I said to a group of acquaintances recently, “There is a revolution coming in America.”  Although some of them nodded knowingly and in agreement, they all asked, “What kind of revolution?”  That is a valid question and one that must be addressed if you are to understand what I am asserting.  I wish I was as wise as that sounds, that I would be able to articulate the problems in America, what is coming, and how we solve the problems.  I see in part, as do all others.  I see the piece of the puzzle that I see, but none of us see the entire picture. 

The American Revolution was fought, in part, over ‘Taxation without Representation.’  That was not the whole nut but a sizable part of the dissension in the colonies.  Our Founders objected strongly to the taxation policies and imposition of the King while having little to no representation in Great Britain.  They wanted our money, but not our opinion and silenced our voice in Parliament and the Place.  That was repulsive then and is repulsive now in America. 

If we take a journey back into the annals of time, we discover that the taxation they so vehemently objected was a single-digit tax.  Imagine that!  Compare that to what we have in America and the tax imposed on them almost seems insignificant.  The taxes imposed on Americans may well be justification or the catalyst for revolution, but the amount of tax is less repulsive than the lack of representation that comes with it.

Who do our elected representatives represent?  I challenge you to prove that it is us.  Most of them have been bought and paid for by special interest groups, activists, and foreign entities and their focus is not ‘we the people.’  We have devolved into a system where the Party in Power becomes a virtual Gestapo and we endure One Party governance for two to four years.  Is that what the Founders envisioned?  Thomas Jefferson’s “Tree of Liberty” quote would answer that.  NO!

When Barack Obama was president and the Democrats controlled Congress, they rammed the misnamed Affordable Care Act (ACA – Obamacare) down our throats with zero support from the Republicans.  It was One Party Rule, partisan politics at its height.  The Republicans have rarely gone to the lengths the Democrats have, but they are not blameless in their brand of politics.  Neither side appears committed to the representation of their constituents but those who provide the dollars to their coffers and enhance their power.  That is abhorrent to this American!

This recent virus COVID-19 has brought a plethora of plans to the table and few of them truly represent the representation of ‘we the people.’  I was opposed to previous stimulus package and felt it was a band-aid approach to a problem that only the Free Market could resolve and I feel much the same way about Trump’s signing off on the idea of another round of Government Money thrown at the problem.  Yes, I want the Americans who are being devastated by the regulations, rules, restrictions, and shutdowns to be able to survive, but I do not see gambling with borrowed money as the answer.  You may, and that is your choice and right to disagree.

I am concerned that any appearance of bipartisanship in the fight against the COVID-19 virus is only superficial.  I am concerned that beneath the surface the nefarious plans schemes and agendas are being advanced.  I am always concerned when I see a move for the government to nationalize private businesses and determine where, when, and how we can function in our daily lives.  We are supposed to be a Free Constitutional Republic, not China, Cuba, Russian, Iran or any other nation.  Yes, we need to be safe, wise, prudent, and cautious but can we afford to destroy our way of life over what might be? 

I am over 70 years of age and my wife has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer, so health is a concern to us.  The inconsistencies of many of the mandates in how and what people can function does not seem to be logical.  I understand that limiting social contact is one of the only ways to prevent or deter, to this or any virus.  However, I continue to ask, “What makes this one so different from the H1N1, or the seasonal flu that takes thousands of lives annually?” 

I have seen reports from John Hopkins University on the COVID-19, known as the Wuhan Flu regarding the number of cases in America and around the world.  There is no question that the epicenter of the epidemic or pandemic, is China.  They have reported upwards of 81,000 cases and over 3,200 deaths.  Italy has reported over 31,000 cases and over 2,500 deaths.  South Korea, on the other hand, a nation with direct and frequent contact with China has reported slightly over 8,000 cases 80 deaths.  Why the difference in numbers and results?  How have those countries responded?  I cannot fully answer the differences but hopefully, our leaders are taking note.

I have seen reports that indicate that the United States is the leading nation in numbers of critical care beds available per capita.  Some of the Islamists immediately chanted that it was the finger of God that unleashed the virus on China because China had declared war on Islam and Muslims and persecuted Uyghurs.  That falls flat when you realize that Iran, a Muslim nation, has the third most reported cases of the virus with over 16,000.  They are claiming that it is a biological weapon unleashed by America on Islam.  China has nefariously has also tried to blame the U.S. Military for their own failures. Lunacy always prevails in crisis times and today is no different.

I am always concerned about lives and fully support precaution, reason, good hygiene and sanity.  I am also concerned that politicians will use this to make the Deep State more expansive, the Swamp more dangerous, and infringe on many of our inalienable rights and constitutional guarantees. 

If the politicians capitalize on this crisis and impose their will on us, they could push us to the point of revolution in America.  If the paranoia and fear that is being promoted by the nefarious and even the well-meaning reach the height it is being directed, a revolution may occur in America.  If people are quarantined for long periods, they get cabin fever.  If all the children in America are kept home for long periods, we will see chaos and discontent like we have never seen before.  If our needed or perceived needed goods, supplies and services are rationed or become unavailable there will be rioting, looting, and violence beyond what we have witnessed. That is dangerous and possibly as dangerous if not more dangerous than the virus. 

I am concerned about what is happening far beyond the potential impact of this virus and the necessary health concerns.  I am concerned about where America and the world go from here.  If we, as a nation, return to God, pray and seek His face we will overcome.  If we refuse to live in Fear and let Hope prevail, we will overcome.  I believe in God and trust the resolve of the American people, but not the politicians.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. markone1blog says:

    You say “If the politicians capitalize on this crisis and impose their will on us, …”

    I have bad news that will come out in a blog post soon. there are three recent instances of Democrats taking different rights by using the coronavirus panic. Additionally, there is an instance of their using the pandemic to impose one of the Democrat wish-list items.

  2. Ron says:

    You mean the Nazis on the left the democrat party was a curse from hell the day it came into existence.

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