I am 100% convinced that the face of the National Democratic Party in America is Marxist and Socialist.  It does not matter which candidate they offer for president in 2020, the roots and control of the Party are now squarely in the hands of the radical Leftists.  I believe that the belief that Joe Biden is a more palatable candidate than Bernie Sanders because he is more to the Center is a flawed view. 

First, Joe Biden is not in control of himself much less his Party.  Therefore, whoever is pulling the strings behind the scenes, be that Soros, the Squad adherents, or whoever has an agenda to destroy America.  Biden will do whatever he is told and will continue to step in it, stick his foot in his mouth, and reveal his senior moments of dementia.  Those we do not see, the Deep State, and the Swamp Denizens will be making the decisions, setting the policy, and enacting the laws.  None of that is good for America!

The Democratic Establishment has been hellbent on stopping Trump but also Sanders.  It is not, in my view, that they disagree with his policies or views, but they do not believe that America is ready to accept them.  Sanders openly proclaims what they are doing and will do, if given the opportunity.  That is not good for America.

The Democratic Party of yesteryear was liberal and advocated Big Government seeking to impose Oligarchical governance on we the American people.  Some were more inclined to follow the Constitution than others.  Some, like Wilson and Roosevelt, was desirous of changing it or rewriting it. 

Some, like Johnson, wants to be a Dictator and make various ethnic groups so beholding to the Democratic Party they would, “vote Democrat for the next 200 years.”  They laughed at the rule of law and sneered at the idea that “all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”  They believed that the government and their party were virtual gods and we should bow at their altars and be grateful for their handouts.

Today, the Democratic Party has demonstrated a willingness to thumb their noses at the Law, the Constitution, and virtually laugh in the faces of the voters.  We are, in the words of Barack Obama, “bitter clingers, clinging to our Bibles and our guns.”  We are, in the words of Hillary Clinton, “a basket of deplorables.”  We are in the view of most of the national figures on the Left including the Media and Hollywood, “vile creatures not worthy of drawing breath.”  

They have hoped for the Corona Virus to be spread at Trump rallies, and other Conservative gatherings.  They have hoped for a pandemic to sweep the world and the virus to impact our economy negatively doing great damage to this nation and people for the sole purpose of hurting Trump.  That is the Democratic Party of 2020. 

Bernie Sander’s success in 2016, which required manipulation and dirty dealing by the DNC to prevent him from winning the nomination, was viewed as an anomaly by many.  They are now struggling with the reality that in 2020 he is back and even stronger than in 2016.  Yes, he is fading and is apparently political toast. His views are apocalyptic and even some on the Left acknowledge that his proposals would destroy our economy and our republic. 

Biden has incredibly destructive views as well, and either of them would be catastrophic for America.  Not one Democratic hopeful offers hope for America! One would think that, with the empirical evidence and factual data in the numbers of their proposals, Americans would say, “Whoa, Nellie!  We cannot afford them or this.”  But millions either do not think or only think what they are told to think by the media.  That is not good for America.

Even the loud and obnoxious Democrat, James Carville who lamented the thought of Bernie being the nominee has admitted he would vote for a Socialist over Trump.  He has acknowledged that Bernie’s plans would destroy the republic but rather than reject him, he would choose Sanders over Trump.  Imagine that!  He and many on the Left would vote for our destruction before they would acknowledge that Trump has benefitted America economically and in many other ways.  That is today’s Democratic Party and that is not good for America.

Someone said, “Sander’s success in 2016 was the canary in the coal mine.”  It was a warning to all who would listen that America was moving toward Socialism at an alarming rate.  Sanders has openly sung the praises of Marxist, Communist, Socialist despots in history and yet his followers are like rabid dogs salivating when he speaks and rings his Pavlovian bell. 

There was a poll conducted recently that indicated that 76% of Democrats would vote for a Socialist.  That was in a generic poll and did not take into account a binary choice between a Socialist and Trump.  I believe that the number would be even higher among those on the Left and would reflect the view of Carville and others in the Democratic Establishment that winning is more important to them than America.

If the policies being advanced by Bernie Sanders and the Squad are ever enacted it would result in a total societal collapse in America.  I agree with the view that Sanders has not made Biden or any of the Democrats more Socialist, he is simply the first one to openly ride the wave that is moving millions that direction.  A nation becoming a Socialistic nation is not an event it is a process and academia has been working for decades to produce a generation of Marxists.  I fear they have succeeded and that is not good for America.

There are only two possibilities for the future direction of the Democratic Party.  They will either splinter with the Socialist-Marxists of Bernie’s Army forming a third-party and thereby damage both groups, or the Party will become openly a Socialist Party.  I suspect the latter is more likely than the former.   

The Leftists want total control of everything in our lives, our government, and our world.  They want to control the culture, communications, transportation, and finance.  They want to tell us what is moral or immoral.  They want to define right and wrong and truth. They want to determine who lives and who dies.  The rise of the ugly head of Socialism is simply the symptom of what has been happening in America for several decades.  It is noxious, diabolical, and inherently evil.  We must stop it, or it will destroy us.

The choice is yours and mine.  We still have the power to determine who governs.  Yes, we will have to overcome voter fraud, incredible corruption, a devoted media, and academia, but we can still win.  We can win, only if we unite and VOTE!  Remember that in November and vote for America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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