw benefit checks than to work for a living are, we driving productivity or inactivity?

I would love to argue that America and Americans are not for sale, but the proof is in the pudding by the millions who vote a particular way to ensure their monthly benefit checks keep rolling in.  I have had people argue that they would be crazy to work when they make more net income from government entitlements than working on a job. 

Have we reached the place that Political Parties and Politicians have become imprisoned politically by the adept ability of them to use our tax dollars to buy votes?  Entitlement programs are massive, and the costs are enormous.  They touch virtually every sector of American society.  They are anything but ‘self-funding’ and the operating costs of those programs have grown exponentially over the past two or three decades. 

I did a little research into the projected costs to make the entitlement programs solvent over the new few decades.  The most conservative estimate was $40 Trillion.  We know from government reporting agencies that the cost of mandatory spending in 2012 represented 65% of our total outlays and that by 2022 it will represent 75%.  That is not sustainable.  No politician wants to touch that golden egg because with the right advertising, marketing, and articulation it translates into votes. 

Is human greed and envy the answer as to why people become enamored with politicians who insist that, if elected, they will raise the minimum wage to $15-22 per hour?  Is it the answer as to why universal healthcare, free college tuition and the elimination of student loan debt is so appealing to many? 

Politicians, largely Democrats, are somehow able to sell the idea of tax increases as a punishment for the rich and making them pay.  Is class envy so powerful that people will sell their votes for the prospect of wealth redistribution, sticking it to those who have achieved success and wealth?  Are we for sale?

Foreign nations are buying our real estate, corporations, and media outlets.  They are not oblivious to what is happening in America and some are incredibly astute at manipulation and marketing.  If you control the money, you control the government and if you use the government’s money to your advantage you can buy any election. 

Few would argue that politicians are not political prostitutes who sell their votes for favor, finances, power, position, and prestige.  If politicians do not have the integrity to put up a ‘not for sale’ sign at their office door how can we expect those filled with greed, envy, and desiring a ‘free ride’ to resist the temptation to ‘sell out?’

I believe that America has been for sale for a long time and I do not see that changing in the immediate future.  George Washington’s letter to Major General Robert Howe in 1779 contains a powerful observation.  Washington said, regarding the double-agent Elijah Hunter, “Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”  He reminded General Howe that the British, “have it more in their power to reward certain services than we have in the way which is most tempting.”

In American politics and life money, benefits, and entitlements often speak louder than integrity.  The prospect of ‘something for nothing’ or something with little to no effort is more powerful than ingenuity, drive, and the inner satisfaction derived from personal achievement.  I’ve seen it in church, business, and politics and observed that those flocking to the ‘freebies’ do so until there is a better offer of ‘free stuff’ elsewhere.  If we sell our political and national souls, what is the true cost?

Yes, I am ranting!  You may not share my concerns, but I am very concerned that we (collectively) have sold our Republic, Freedom, and Liberty for a few pieces of silver.  Can we fix that?  Yes, we can and no we cannot.  We can only by finding politicians who are not for sale and electing them.  We cannot if we continue to return to office those who engage in buying America through government handouts.

God bless you and God bless America!

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